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pix show Tony and Erica on social media

A law abiding local man’s been given a criminal record by fanatically ‘politically correct’ Cornish police officers – for having a row at home with his girlfriend.

Tony Goodman and his partner Erika Berryman had an argument at their St Austell home which led to the disturbing court case against Tony.

The 40 year old businessman’s been branded a violent wife-beater, with a record of assault, despite Erika protesting his innocence.

Police ignored her pleas, dismissing her insistence she played an equal part in the private argument in the couple’s home by being ‘very drunk’ and lashing out.

Instead a trial followed, in which anonymous evidence was accepted by Magistrate Mark Pilgrim, who single handedly found Tony guilty, without the assistance of a jury.

Tony is a high profile figure in the community of St Austell and he and his partner openly celebrate their relationship on social media.

His fateful brush with Britain’s new ‘domestic violence’ laws began in the early hours of January 25th this year.

At the couple’s home Ms Berryman got extremely drunk, turned up a blaring TV set and shouted abuse when asked to turn it down.

In response Mr Goodman tried to drag his girlfriend up to bed.

He later told police the incident boiled down to his “trying to stop a drunk woman from stumbling around the neighbourhood in a nightie and a pair of jodphurs.”

But an anonymous informant, whose identity was shielded in court, called the police.

The court was told the witness claimed in a telephone call: ‘He’s beating her up’.

It’s increasingly common now for the witness evidence in a court to come from the arresting officer.

This authoritian outrage has gone widely unremarked by the chattering classes, but author Kevin Rooney has unearthed shocking examples of its being abused to criminalise young men who are sports fans.

We don’t know if the evidence against Tony came from a police officer or not.

Some of the officers admitted to the court when they turned they found Erika ‘obviously drunk’.

But they took no action against her- and instead arrested and interviewed Tony.

He told them what had happened and Erika said she didn’t want to press any charges.

Ignoring them both, the police, following new guidelines set by ideological feminists, went ahead with a costly court case, at public expense.

They relied on the evidence of anonymous ‘informants’.

One unnamed witness gave a statement that made no grammatical sense at all.

Parts of it surfaced in court. As you can see, it’s compromised almost exclusively of ‘PC’ domestic-violence-speak.

The statement read: “He was being very belittling, he said she was making a fool of herself and needed to cover up.”

“He was able to switch from being so aggressive to his partner to acting very normally and nicely.”

This – the anonymous informant added in their police statement, they found: “very disturbing”.

Police statements are written by, and often edited by, police officers. Because the evidence above is anonymous, there is a possibility it may in fact have originated from a police officer.

On the basis of this statement, the police decided that Erika Berryman was so ‘in fear’ of her partner they needed to prosecute him for her against her will.

That didn’t stop them phoning ‘in fear’ Ms Berryman after they’d charged her boyfriend with beating her up – so she could pick him up from the police station.

So she drove there, the couple went home together, and have by all reports lived happily ever after, despite the concerted efforts of the police and courts to end their relationship. The pictures above were posted publicly by the pair on their popular social media page.

There was no suggestion at any time during the chilling court case that Mr Goodman hit his girlfriend.

The full extent of the evidence as to her injuries relied on an anonymous witnesses claim she had a ‘golf-ball sized’ bruise on her arm.

The informants evidence amounted to Mr Goodman shouting at his partner, after she hurled abuse at him and refused to turn down a blaring television set.

They said he pushed her and tried to drag her upstairs.

The court ordered Mr Goodman to pay the £620 of public money the CPS had spent on the case, a £15 ‘victim surcharge’ and gave him a lifelong criminal record.

‘Domestic Violence’ laws introduced under a series of feminist Governments have given the police and the CPS the power to go into your home at any time under any pretext and prosecute and convict you of any crime they decide you are guilty of.

Their chief purpose is to incentivise family breakdown by expelling men from family homes, thereby forcing them to resort to the ‘family courts’ in order to see their children, and so keeping the ‘family law’ industry going.

Western ‘Domestic Violence’ laws are now recognised as being amongst the most intolerant, prejudiced, undemocratic and absurd in the Western world.

The new laws were introduced by establishment radical feminists, known on internet forums colloquially as ‘feminazis’. Their eager employment by politicised police officers looks set to criminalise a fresh generation of men.

Local police are in the main resigned to the oppressive new legal system, or chauvinistically endorse it.

Few regional officers would discuss the case on or off the record, but one told us: “It’s not worth doing anything about. It’s career suicide to complain.”

Read more about the erosion of civil rights and the democratic jury law system and what you can do about it HERE

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  1. Jenny Trennelly

    July 13, 2014 at 10:01 am

    To echo those infamous words ”The Law is an Ass ” !! The whole flaming world has gone nuts !! Erica did NOT make a complaint so why oh why take the words of an interfering and clearly obnoxious neighbour ?? The whole judicial system should be ashamed of themselves for letting this escalate as far as it did – NO CASE TO ANSWER – should never have gone to court !! Hold your head up high Tony and Erica – hope your neighbour thinks twice next time about interfering in matters that do not concern them !!

  2. Graham Coad

    July 13, 2014 at 10:18 am

    This is not new law, just current policy using old laws. He will have been charged with “Assault causing actual bodily harm” (ABH) because of the bruising he caused. This and other assault laws come under the Offences Against the Person Act of 1861!

    Under these laws, it is not the assaulted person who is the complainant BUT the state, the Queen say, who gives rise to the court case because “one of the queen’s subjects has been assaulted” This is why court actions occur without a complaint from the assaulted person.

  3. Adam Harris

    July 13, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Scandalous waste of time, money and a person’s reputation and future. I know Tony, he is a decent guy, Erika told a lot of his friends that the accusations weren’t true … but the prosecution went ahead anyway.

    Still, we know that other things are in the pipeline over this, and it looks like the whole episode is just another underhand tactic by those who don’t want Coyte Farm to go ahead and improve our town … no names but it will all come out one day, you can be sure of that.

  4. admin

    July 14, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Thanks Graham, very interesting and informative – and we stand corrected. Your synopsis of ‘current policy using old laws’ is the over-riding issue for any journalist…’current policy’ and its unjust nature being what we seek to highlight and expose. We welcome all reader comments, particularly informative corrections, many thanks.

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