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Truro Council will hammer the taxpayer next year with a 17.2 per-cent council tax hike.

That’s another £35 for a Band D homeowner: (Band D is any home worth more than £68,000).

As ever, central Government is being blamed by local bureaucrats: they just don’t get enough money, they claim.

This time, again, typically – the smoke and mirrors have been set up around who pays for what.

Truro council say they have to charge us more because Cornwall Council have offloaded ‘more responsibilities’ to them in turn because Central Government have cut funding to Cornwall Council.

Of course it’s not about that. Your money is being spent on astronomical wages for council officers, extraordinary perks and pension deals for white collar management, and these massively overpaid pen-pushers are spending as much money as they can on unpopular, anti-social and even damaging social engineering initiatives.

As always it’ll be the hard working binmen, or teachers, or paramedics – the sort of public sector staff most sensible people recognise we need – who’ll bear the brunt of it.

For instance, Cornwall Council has offloaded the responsibility for Truro Community Library to the town council.

The council tax hike is partly so that Truro can plan for this.

The overall bill comes to £133,000 worth of jobs Cornwall Council used to do.

Councillor Bert Biscoe pointed out that Truro residents were better off than those of Newquay, where the town council is imposing a 79% increase.

Councillor Rob Nolan told local papers the hike was: “the only way that we can save the library”.

The new rate was set at a council meeting last week.

What do you think about the tax hikes by Cornish town councils? Let us know! Just post below!

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