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Corporate toymaker the Early Learning Centre have been forced to apologise after their PRs put out a ‘crass and offensive’ tweet denigrating fathers.

The childish swipe at fathers came in this meme – broadcast abobve the highly profitable chain’s easily recognisable corporate logo.


The sick remarks sparked immediate complaints from angry parents.

Civil rights group and fathers rights campaigners Fathers for Justice posted an official complaint – and the ELC reacted swiftly.

Early Learning Centre UK said: “We truly are sorry and can assure you that it wasn’t our intention to cause any upset. The post has now been removed.”

The ELC’s bungling sexism comes at a time that pioneering agency M&C Saatchi is picking up on a backlash to nasty, anti-male and anti-father adverts.

The advertising giants Australian bureau published research last year suggesting advertisers were wholly out of touch with reality, and with public feeling about men and fathers.

Since then a number of big brands have run with positive campaigns celebrating fatherhood.

There’s a full rundown, and an excellent piece of well-researched journalism on the issue, HERE, in the Daily Telegraph.

F4J Campaign Director Nadine O’Connor said, “We welcome the swift apology by the Early Learning Centre and the removal of the offending post.”

“We hope the real lesson ELC will learn is that fathers are not there to be denigrated, but to be valued in the lives of their children.

“This should be reflected in future social media posts and advertising by the Early Learning Centre.”

Fathers Rights campaigner Rich Adams told CCN: “I’m glad the ELC have apologised to the Fathers for Justice group and I hope they’ll take steps to ensure offensive material like this doesn’t get put out in their name again. At best it is a tasteless message to be broadcasting.”

He explained: “It’s a question of context. People should be free to say whatever they like and make whatever lame, smug, unfunny remarks they wish.

“But imagine a corporation publicised the same sort of silly, self-satisfied jibe about Jewish people, black people or homosexuals.

“It would be sickening rather than funny – because of the oppression and persecution those groups have suffered.

“We’re in the middle of a male suicide epidemic, caused entirely by the oppression of men as a gender. And the worst form of that oppression is the inhuman abuse of fathers and their children by the so-called ‘family courts’. Which makes the ELC’s poster cowardly, cruel and thoroughly tasteless.

“Wives may privately chide their husbands jokingly they do all the childcare, and although of course this is no longer true at all, that may be harmless natural banter.

“But broadcasting a meme publicly to that effect over your business logo stating that men have no role as fathers is endorsing systematic discrimination. It’s a world apart.

“It’s the difference between a matey pinch or punch at home – and kicking a man when he’s down in the street. This meme was disgusting, and hopefully no more such wretched remarks will be seen from the ELC.”

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    August 19, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Off topic: What gripes with me is how some baby changing facialties are located within female toilets.

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