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Pic from local paper the Packet – click through and check out their other news! 😀

Someone left a little white car to the mercy of the sea on Monday morning.

The incoming tide of Maenporth beach was well over the gleaming vehicle’s bonnet at around 8am when a resident called emergency services.

Local police are now looking into why the hot-looking hatch was apparently abandoned at the tide line of the well-known Falmouth beauty spot.

A spokeswoman said: “The tide was coming in and starting to cover the vehicle. There was no one in the car.

“It looked like it might float away.”

Anyone know why this spotless little hatch was sinking by its sparkling alloys into the Maenporth sands on Monday? Sunday night boy-racer madness? Student dare? Worlds most colourful neighbour dispute? Let us know! Just post below!

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