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All this week this newspaper has been exposing official lies .

And you’ve been helping us – by telling it like it is, out in the real world, and here in the new, free media online, where no orthodox idiot languishing on a corporate local paper can censor you.

We’d like to thank you all and in this final article, show you how brave you are to resist orthodoxy, how important it is historically, and however difficult it may be, what a good cause you represent.

In many ways, you’re in a very similar situation to that which people in Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s found themselves in.

In many ways – although of course not all.

Most feminists do not actively try and murder their opponents, as the Nazis did. (although some do).

But feminists do have a lot in common with the Nazis.

For one thing, the feminist establishment is directly responsible for an epidemic in male suicide in the last decade which has a strong parallel in the epidemic of Jewish suicide in the 1930s.

In the last decade the male suicide rate in Britain has shot up by seventy per-cent.

An epidemic of suicide of that staggering scale should be cause for alarm, and action.

But nothing in done, and instead – in political initiatives like ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ – the victim is blamed .

We all know the reasons for the epidemic in male suicide. It’s so-called ‘family’ law. It’s the CSA . It’s the state making it “impossible for thousands to live”.

Funny how we never seem to hear about it from the mass media: only that ‘2 women a week are killed by the partners’ – a tiny proportion of killings in comparison to the explosion of deaths through suicide.

We believe these rising suicides are akin to state killings.

Making it ‘impossible’ for a social group to live is how an oppressive regime traditionally kills them off.

The Manchester Guardian of January 22-23 1934 noted of the Third Reich that “while not directly killing a single Jew, its laws make it impossible for thousands of Jews to live, and it is largely they that have caused the epidemic of suicides amongst the German Jews.”

Senator Ann Cools in Canada and feminist Erin Pizzey are both now pushing hard to expose how in the West, the Government, police and local councils use new, bent ‘domestic abuse’ laws to deliberately arrest men, based purely on their gender.

In June this year in America, 58 year old Tom Ball killed himself on the steps of his ‘family’ court.

He left an explicit 15 page statement, which like much of what we’ve written here, is an essay exposing the ‘domestic abuse industry’.

His statement was at least made public.

Most of the time, the establishment – people like Coroners (particularly our feminist Coroner for Cornwall Dr Emma Carlyon) – actively bury the reasons for a mans suicide, in an attempt to cover this tremendous scandal up .

Tom wrote: “Labeling someone’s action as domestic violence in America in the 21st century is akin to labeling someone a Jew in Germany in the 1930′s.

“The entire legal weight of the state is coming down on him.”

It’s true. The Violence Against Women Act sounds lovely doesn’t it? Who could possibly object to a little act that says its against violence to women?

Well – anyone who’s actually read it. Ot anyone who’s seen how, like ‘Domestic Abuse Awareness Week’, it’s based on statistics that are drivel, and is simply the tool of an enormous state system aimed at criminalising men.

It’s important to debunk lying statistics, especially if they are being used for political actions.

Nazi Eugenics – the racial predecessor to feminism – also relied on lies, and was also popular, supported by charity, and commanded universal sympathy.

It started in California. It was financed by corporate charity and endorsed by big business .

Just like Professor Stanko of the University of London who cooked up the bogus ‘1 in 4′ domestic violence to serve the Labour Governments sexist aims, history now records that academics in the 20s at Stamford, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton “faked and twisted data to serve eugenics’ racist aims.”

It became fashionable to study this bogus pseudo-science. The BBC broadcast lectures on it, while of course the Daily Mail actively supported National Socialism (the harmless sounding name the Nazis actually went under).

Thank God, it never really took on here. But no thanks to the BBC or the Mail. They weren’t going to questions eugenics – despite surely knowing it was based on nonsense – any more than they question feminism now.

And of course in Germany – it did take on, politically, in a big way: and their society became one in which it was difficult to get on if you didn’t sympathise with the ideas of Eugenics, and endorse these race-based myths and statistics as a fast-track to promotion.

Again – much like feminism now. And as for the spectre of Hitler – well when he started out, Hitler was to Eugenics only what Valerie Solanas is to feminism – the difference is that he succeeded in his bloodthirsty, lunatic schemes.

In the 1930s, German newsreel makers took their orders straight from the Third Reich’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, and never questioned a lying statistic or factoid put their way.

And apparently the mass media in Britain and in Cornwall today takes its orders from the domestic abuse lobby – a body equally lacking in integrity and honesty, whose press releases were this week – just as we warned you they would be – reproduced VERBATIM in the local ‘press’.

Shame on these lazy, tired hacks for not daring to question authority when they are just as free to as we are.

The domestic abuse lobby need to be exposed for the witch-hunting, dim-witted political and intellectual cowards they are.

These lying scumbags even indoctrinate CHILDREN into hating men, as a gender, exactly like the Nazis indoctrinated hatred of the Jews into innocent German kids.

Look at this: what’s the difference between these disgusting sexist picture books, aimed at vulnerable toddlers, to convince them of gender hatred.

This revolting propaganda is the same as Nazi kids book vilifying Jews

And these disgusting racist ones..

The Nazis taught kids race-hate - Feminists teach them to hate men

aimed at vulnerable toddlers, to convince them of race hatred?

There’s none: so why do so many people tolerate it?

Maybe it’s because sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees.

The illustrations above, drawn from a German primer for children of six, were by the hand of an eighteen-year-old art student, Elvira Bauer.

Presumably Elvira, like Michelle Davies, the council’s £37k pa ‘domestic abuse co-ordinator’ in 2011, got on very well for herself, in 1935 in Berlin.

Presumably she didn’t have fangs, claws, horns or a red tail, and to do this cartoon, probably she was talented and maybe she was even nice looking.

It’s easy for us to despise her as a fascist decades later.

It’s not as easy to spot the dangerous authoritarian charlatans who pose a threat to our liberty in Britain today.

So the outspoken support that CCN readers have given to our campaign this week exposing the lies of ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ has been astonishing, frankly: extraordinary, and heartening.

For every anonymous feminist re-spouting disproven statistics, hundreds of you have recommended and supported our series of articles.

We think totalitarianism posing as ‘feminism’ is a genuine and big social problem that needs serious political opposition applied to it, not just a couple of jokes, or supercilious dismissal.

We think it’s the state that has an abusive relationship with us as supposedly free citizens.

And as any drivelling ‘domestic abuse’ apparatchick is always keen to tell you, the biggest step to break the chains of abuse is the first step.

In this bullying relationship, in which Government officials are the abusers, our first step and yours is to publicly question officialdom.

There’s a limit to how far you should indulge anyone their political beliefs. And racism and sexism constitute that limit.

You wouldn’t humour a racist who said 1 in 4 black people steal.

Why humour a feminist who says 1 in 4 men abuse women?

Both statements are equally untrue – both are equally offensive.

There is no excuse for one more penny of taxpayers money to be spent on the hateful ‘Domestic Abuse’ lobby.

It is a sick con, preying on and perverting the goodly instincts of honest, decent people who react emotionally to false propaganda about beaten women and children.

Yet Cornwall spends more than £50,000 on this evil brainwashing: £37 odd grand of it on ‘Domestic Violence Advisor’ Michelle Davies’s wage.

For all our sakes – just sack her.

Let her go out there and do some constructive work, for the good of society, rather than being paid to try and poison our minds with lies.

The council also pay £15,000 to the ‘Womens Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre’.

Sounds a really worthy cause doesn’t it?

Well, look and listen again – HERE.

The jobs that the women – (they engage only women) – in this organisation do are completely pointless – and they don’t even do those pointless jobs properly, because they’re too busy storming Punch and Judy shows

There is not a lot of rape in Cornwall. There is not a lot of sexual abuse.

And when heinous crimes of this nature occasionally do happen they are more than enthusiastically prosecuted by the local police and CPS.

The myth of thousands of female victims cowering across the Duchy and needing confidential support lines and a constant kindly ear is offensive and ludicrous.

Setting up WRSAC is like setting up a support line for Aryans suffering exploitation at the hands of Jews in 1930s Berlin.

Elvira the Nazi art student would have got a nice fat commission for that one – doing a nice little cartoon for the ‘Aryan Cheat and Domestic Extortion Centre’.

She could have pictured the great shadow of a looming Jew, hat and curls as clearly defined as the big muscles of the man in the feminist cartoon above, towering over a little blonde girl with pigtails, pathetically holding out her piggy bank.

No doubt back then, her book would have gone in all the council libraries, just like feminist fairy tales get whole sections in Cornish libraries today.

The ‘chief executive’ of the WRSAC would probably have kept a copy in the office.

Call out for the local authority to stem the bleeding away of your money from important basic necessities like public toilets, , and buses into the pockets of political extremists like Maggie Parks.

You can do it by just clicking here.

And stop letting the mass media poison your mind with what we’ve proven are lies.

Turn the TV off. Stop reading crap. Back us, and you can get quite enough news free, right HERE. 😀

And in the meantime – complain about the rubbish they’ve been spouting and calling it news.

Complain to the BBC (Radio Cornwall or Spotlight that information they broadcast in Domestic Abuse week was wrong, or incitement to hatred.
Or phone them on 01752 229 201

Complain to ITV 01752 333333

Complain to Yesterdays Boring News 01752 765500

Complain to the Boring Guardian 01208 74528

Complain to the Snoringman Newspaper 01736 351146

Complain to the Deaf Briton 01872 271451

Complain to The Cornish Times 01579 342174

Complain to the The Cornish and Devon Post 01566 778220

Complain to the Atlantic FM 01872 55 34 00

Complain to the Newquay Voice 01637 878298

Complain to the St Austell Voice 01726 67722

Complain to the St Ives Times 01736 795813

Complain to the The Packet 01326 213333

Get cracking. It only takes a second and you’ll feel better afterwards.

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10 Responses to WELL DONE EVERYONE!

  1. Carol

    November 26, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    terrifying. good work.

  2. wayne pryor

    November 27, 2011 at 8:44 am

    excellent work from the good folks at the community news team,its good to see things how they really are for a change,a real eye opening week.

  3. Jim

    November 27, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    Well said! Thanks for standing up for the truth, unlike those tired hacks that inhabit most mainstream medal outlets.

    Being an uncritical echo chamber for feminist hate-based propaganda seems to be what passes for journalism today. Those idiots are losing their place as the trusted arbiters of what society needs to know.

  4. Jim

    November 27, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Sorry *media outlets*

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