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A massive onslaught of hate propaganda aimed at men will hit local media this week – AGAIN.

The local police and council orchestrate ‘Domestic Abuse Awareness’ drives interminably, year after year, as the ‘DV’ industry gets more and more profitable, Governments fail to act, and more and more men are driven to their deaths and children dispossessed and abused by crazed, pig-ignorant bigots handed jobs as the state’s thuggish ‘family police’ force of pseudo-social workers, so-called lawyers, and increasingly, moronic police officers and council workers who terrorise the public in their homes.

Over the next seven days these authoritarian, unthinking idiots will be sending out a volley of inaccurate claims and statistics to the local press designed to make headlines.

That means TV, radio, and the local papers will all be full of what will sound like facts and figures suggesting Cornwall is full of violent men, and beaten women.

They’re all lies. .

Even the hallowed ‘1 in 4 people are a victim of domestic abuse’ statistic is a lie, and here’s how.

The truth behind the lies of ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ .

Violence in the home is all but non-existent.

In the very rare cases it does happen, forty per-cent of the time, it is not men but women who beat up their partners at home..

Neither 1 in 4 people nor 1 in 4 women suffer what any reasonable person would ever class as ‘domestic abuse’.

The last Labour Government paid to have this statistic cooked up.

In 2005, the Home Office paid an American feminist at Royal Holloway and Bedford College £3million for ‘a review of domestic violence’.

She produced a report which broke down the word ‘domestic violence’ and gave it new definitions which were nothing to do with violence at all.

They included:

‘Watching her’
‘Telling her children things she doesn’t want them to know’
‘Criticising her appearance’
‘Sending her unwanted gifts.’
‘Ignoring her’
‘Refusing to have sex with her’
‘Denying her sexuality’

The definitions effectively covered anything and everything – and, it’s worth repeating, had nothing to do with ‘abuse’ or ‘violence’.

Armed with these dreamed up criteria, the College did a survey – not of women at large – but of women in domestic violence refuges.

This meant the research was unrepresentative to start with.

But added to that – because of the wacky criteria they’d just invented for ‘domestic abuse’ – if the researchers got a negative reply to questions about being beaten, they simply kept on, and asked if the interviewee had ever been criticised or ignored.

Incredibly, three out of four women still said ‘No’.

That means that the real ‘domestic abuse’ statistic this:

‘3 out of 4 women in womens refuges say no man every did anything unpleasant to them ever at all.’!

The false figure – that ‘1 in 4’ have suffered abuse – isn’t true at all because the word ‘abuse’ does not actually mean what it says: its meaning has been twisted and its truth stretched – beyond recognition – to mean just being ‘ignored’ or ‘watched’, or even ‘confused’.

London School of Economics Psychologist Oliver Curry explained: “When the ‘1 in 4’ domestic abuse statistic is boiled down, it means this.

“That one in four women over the course of their lives will be ignored for a period of time by their partners.”

He remarked: “It’s unfortunate if energy directed towards solving a really serious problem is dissipated on things like that.”

Founding feminist Erin Pizzey was the first woman in Britain to recognise genuine cases of violence against women.

Erin founded the first UK womens refuge: but she now campaigns for mens rights and speaks out against the ‘domestic abuse’ industry.

She says her genuine attempts to do good were hijacked by man-hating feminists, and that modern ‘domestic abuse’ industry is a dangerous racket.

She explained: “The problem is that the classification for domestic violence covers all acts.

“And the problem with that is you end up with the entire population of Britain in prison.”

She added: “False allegations of domestic violence are common, and they’re used a fast track to a divorce, in order to immediately obtain the home, and child custody.”

Here’s Canadian senator Ann Cools speaking out on the ‘nonsense’ that comes out of Womens Refuges, and how poor and inaccurate the research is.

The new UK Government promised to cut wasteful public spending like the £3million handed out to the dishonest feminist researchers by Labour in 2005.

In fact it’s done very little to stop the millions going to politically correct groups, instead asking councils to decide where to make cuts, leaving the local authorities to cut vital facilities , then moan about how terrible the cuts are.

Cornwall and Devon are still packed with publicly subsidised feminist groups whose primary job it is to repeat these old lies about ‘domestic violence’.

Take ‘AVDA’ – the special anti domestic violence unit within Devon County Council which is behind the police ‘Domestic Abuse Week’.

Look at their homepage, and you’ll see they’ve gone one step beyond carefully skewing research: they’ve just plain made up a load more definitions.

According to ‘AVDA’, if a man ‘confuses’ a woman, he is guilty of ‘psychological abuse’

And there’s a separate section for ‘financial abuse’ on the AVDA page on which they list: ‘Not paying child support’.

The second example of ‘financial abuse’ is even further removed from what sensible people might recognise as ‘abuse’ or ‘violence’.

AVDA say if a person ‘threatens to report their partner to the Benefits Agency or other authorities’ – you guessed it – that’s domestic abuse too.

It would certainly be interesting to know what the council’s benefits agency investigators think of that one.

The truth is that the facts and figures forced down your threat during ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ bear no relation to the real world at all.

If the above examples enough weren’t enough to convince you already, take AVDA’s definition of sexual abuse.

Apparently ‘making someone wear clothes that they haven’t chosen’ – constitutes the serious crime of sexual abuse.

Which would make an awful lot of style-conscious young girls sexual abusers of their friends.

And would also mean that the next time your wife tells you not to wear that awful jumper, you could phone the police and have her jailed for sexually abusing you.

It’s nonsense.

And it’s not silly, or amusing nonsense.

It’s dangerous nonsense.

Blaming the victim is something tyrants have done since time immemorial to mollify the public at large.

Today you only have to switch off your TV or put your paper down to look out at the world around you that it’s men who are the victims of feminist-driven society.

The tyrannical and secret ‘family’ courts deny a man his basic right to a family life.

And official discrimination means that businesses are bound by law to employ women – but not men.

The results can be seen in every street of every town in Britain.

Here are some real statistics for you.

– 90 per-cent of all court-assisted family separations end in a man losing both their home, and contact with their children
– 74 per-cent of court-assisted family separations feature allegations of ‘domestic abuse’
– Former ‘Family Court’ judge Robert Johnson estimates the number of those allegations that are true to be “not many”
– Under new legislation, women have to allege ‘domestic abuse’ to qualify for legal aid
– 40 per-cent of all separating fathers lose contact with their own children within two years
– 1 in 4 homes are single parent headed
– 90 per-cent of the homeless are men
– 60 per-cent of those made redundant in the last 10 years in Britain have been men
– 83 per-cent of new jobs in the last 10 years have been given to women
– In the last ten years the male suicide rate has risen by 70 per-cent
(Sources: Department of Work and Pensions, HMCourts, BBC live interview, Shelter, ONS, and SPIG)

Think on that the next time you see the untrue ‘1 in 4’ statistic repeated on TV, Radio or in the papers, along with the press suggesting you be suspicious of brutal men.

Think about the fact that three out of four women in domestic violence refuges told researchers no man had ever laid a finger on them.

And then maybe think on Burke’s famous lines:

“It is necessary only for good men to say nothing for evil to triumph.”

We believe the evil of ‘Domestic Abuse Week’ is in its instigation.

Among other things, over the next week we hope to show that its authors are officials who abuse or endorse the abuse of families and children.

They’re engaged in the age-old tyrants tactic of blaming a scapegoat for their own crimes.

So ‘Don’t Suffer in Silence’ – as these cynical ‘domestic abuse’ twits put it.

Speak out when you see a media outlet reproduce Government ‘domestic abuse’ propaganda without any journalistic rigour or balance.

Here’s how to complain.

Complain to the BBC (Radio Cornwall or Spotlight that information broadcast in Domestic Abuse week was wrong, or incitement to hatred.
Or phone them on 01752 229 201

Complain to the overtly biased and inaccurate BBC about their farcical and insulting Panorama ‘investigation’ into ‘Domestic Abuse’. Remember when you do that the BBC are so insanely arrogant they hold a policy that there are ‘some people’ it is a good thing to offend, so unless you couch your complaint about their disgusting bigotry in very technical terms indeed (you can find statistics to help you do that in the link above) they’ll take it as a compliment.

Complain to ITV 01752 333333

Complain to Yesterdays Boring News 01752 765500

Complain to the Boring Guardian 01208 74528

Complain to the Snoringman Newspaper 01736 351146

Complain to the Deaf Briton 01872 271451

Complain to The Cornish Times 01579 342174

Complain to the The Cornish and Devon Post 01566 778220

Complain to the Atlantic FM 01872 55 34 00

Complain to the Newquay Voice 01637 878298

Complain to the St Austell Voice 01726 67722

Complain to the St Ives Times 01736 795813

Complain to the The Packet 01326 213333

Get cracking. It only takes a second and you’ll feel better afterwards.

Tomorrow: Lies, Damn Lies and More Statistics

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  1. mark

    November 21, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Well done to the Cornwall Community News for having the guts to explode this myth that most women suffer from domestic violence.

    Now the description of ‘domestic violence’-which when it actually does happen is a very serious and appailling act-has been downgraded to ‘domestic abuse’ arguing, shouting or even refusing to pay for something is now included in the all encompassing term ‘domestic abuse’.

    One Westcountry father who suffered false allegations of ‘domestic abuse’, even years after his ex wife left and remarried another man- has wrote a very good book called ‘Family Court Hell’, well worth searching out on Amazon or any bookshop.

    In the corrupt family courts, merely the allegation that a woman feels likely to become a victim-even at some later date-of ‘domestic abuse’ is grounds enough to remove a man from his home, bar him from seeing his kids and force him to pay maintainance for years to the ex.

  2. wayne pryor

    November 21, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    being a victim of domestic violence in the past myself, i recall on one occasion of walking in to camborne police station with 3 headwounds inflicted by my ex partner who had used a babys high chair as a weapon.police later attended my home and removed my ex partner, only to bring her back the following day because they didnt know what to do with her, and the fact she had nowhere else to go !! more recently i have been accused by an ex partner that i had been violent towards her and my children, although there were no injuries,no evidence to support her claims,or any witnesses of any form, the incidents were investigated by police and i was cleared of any wrong doing.because of these allegations i have not been allowed to see my children for 14mths and i am now fiercley having to defend myself against continued false allegations from my ex partner her solicitor and social worker who try to use these false and malicious allegations to influence the decisions of the court,whilst men do not get a chance to defend themselves…..this is simply a money machine designed to take money from the taxpayer at an alarming rate.the taxpayer should demand the opening of the court system to see where these vast amounts of money are going………..

  3. Rose

    November 21, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Look, the SAME SOURCE you reference saying men make up 40% of domestic violence victims also says 1/4 women are domestic violence victims. I’d like a link to the 2005 study you criticise, but even assuming that’s true, the other source you quote says the same thing. By all means emphasise the common misperception on numbers of male victims, it’s important and needs bringing out into the open to reduce the stigma, but you can’t use that British Crime Survey statistic for men and then tear it down for women at the same time.
    As a feminist I wholeheartedly believe and am willing to fight for all victims of domestic violence to be protected, men and women. Because I believe in equal rights. Just because you want the male victims to get the help they deserve doesn’t mean you need to pretend the female statistics are a load of rubbish or suggest that a week dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence is “evil”.
    The Devon council domestic violence unit is ADVA, not AVDA (easy mistake) and they seem to use gender neutral language when talking about both victims and perpetrators on their website. They also have a page dedicated to services for male victims ( but I agree they could make it clearer that there is actually quite a lot of men in this situation, especially in their statistics in their “did you know that” section.

  4. wayne pryor

    November 21, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    i think you will find the sources used by the devon council,are actually statistics passed to them from warickshire council 🙁

  5. admin

    November 21, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    That’s a very cogent reply Rose, and thanks, we’d like to pick up on it if we may.

    Firstly, you are right that the Guardian piece cited also accepts the 1 in 4 statistic: we don’t, and the reasons are listed and repeated in the piece: the reasons are that the survey was unrepresentative, and the criteria so flawed as to be an insult to any genuine victim of actual physical assault. Perhaps we should look at finding a link to the original British Crime Survey, rather than the Guardian piece that cites it, so if you can find one, feel free to forward it. So to clarify – whilst we distrust all statistics and surveys – we are more inclined to trust the British Crime Survey than the Holloway report.

    ADVA (thank you for the typo correction, we’ll see to that now) do indeed use gender neutral language and we find that to be a typical regressive tactic employed by racists and sexists that you and all of us should suspect strongly. By coincidence, we recently interviewed a racist on a march for the English Defence League. The video’s still on an IPhone somewhere, we couldn’t upload it but if we do we’ll happily post you a link It’s relevant because what it revealed was this: the EDL feel so cowed by the weight of public opinion against their racism that they are trying to disprove themselves racists by censoring all mention of race from their propaganda. They call themselves ‘anti-Islamists’ and object to the ‘Islamification’ of Britain. It’s clear from the gradual twisting and turning of the originally flawed statistics used by feminists that they’re facing the same public reaction over their sexism and deleting gender in the same way.

    There was a significant backlash against the 2005 report. As you ask, it was written by Betsy Stanko, an American feminist who is now Senior Advisor for Strategic Analysis with the Metropolitan Police. Despite Erin Pizzey’s bravery – and I think we should point out here that Erin Pizzey actually had to flee Britain for her opposition to the feminist movement you support so unquestioningly, after a series of death threats – in pointing out that Stanko’s research is flawed, the influential Professor, who with her titles and official connections has all the power in the world to speak for herself – has never answered the allegation that the people interviewed for her 1 in 4 statistic were all in refuges. Frankly, whether or not that is the case is completely academic. It is the criteria – the twisted redefinitions of words (which is a classic tyrannical ploy as any A-Level history student, let alone the likes of leftists like Chomsky, will tell you) that made the statistic ridiculous. The more you scrutinise the feminist movement, the more stupidity you uncover, and the less tolerance, and the more that we believe we should all speak out against and be alarmed over its insidious control of the orthodox body politic – and especially the police. People are often incapable of seeing things relatively – they think in cartoons. They think Fascists wear armbands, and Feminists are liberals, because that’s what’s happened before. Remember that for decades, ordinary people like your friends and family would have considered Hitler a great guy – after all, to many, he was the only thing standing between our freedom and Stalin. He was championed by the Daily Mail, and only opposed in Britain by a few widely derided leftists. This was because he didn’t interfere with anyone in power’s economic interests, and because anti-Semitism was as socially acceptable in the first half of the Century as misandry is now. Today, feminists don’t interfere with anyone in power because their political outlook is totally undemocratic and supports an oppressive status quo.

    What establishment feminists can’t ever get around is that, despite all their efforts, and the efforts of nasty bureaucrats, to make us all hysterical lunatics who hate and suspect each other – people can’t live like that: they’re sane, and intelligent, and they love their family and friends, and that includes men – fathers brothers husbands whatever. They knew, in their bones, when the feminist lobby post 2005 started saturating mass media with the ‘I in 4’ women statistic – that it wasn’t true, because no matter how glued they were psychologically to the TV, they knew their husband didn’t beat them up, and that their friends boyfriends didn’t. and so on and so on. When the feminist dogma started redefining violence people reacted by saying ‘But women do that to men all the time’ – and gradually the researchers started admitting that, by their rules ‘1 in 6’ men suffered domestic violence.

    Then the reaction against their propaganda aimed at men got gradually so big they hit on a great new tyrants ploy: delete gender. And that’s exactly what they did – with equal disregard for the truth in their statistics. Which is why you’ll see it broadcast this week that ‘1 in 4’ people suffer domestic abuse (they used the word violence to start off with, then dropped it, because of the same backlash).

    Now – I’m sure you’ll agree that if 1 in 6 men suffer ‘DV’ or ‘DA’ or whatever the hell they’re calling it this week, and 1 in 4 women – that’s not 1 in 4 people. But that’s what ADVA are claiming. So it’s wrong, isn’t it? We would argue that to any reasonable person, the whole basis for the statistics is wrong because of the criteria, which are loony, but what we’re pointing out is that even by this politicised groups own wrong standards – they’re numerically innacurate. It’s just another made-up statistic. Of course – even if it were numerically right by their standards – we, and we don’t think any reasonable person should – don’t accept the ridiculous criteria of what constitutes ‘domestic abuse’, so we would discount it anyway.

    So ‘DV’ campaigners have gradually deleted gender, and changed the word ‘violence’ to the alternative of ‘abuse’. But all this has allowed them to do, is continue to churn out the same unchanged propaganda, implicitly, obviously aimed at men (threats to grass up to the social are abuse, non-payment of child support is abuse) but without any gender nouns or pronouns.

    Made up statistics are bloody dangerous mate. Look up Eugenics. Look up Julian Huxley – one of the most respected intellectuals of his age, brother of Aldous, a man in much the same situation in the 30s as Stanko is now. He’s on You Tube explaining in front of a big old sheet of statistics to BBC viewers why poor people should be sterilised – or at least prevented breeding. And look where that led the National Socialists in Germany.

    You have to understand that back then, the media had not demonised racism, or Nazis. They were seen by many as liberal, modern, forward thinking, and were massively admired for their efficiency. Hitler espoused eugenics to his people and it had the same effect as when politicians talk of feminism now. And the people that dreamed up eugenics were the same sometimes well intentioned, flawed intellectuals as support orthodox ideas today. Orthodox ideas like feminism.

    You don’t obey the police just because they wear a uniform. You don’t believe an academic just because she’s called ‘Professor’. You ask questions. And when the answers turn out showing that the facts that police and professors are touting are nonsense, you challenge them, and ask what it’s actually all about. We think it’s about a massive attack on everyone’s human rights, hidden under the banner of protecting women and children, which will start with men, and end with everyone who’s not an official in a position of legal, social, or political power.

    You assume in your email that our sole objection to obnoxious feminist propaganda is that it doesn’t count in men as victims of ‘DV’. But have you read the whole piece? That’s not our central point at all. It’s a side issue. Our point is that the propaganda of the ‘DV’ industry unfairly demonises men as perpetrators within a wider construct of political, social and legal oppression that has led to a 70 per-cent rise in male suicide, mass male unemployment and homelessness, and the nationwide, illegal (by international law) denial of the right to family life to all men. The ‘DV’ industry, since 2005 at least and likely well before, has just been another political tool of this oppression. History tells us that officials who oppress discriminate and persecute certain groups in society rarely stop at that particular group and generally end up oppressing everyone. The big problem with the ‘domestic violence’ initiative, from the outset, is that it is the perfect tool for total oppression of the individual through the invasion of the family. There are in fact quite enough laws to deal with any violence in society at all. They may be misapplied or ignored in a few individual cases in and outside of any ‘domestic’ scenario, but they are there, and applied equably, they more than suffice. Feminists argued that ‘DV’ was different to stranger violence, which it is, and so needed rules and laws of its own, so to throw democratic justice out of the window in doing so – which it doesn’t. It is every wealthy, senior official in society’s worst nightmare to be branded as unsympathetic to women and children, and so armed with that brand, intolerant feminists, hysterics and the odd brazen totalitarian have bullied senior officials everywhere, people like DCI Steve Parker who presumably just doesn’t want to lose his job and in fact would like us all rather like promotion, into agreeing with any crap they spout. And it is crap. They want ‘domestic violence’ courts, in which there are no juries, no press, no public scrutiny, and in fact, no fair burden of proof – so guilty until proven innocent at the outset, and no recognisable rules to establish innocence. So guilty, basically. A bit like – oh yes – the ‘family’ courts. Now they’re popular and uncontroversial.

    They want laws, laws and more law, based on nonsense redefinitions, an Alice though the Looking Glass tyranny in which they can just do whatever the hell they want to any of us.

    It’s all very well, sounds very noble, and may even be beautifully intentioned, for you to say ‘I will always defend women and children against violence or abuse’ – but are you sure you’re on the right side? I don’t want to start rewriting the article, in fact I’d rather you just read it again and took it its logic a bit more, rather than objecting to the easy bits, but you won’t find any children of separated parents – that genuinely is much more than 1 in 4 – who sympathise with the secret courts feminist lawyers set up and called the ‘family division’. You won’t find any of the children of the 80 male suicides a week – 80 mate – that’s some figure compared to two women killed – why is it never, ever aired, or sensibly discussed? Why is no-one given the funds to research the cause at inquest? The Government could do it for about £20,000 nationwide in the space of 12 months. I’m confident if they did they would find the ‘family court’ – or as or more likely the threat of that court – in the form of a pending separation -involved in at least ‘1 in 4’ cases – and probably almost all of them. It’s a massive unreported scandal. It’s these courts that fuel the domestic violence industry by making that a fast-track to separation and the very real ‘abuse’ of men and children – look did you look at Erin Pizzey’s video – because now we’re starting to repeat that.

    Read the piece again. I think you’re missing the point. And I hope you will re-read it, and the rest of the articles we’re running this week, because I think you’re in the wrong political camp on this issue. It’s not as simple as you might like to think, and people who call themselves feminists aren’t necessarily by definition democrats, liberals, or even decent people just because they call themselves by a politically popular name.

  6. Lisa

    November 21, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Well. Erin Pizzey also says that domestic violence isn’t a gender issue it depends on coming from “that sort of background”. Of course you might be happy to go along with the – if you’re abused you become an abuser – story but read enough research and you’ll realise that’s not true.

    Interestingly she has also pointed out that women tend to turn violence in on themselves rather than inflicting it on others AND talked about women “terrorising” men with domestic chores. These are direct quotes btw.

    What you’ve done is strung together some cherry picked statements and statistics that aren’t really related to your argument. Very much reminds me of a few Conservative Party speeches I’ve heard recently. Probably this will be a compliment for you I don’t know – or particularly care.

    I also notice you don’t deal with the STATISTIC that 2 women are killed by their partner or ex-partner in this country. And yes I am a dreaded feminist.

  7. admin

    November 21, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Re: Lisa’s comment: No, there is no mention of the two women killed a week stat, but in one of the videos you will find that statistic addressed.

    The interviewee points out – appropriately, in view of your objection to our counter-propaganda – that it’s cherry picked. He makes the point that all feminists ever go on about is the two women out of forty million or so in Britain who are killed each week, but not the 80 men who suicide each week – a figure representing an unprecedented 70 per-cent increase in the last decade. The interviewee ‘Angry Harry’ – look him up – you’ll love him – goes on to say how some thousands of children are killed in road accidents and so on, to try and further put this hysterical agitprop in context.

    We think there should be research and action about the male suicide rate, and that were it done, the secret ‘family’ courts, false allegations of ‘domestic abuse’, terrorism and abuse of children by the state, and all the rest of it, would be found directly to blame. Since you cite that stat – do you know how many men are murdered each week? And how many in the home? Has anyone ever researched this? We can’t find the stats. Presumably, like anything to do with gender that might not fit the feminist agenda, they’ve been ignored.

    We’re glad you know Erin Pizzey – perhaps you’d like to watch the video of Ann Cools too? The anti-feminist movement is growing apace in the States and is well-received here. Just as with early feminism, humanist women from all political backgrounds are supporting it.

    As you place such faith in statistics, we hope you’ll enjoy Tuesdays piece ‘Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics’, in which more feminist lies are exposed.

    Incidentally, we love the mindless assumption of all feminists that anyone who points out they’re wrong is a Tory or some kind of closet reactionary. You’re the orthodox reactionaries. You’re the ones in power. What makes you think the anti-feminist movement has any faith in the Tories? Which Conservative Party speech did you hear recently? Do you listen to any? Or is that just a slur? Would you like to invent a statistic to back it up? Something like – oh – one in four newspaper staff writers are Tories? That would be balls too so it would fit nicely with the rest of the propaganda.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about being ‘dreaded’. Tbh mate, the more free speech there is on the internet, and the more chance to expose lies, the less honest people ‘dread’ unquestioning orthodox feminists, and the more you just sound ridiculous.

  8. Hope71 sian.R

    November 21, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Wayne I could not agree more with your stance. Out of all the cases with go to family court not one person has a case made against them this case base on hear say mainly on the female part. This in my opinion does not promote a fair system how on earth could it be ? How many children will not be spending xmas with their fathers this year because of false claims and with this i would have to ask how many children are left at risk with step parents who have not been crb checked and how more to the fact, Any child is at a greater risk with any step parent there are more cases of this than with a biological father having access….The system is all wrong and some desperate measures should be carried out in order for family safety

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  12. Dave E

    November 24, 2011 at 9:07 am

    From my archives FYI:

    Much of our work is investigative. It has to be. Newspapers today have
    largely become mere conduits for ‘official briefings’. With notable
    exceptions, they and by-line journalists; pawns in a political game of
    bluff reduced to testing the water for Govt policy manoeuvrings that
    will hit us a few months down the line. Scouring the Internet we
    downloaded on June 30th information from the Cabinet Office re.
    domestic violence ( ‘Organisational Index’ choose
    ‘Cabinet Office’ choose ‘What’s New’ – 30.6.99 Press Release).

    This reported the joint Ministerial launch by the Home Office (HO) and
    the Women’s Unit – but it appeared to omit certain key statistics,
    namely HO study 191. However, it did quote a study by ‘Stanko et al’,
    which claimed that 1/. Domestic Violence costs £278 million pounds in
    London alone and 2/. Govt sources or ‘official’ Govt figures showed
    that 1 in 4 women suffer domestic violence. All the national
    newspapers picked up and quoted these ‘official’ Govt figures.

    Having debunked the 1 in 4 figure in the summer of 1998 (See last
    issue) we promptly made enquires at the Home Office. They were evasive
    as to the veracity of the “official figures”, stating they hadn’t come
    from them. They did however direct us to “Stanko et al” as Prof.
    Stanko at Brunel.

    Prof. Stanko replied by email; “I will forward you a copy of the
    report ‘counting the costs’…. As for the figures used by the Cabinet
    Office [in “Press Release” above], there is no citation for that
    figure in the report. I suggest you contact the Women’s Unit directly
    as I only received my copy of the document this week. I did not write
    it”. But Counting the Costs is written by Prof. Stanko together with 3
    other female authors, and it does cite the “1 in 4” totem. It is
    published by Crime Concern and funded by the Children Society and
    Hackney Safer Cities.

    The so-called “survey”, of only 107 postal respondees to agencies and
    129 women in GP’s surgeries, is loose, lightweight and limited, but
    still manages to stretch to 70 pages. By the time the reader gets to
    page 9 it is blatantly apparent that this is a document based on
    speculation, estimates and assumptions. From the beginning, is piles
    estimate upon estimate, guess upon guess, making magical intellectual
    leaps between them to arrive where the dogma says they should be, i.e.
    p 16. Domestic violence is defined throughout the paper as only women
    (and sometimes children) as victims.

    Our understanding, from the Home Office, is that domestic violence is
    not actually a criminal offence, but the report states that it is (p

    Of the 107 postal surveys sent out to public service providers, only
    49 were returned with some information on them, 23 resulted in no
    response at all and 29 were not completed. Those “key agencies”
    targeted also produced only 32 vague data on “the global cost” of
    their operations, 7 provided unit costs and with regard to number of
    clients only 10 knew the exact number or could estimate the ratio of
    domestic violence to clients (whatever that means).

    “Key agencies” were defined as the police, solicitors, housing dept.
    Women’s Aid, Social Services, GP’s, health visitors.

    The report is fond of using the word “trawl” to imply a thorough
    examination e.g. its trawl through local authority and agency files.

    Unfortunately for the researchers, many key agencies replied that
    domestic violence “was not a primary presenting problem” and few
    incorporated it into their daily practice monitoring framework (p 8).
    Indeed, at page 44 they concede “that some case studies” may not be
    thought to “represent true domestic violence”.

    This inflammatory report is based on Hackney. Hackney is not typical
    of England. 46% of its population subsists on Income Support (State
    Benefits). The average income of the rest of London is 66% greater
    than that of Hackney. Over 65% of housing in Hackney is “social
    housing”. In the past it has been the stomping ground of villains like
    Jack the Ripper and multifarious gangsters e.g. the Kray Twins. The
    area is a melting pot of over 10 nationalities multiplied by as many

    The survey reveals that except for Women’s Aid and the Domestic
    Violence Housing Service, none of the public service providers (Social
    Services, Police, etc) could estimate the cost of domestic violence.
    Nor could they estimate the prevalence of clients that “present”
    themselves for help.

  13. George McAulay

    November 24, 2011 at 9:18 am

    An excellent expose of the evil vilification of men that FemiNazis and their Cultural Marxist allies are inflicting upon society.
    The problem, of course, is getting these things in major papers–and then getting the political class to pay heed. About 10 years ago forced the Scottish Government via the ASA and ITC to take down their CV posters and change their TV advert when I exposed this 1 in 4 myth. These political-class liars had used OUR money to bombard us with posters, press adverts and pamphlets, and they had a TV ad out that claimed ” 1 in 4 women live with the constant fear of domestic violence”
    The cost of withdrawing their lying man-hating propaganda from bus shelters, newspapers, and other public places must have been considerable, a point I made in Media releases.

    The press reported it variously: the Express did a good expose, and the Mail’s Political Editor attacked me ( and grossly misrepresented what I had said.)
    The grossly fat feminist Communities Minister, Jackie Baillie, ordered a reprise of the Scottish Crime Survey from which source they had harvested the figure. The reprise was by Keil University’s tame academic Dr. ( Ph.D in Complete and Utter Shite Studies) David Gadd
    It was utterly skewed, disgraceful– only women who had not reported themselves as victims were re-interviewed, which could only result in an upwards movement of male-on-female abuse– no men who had not reported abuse were reprised– I may be wrong, but I think that the men who had reported being abused were re-interviewed.)

    Any academic with a shred of integrity would have refused the commission, a point I amde very clearly to Gadd. (
    Three respondents to the original study were found to be non-existent – which makes the original study utterly invalid, no?
    The cost to the taxpayer for this nonsense “study” was £15,000.
    In no time flat, the FemiNazi scum were back pushing the same hate, with a compliant media on board– but now they just couch their adverts in language that doesn’t make checkable claims, but which gives the same impression of demonic men, and ignores women’s violence against men, children and the old- -until challenged by the UK Men’s Movement, even the official definition of domestic abuse only recognised male violence against women or children.
    The possibility of legal action against the various UK governments has now forced them to make a token acknowledgement, but their bias is still very much unchanged.
    Here’s a thought– the line accepted by the Scottish Government is the tired old FemiNazi lie that DV is because of ” The abuse of male power”.
    How come lesbian relationships are so violent?

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  16. Dave E

    November 27, 2011 at 9:27 am

    I would like to add that the piece I posted above was not written by me but is an extract from Ivor Catt’s ‘Ill Eagle’ publication.

    Something which also debunks ta feminist myth is a piece in Hansard which exposes the propaganda of feminist organisations and charities which would appear to have a male bashing agenda – and assisting the state in the planned and deliberate destruction of the nuclear family!

    > Hansard of the U.K. Parliament, March 2, 2006
    > From a debate regarding presumption of child-visitation rights by non-residential fathers:

    Tim Loughton [MP]: Let me finish…

    In support of its claim, the NSPCC [which is fighting hand, tooth and nail to keep non-residential fathers from having child-access rights — “in the best interest of the child”] cites the fact that 29 children were killed over the past 10 years during contact visits to non-resident parents. That is an appalling figure.

    However, it ignores its own research, which shows that over the same period some 800 children have died at the hands of resident parents or carers and the 2000 publication “Child Maltreatment in the UK” , which showed that violent treatment was more likely to be meted out by female carers than male ones.

    Also see: Experiments in Living: The Fatherless Family

  17. Dave E

    November 27, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Issues of Ill Eagle can be read here:

  18. Joe Burns

    December 27, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Well done on this excellent article. DV is something I know a great deal about. I have never raised my voice or my hand to a woman, my father & mother never abused each other but I have a unique perspective on this subject.

    30 years ago I was a male volunteer for a “Womens Crisis Center” which dealt with DV and Sexual Assault as well as being a Refuge for women & children. I spent many hours and days volunteering and at the time I was studying Psychology purely out of self interest in the subject.

    I was told from day 1, ” that these men who batter women are the problem, if he would just leave her alone then everything would be ok”. I soon discovered that many of these women had been in more than 1 abusive relationship. This proved to me that there was something deeper going on than what I was being told. Why would she get out of one bad relationship and get straight back into another?

    My question was answered one day when I was asked to babysit and interact with the children at the center. I witnessed a boy of about 6 or 7 “controlling” girls much older and bigger than him. He wanted them to play by HIS rules and do what they were told. The girls complied although they didn’t need to. It bacame clear to me at that point, that DV is learned behavior, children learn it from their parents. I asked women at the shelter if their parents were controllers & victims to which 99% said Yes. The 1% were women who never went back to their abusers and went on to normal lives.

    I discussed this with the Director & Board Members, they said NO!, you’re wrong, it’s all the MANS fault. They couldn’t answer my questions why these women kept repeating the pattern. I asked them to consider starting up a program both for men who “batter” as it was know at the time but they refused. I asked them to start a treatment program for women but they refused. My position in the center was becoming untenable.

    I found a treatment program from a Canadian University that reportedly had a great success rate. They agreed to let me purchase the study guides and treatment manual for the course leader. I couldn’t find a professional interested in running the self-help group but one of the councillors at the center secretly put me in touch with a man who himself was a “batterer” and was willing to chair the group. I didn’t become involved and wasn’t allowed to attend but was happy enough to have got it off the ground. The local paper supported us and did a great story and got a large group of people involved.

    By all accounts, (I wasn’t there) it was a great success. At the end of the first program many of the men had left their wives as a result. They chose being single over being in an abuse relationship. Some said in the feedback, that their relationships may have been salvagable if a similar program had been started to treat women. Men found that they didn’t have to control every aspect of their wife and childrens life, it was a new-found freedom, as if someone had told them the facts-of-life for the first time.

    Unfortunately the program came crashing down because the Chair of the group had abused his wife. He had threatened to leave her which I’m told started the argument and the violence. The Courts were not supportive and tended to side with the Women and the Womens Refuge.

    For me I saw it as a great success as an experiment. It could work given enough proper support and political will. It had taught me a great deal about relationships and about myself.

    I moved out of the area and one day I was at the home of a University Professor and the topic of DV came up. I told her the story of my experience and what I believed to be true. I told her that if this problem was tackled properly, that DV could be a thing of the past, it could be wiped out in a few generations, as it was learned behavior. She convened a group of academics at the university and invited me to do a presentation on my thoughts. This happened about 35 years ago when the whole issue of DV came into the spotlight.

    No action was ever taken by any of the academics, it was not written about, discussed although everyone said that I had hit on some interest theories that merit further study.

    It’s interesting that now we are at 1 in 4, 35 years ago the figure was 1 in 29. A study by a radio presenter found that this was a gross overestimate. Also debunked at the time was the figure that 1 in 10 men were Gay and several others. I’ve always had a keen interest in debunking myths and conspiracy. We are led to believe that the problems of child abuse and neglect and the “Problem” of Paedophilia are of monstrous proportions but the evidence just doesn’t support it. Ritual Satanic Child Sacrifice has been investigated by almost every police force in the world and is widely believed, despite the fact that not so much as a single bone fragment has ever been found.

    People will believe any rubish they want to believe, the more fantastic the better. No proof is ever needed. Don’t believe me either, check it out for yourself. I don’t have an agenda and my job doesn’t depend on what I say being correct. When Society is caught up in a “Moral Panic”, anything can be believed.

    Best regards, Thanks for this excellent piece,

    Joe Burns

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  29. Heath Thomas

    February 16, 2013 at 11:54 am

    Thank you for the article and the subsequent admin responses to the clearly feminist responses. I have been of the mind that the 1:4 “statistic” was wildly skewed and therefor designed for a purpose other than that of highlighting the truth. I’m sure that there a many of us that have histories that support the fact that women can be, and are violent in many forms to men. My own (extremely edited version as I won’t use this to recount my own history in full) experience with my ex wife that involved the police was that some years ago we were at a family party where I came upon my then wife kissing a guest “goodbye” for rather a long and passionate time. We had an awful argument in the car on the way home. When we got there it blew up into a blazing row where at the end she screamed and threw herself on the floor (gospel truth in spite of the inevitable feminists thinking “threw herself – yeah right”. She screamed “I’m calling the police” and duly did and I spent a night in the cels having been taken there by clearly biased officers. Interestingly the following day she made a slew of calls apologising for lying but it was symptomatic of the dynamic (she once tried to bottle me in a bar until I pointed at the CCTV… I could go on). Had I have even attempted to call the police or involve others I felt strongly that I would have been at best laughed at as a liar – at worst, well the attitude of the arresting officers said it all. These, and many many other occasions were my story and as such I have questioned the integrity of the “statistics” rolled out by the feminist movement. Reading this piece though – which is well written and backed up by real facts – it’s frighteningly deeper than just demonising men. It’s clearly as you mention an attack on the family unit. It’s tactic has been used historically as a control mechanism. Thank you for your brave work – my personal story is that I finally divorced my wife but the horrendous tragedy for me is that my children are now not speaking to me. At the beginning of this situation being the case (we were still talking somewhat at this point) they admitted that their mom had been logging onto their Facebook account and repeatedly deleting me as a friend and that “dad, it’s just not worth it for us, if your name is even brought up in conversation mom explodes with rage and makes it horrible for us for weeks” poor things. The work that you are doing is raising the profile of this issue invaluablly and fathers like myself felt alone in that we felt disbelieved by anyone in any kind of authority. Please keep up the good work, it helps.

  30. michael savell

    February 16, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    If the media were not so replete with feminists in all the executive positions
    this situation with regard to the male being relegated to second class status
    would never have arisen.The fact is that most of the executive powers in
    colleges and universities are also female so there are no peer reviews behind any of the figures they give to the feminists in the media and the latter are obviously too pleased to print them as established facts.On the odd occasion that they have been challenged you will find that the figures can all be traced back to a feminist organisation who will quietly inform you that the data has been lost or some other rubbish.In other words they can tell you what they like and you must swallow it or shut up,to do otherwise if you want to keep a job is suicide.This will go on and on until some part of mainstream media becomes worried about male suicides but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  31. Roger

    February 17, 2013 at 9:11 am

    I’m one of the men that has an ex that is stating I abused her, she’s scared that I’ll do it to my kids, she lied to me about her age I then got charged with sexual assault and still dated her, she has hit me several times leaving bruises etc… in her court document she explains how she cant believe that I’m so afraid of a frail little 18yr old woman and had to lock myself in the washroom several times.

    She has more lies and stories than Walt Disney!
    Every one of them are the furthest thing from the truth and she swore them into the court as truth. How does she get away with this ?
    I just dont understand… something has to happen.

  32. JZD

    February 17, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    What about the children and men killed by women in domestic environments – When do the female gender supremacists deal with that?
    They are NOT feminists but Female Gender Supremacists.

    There are 3 children a week killed by abuse/neglect.

    US Child Fatalities 2004 total 981
    Mother was the killer or involved in 63.3% of all child deaths
    Father was the killer or involved in 38.3% of all child deaths
    Mother Only 31.3%
    Father Only 14.4%
    Mother and Father 20.5%
    Mother, Father, and Other 2.2%
    Mother and Other 9.3%
    Father and Other 1.2%
    Administration for Children and Families (ACF), federal agency

    Perpetrators of Maltreatment
    Approximately two-fifths (38.8%) of child victims were maltreated by their mothers acting alone;
    another 18.3 percent were maltreated by their fathers acting alone.

    In 2007/08:
    There was 72 women killed by their partners –
    That is just under 1.4 women a week.
    There were 34 men killed by their partners –
    That is just under 0.7 men a week.

    Latest stats from the British Crime Survey 2009:
    ‘Men make up 40% (two in five) of the victims of domestic abuse.
    Nearly as many men as women (48% : 52%) had been victims of severe force perpetrated by their partner in 2007/08).
    34 men were murdered by a partner/ex-partner compared to 72 women. The ratio is 32% : 68% in 2007/08.
    Women accounted for ‘only’ 5.9% of those prosecuted for domestic
    violence in 2007/08.’

  33. Sean Kelly

    February 19, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    This is the time of year when the Domestic Violence Industry peddles preposterous lies, and invents spurious “statistics” to justify their huge levels of government funding. This policy of gender hatred gets no challenge from media commentators whatsoever,- despite all the evidence being out there to confront it head on. Indeed, there are well known commentators who have built careers out of demonising men to “get on the winning team”.
    On the rare occasions when a man can get airtime to discuss issues such as fatherhood, Family Law and the lack of paternal rights, or the absence of funding for research for into male suicide or male specific health issues, there is usually a feminist brought into the discussion to “give balance to the debate.” However when the shoe is on the other foot the only balance the debate gets is even more feminists on the panel to throw petrol on the flames!
    In demonising all men, every one of us who values, honours, and loves women is insulted and pilloried. As a man who feels blessed and cherished by the positive influence of the women in my life, I take extreme exception to feminist propaganda. I feel insulted, diminished as a human being, stigmatised and marginalised by their lies.
    “ I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more” –(Peter Finch from the movie “Network”).

    The outlandish ” One in four” myth has been swallowed wholesale by the media and is confidently trotted out as “proven fact”!
    Dr. Joseph Goebbels, head of Germany’s “Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” invented the Nazi philosophy of – Tell a big enough lie often enough, then no matter how outlandish it may initially appear, people will begin to believe it, particularly when you are able to silence any voice of reason capable of mounting a challenge and opposing it. (In case anyone is interested this is precisely how feminist propagandists earned the title “FEMINAZI”)

    The biggest and most comprehensive study in history into domestic violence ( of 16,000 respondents in the sample group), was conducted by the British Home Office and published by a researcher called Catriona Mirrleese-Black. – Home Office Research Study 191
    (…/rds.homeoffice…/hors191.pdf )

    • The report states that in the previous ten years 4.2%of women had reported that they had experienced some level of domestic abuse from a partner, and (wait for it…) 4.2% of men had experienced some level of domestic abuse from a partner in the same period.
    • The most violent relationship statistically for a woman be in is a lesbian relationship.
    • Men are much less likely to report domestic violence to the police, (where they are the victims), than women. The conclusion drawn by the survey is that it is likely that there is a high level of unreported male victims of domestic violence suffering in silence.
    • On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 would be shouting and ten would be violent death, men, as perpetrators, were more likely than women to be in the lower end of the spectrum, whereas men as victims of female violence were more likely to be in the higher end of the spectrum..

  34. Ben James

    February 19, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    extraordinary. This is a extrardinary example of the media being brave, and outspoken and daring to give voice to something that has been constantly silenced by the establishment for over 20 years. Well done Cornwall Community News! If only the wider media had this courage.

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  36. robbie

    December 8, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    what about the abuse dished out on a daily basis by the establishment.politicians ,lawyers,judges police ,social workers abusing kids in CARE everyday and all covering each others backs.they are such hippocrates demonizing the public when they are up to no good in private and get away with it because they own the system.all propagandaand part of a bigger agenda

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