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Cornwall council is pushing a massive child fostering drive at the behest of fanatics in its secret ‘social services’ department.

The local authority is reaching out for minorities who may be desperate to acquire children – such as gay men and women or the very poor – after SS officials who took a ‘record number’ of kids from parents.

‘Fostering’ is a financial scam in which fostering agencies rake in multi-million pound profits and foster parents bleed the taxpayer of between £400 and £1000 a week.

The truth of fostering and adopting began to emerge at the turn of the Century as parents whose children were targeted by social workers and taken into care found they could publish on the internet.

It’s emerged there is an underground network of resistance to the corrupt quasi-legal rule of Britain’s unreported ‘secret courts’ of the so-called ‘family division’ and ‘court of protection’

MP John Hemming this year went on record on Panorama telling parents targeted by the ‘social care’ their only hope was to flee the country.

For the last fifty years Britain’s ruling elite of lawyers and bureaucrats have tightly controlled the media with gagging orders and threats.

Your ‘local’ newspaper self-censored and sided with the establishment, mocking civil rights protests.

But the true distressing story is now out, despite the pathetic obeisance of mainstream journalists to a dictatorial establishment.

This is a video of a ‘forced adoption’. Be warned, it contains traumatic scenes of two officials pulling a new born baby from the arms of the childs screaming mother.

A council adoption

As far as the local authority whose wages you pay in extorted tax are concerned, the scandal might as well not be happening.

A council spokeswoman said in an official statement: “In Cornwall there are some 270 families who foster, but with record numbers of children coming into care, more are urgently needed.

A council adoption

“At the moment, we particularly need people who can care for older children and teenagers and people who can offer a permanent foster care for those children that need a loving home until they move on to independent living.”

They then quote a 16 year old girl, whose second name is not given, and whose quotes will have been cherry-picked for approval.

‘Shannon’, who has been in foster care for 18 months, says in a vetted statement: “Being in care has completely changed my life for the better. It’s the first time I have genuinely felt happy in my whole life. It’s given me hope and a future”

Then another anonymous first-name-only official quote is drawn from ‘Jenny’, a permanent foster carer in Cornwall.

She says: “It’s so rewarding and fulfilling having the continuity, being able to make a difference over a longer period. We have children who are now adults and come back with children of their own, we are like extended family and grandparents”

As the scandal of forced adoption has gradually been exposed, the number of people willing, even with big weekly payments far exceeding the average local wage, to foster, has plumetted.

But social workers keep on taking as many children into care as they can, to keep trade going.

Children are regularly advertised in adoption and fostering magazines, which offer them up to prospective parents.

The profits involved are astronomical.

In 2012 the ‘National Fostering Agency’, a business set up by two social workers, floated on the stock exchange for £130million. It was bought by an American investment portfolio.

Although Britain’s social services scandal shows no sign of abating, the gravy train suffered a knock back in 2012 when it emerged social workers had sedated a pregnant Italian national, ordered doctors to cut her open in a Caesarean procedure, and taken the newborn baby away for UK adoption

As a result, social workers are casting out for people with alternative lifestyles, particularly gay couples who will not conceive naturally, to come forward.

They’re openly calling for single mothers, homosexuals, young people and people of low ‘financial status’ to apply.

The council spokeswoman went on: “There are many ‘fostering myths’ surrounding who can foster, but the truth is that foster carers come from a range of backgrounds and lifestyles.”

And she stressed: “You can become a foster carer regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, age (as long as you are over 21), cultural background and financial status.

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