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Moaning parish councillors complained that Coverack travellers shouldn’t be relocated to Goonhilly – but then voted in favour of it anyway.

One objector – local farmer Roger Richards – was disbarred from voting because of a conflict of interest.

Mr Richards voluntarily informed the council meeting he had offered some of his own land to the gypsies.

He joined Cllr Michael Anselmi in declaring an interest: neither were allowed to vote.

Councillor Dominic Brandreth voted against, but everyone else voted for, and in the end the scheme went through seven to one.

The gypsy site plan – which is tied to national legislation forcing local authorities to provide land for travellers – was also linked to an application for houses on the edge of Coverack.

Earlier Cllr Richards had complained that Goonhilly was an unsuitable site because of its heritage, with the wild area being uninhabited “since the Bronze Age.”

He described the proposal as ‘disgraceful’ and said other sites should have been considered.

The three gypsy traveller pitches will be set up on land opposite Croft Pascoe on the Traboe Cross to Kuggar road.

The application came from local landowner Michael Tylor.

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