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Rosie Ward from Redruth is chairwoman of UKIP’s Camborne, Redruth and Hayle branch. She wants people to vote for the anti-establishment party at the next election. Here she explains why

The adults see it, mostly.

The gradual erosion of our human rights; the EU imposing laws on olive oil, cinnamon whirls – the EU even find it fitting to strangle small businesses with the most ridiculous regulations.

Such regulations cost the taxpayer around £18 billion a year, only a fraction compared to the total cost of our EU membership, approximately £120 billion per year.

Not only does this cost strangle our economy, but it strangles the wealth creators of our country – the business people, who contribute massively towards our GDP, and allow us to sustain the welfare state, as well as our membership to the EU.

However, these facts remain an issue of disillusionment among young people, especially those aged 16 and over.

Of course, the EU affects the daily habits of the young people already, eroding their rights slowly. The costly “Fight against Tobacco” by the EU has caused a polarisation between young smokers and non-smokers.

Rather than promoting a libertarian attitude towards smoking, the left-wing has used students to impose their anti-smokers views onto other students, hence the now-popular term, “dirty smoker”

Rather than allow freedom of choice, the EU and pro-EU parties have indoctrinated the majority of young people with pro-regulation and anti-freedom views.

Pseudo-science even comes into it – such as the so-called “evidence” regarding passive smoking.

This may well be true, but it is certainly exaggerated to look even more dangerous than alcohol.

This simply bends and manipulates scientific evidence to support the left-wing view.

The EU has also called for the banning of strongly-flavoured cigarettes and filters, such as menthol flavouring.

These are popular among young people. In this way, the rights of the young people are being eroded daily.

Rather than being encouraged to make choices with what they want to do with their bodies, the EU are telling them what to think., rather than challenge authority.

Glenis Wilmott, Labour leader in the European parliament, said: “Cigarette packets should look like they contain a dangerous drug, rather than perfume or lipstick”.

And yet, alcohol comes in many varieties – “alcopops” such as WKD, which dilute the taste of strong, dangerous alcohol and promote under-age drinking.

This is pure and utter hypocrisy – if the EU really cared for young people, they would encourage freedom of choice, responsibility and true tolerance of the habits of others, rather than this indoctrination by the “nanny state”.

As well as this, the EU have recently sought to ban the use of e-cigarettes of those under 18.

I respect the choice of many 16-18 year olds to stop smoking tobacco and smoke e-cigarettes instead, and promote their freedom to smoke these wherever and whenever they choose.

This EU directive has promoted the reverse of what they have sought to achieve – rather than providing an alternative to tobacco, such as the e-cigs, the alternative has been banned, so many young people fail to see the benefits of quitting smoking.

E-Cigs are meant to help people quit, like any other nicotine product (such as patches).

This shows that the EU have a hidden agenda – rather than promote (and give people the choice to) quitting smoking, all they wish to do is clamp down on our rights.

This hidden agenda may be correspondent with the huge amount of tax revenue that the government gain from cigarette tax.

The banning of these e-cigs have disgruntled the young people, but they still continue to submit to the EU.

The idea that right-wing parties are fascist is becoming old. In fact it is the EU and left-wing who bare authoritative qualities, such as the 2007 anti-tobacco laws, which saw the prevention of smoking in public places, namely, pubs.

This saw a decline in the number of pubs in Britain, and an increase in the popularity of supermarket-sold alcohol.

People chose to smoke and drink in the comfort of their own home, rather than take it away from the home and in an adult atmosphere such as a pub or bar.

As well as this, the 2007 laws saw the prohibition of the purchase of cigarettes for 16 year olds – yet another right taken away from the teenagers.

I blame both the smoking ban and the supermarket monopoly of alcohol, both of which have been allowed and encouraged by the EU, who seek to appease big businesses/corporates rather than their people.

The continued persecution of smokers with these laws has caused another, more pressing issue to rise – the use of marijuana.

The more rules imposed on smokers, the more the young people passively turn against the authority and turn to more dangerous drugs.

But, the EU still fail to address the true “war on drugs”, and yet totally reject the idea of legalizing them.

Continuing the war on drugs only promotes a black market and consistent illicit activity.

Overall, the “war against tobacco” is merely a façade for the EU to keep paying themselves extortionate wages and reduce the free will of the people.

Rosie Ward

Note to readers: Yes, like all the other papers, we got the various emails smearing Rosie simply because she’d been to a party and written on Facebook that she’d had to clear up ‘baccy and weed’ afterwards. This may excite David Montgomery’s sexism machine, move the earth for agency staff with the moral compass of concentration camp guards and raise the daintily plucked eyebrows of lucked out secretaries playing hack and filling space online in the early hours but as you’ll see from the screengrab below – neither we or the general public give a flying f**k if Rosie smokes pot or not.

Rosie UKIP support j

We care about things like this and this, and we think everyone else does too. In fact, so great is the hatred for the war on drugs and so sick are the general public of prurient distraction and bogus moralising in place of f**king journalism and news reporting, we reckon a really clever PR would have put the story out to boost Rosie’s profile and popularity rather than diminish it. Grow up and do something worthwhile monkeys. You’re going to go bust and die pointless

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8 Responses to UKID

  1. T Harold Graham

    May 2, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    What on earth are UKIP doing appointing a 17 year old as Branch Chairman? Yes, she probably has been to drugs parties and so on, but come on, the girl is not even old enough to vote! What does she really know of the world? Nothing! UKIP may bash Lenny Henry but in fact they are more like one of his comedy shows!

  2. Catherine Elvey

    May 3, 2014 at 12:47 am

    This is all over the place. I know you claim to be fighting fascism, but a teenage UKIP enthusiast one week, a bash at single mothers a few weeks before, and then an interview with Iain Joseph, who predominantly helps single mothers… Yes, the idea that fascism is right wing is an outdated one, but inconsistency is a political ill across the spectrum.

  3. admin

    May 3, 2014 at 12:48 am

    Well, we don’t feel it’s inconsistent. No-one has had a bash at single mothers ever at CCN. Mothers, fathers, you name it, should be free to be single or together as they wish. The fact is that the political establishment has made working class men a social underclass and middle class women a bureaucratic ruling class. To do that they’ve discriminated across the board against all men and in favour of all women. In doing so they’ve abolished jury law, ended freedom of speech, put the nail in the coffin of a malingering free press, created an independent secret police with powers over-reaching that of the civilian police and fostered an atmosphere of group insanity and hysteria not seen since the days of Matthew Hopkins. Central to all of this has been their deification of single mothers and vilification of single fathers, much in the way – sorry to invoke Godwins Law already, but there’s a reason for Godwins Law which is that people need shocking into sense sometimes with dramatic parallels – much in the way Hitler (literally) deified the Aryan Germans; much in the way the Aryan Germans were, once, for a fairly short time, mistreated, and so were convincingly portrayed as victims for the decades during which they clearly constituted a vicious and oppressive ruling class. ‘Having a bash’ at the way the state funds and promotes family seperation by throwing tons of money and generally rewarding mothers who split up from their partners is not the same as ‘having a bash’ at single mothers. The single mothers who celebrate this system of discrimination and often gloat in its rewards become its most unpleasant adherents, and deserve all the, largely unvoiced and censored, criticism they worked so hard to earn. There are a tiny minority of ‘single mothers’ to whom the very idea of involving state officials in their personal seperations, or harming their children by excising their fathers from their lives, is anathema. Just as there were a tiny minority of Sudeten Germans who were genuinely hard done by and aggrieved and simply wanted national determination. But precious few. And that doesn’t excuse the horrific behaviour of the rest, in their cruelty to their fellow man, and even more sickeningly, in the modern example, to their children. With men forced more and more into suicide – forced suicide being a phenomenon first recognised in this Century amongst Jewish people in Germany in the early days of the Reich (by the Manchester Guardian) – any media outlet that will turn the tables, stand up for the oppressed and deride, mock and attack their persecutors, is only doing its bit to relieve unacknowledged victims from the constant and often unbearable psychological assault of the misandrist propaganda churned out every minute of the day by scum like the BBC, the self-censored advertising stations, and all the rest of them. So you can stick the ill-considered judgement that the paper has ‘had a bash at single mothers’ where the sun doesn’t shine.

    As for Iain Josephs – it is absolutely true that he has a complete blind spot when it comes to single fathers, and appears to fall for anything any single mother, however batty, tells him about their ex. He shares this with John Hemming and has a typical chivalric streak, borne partly no double of biological necessity, but mainly of upbringing (Iain is 84, John will not see fifty again, and both are Oxford educated and upper class). None the less, these are two people who have dedicated their entire lives to – as you put it ‘fighting fascism’. The fact that it has taken the (inevitable) extension of state oppression to the people it chose to provide the fodder for its political patronage – single mothers – is a reflection of two things. History, which works like that (to provoke Godwin again, whilst the Reich oppressed only its disposable enemies (‘minorities’), no-one outside of the extreme left breathed a word of complaint. Many others of course famously gushed their support. It took the destruction of first other white European and finally the German people themslves – the people the Nazis suckered into support with patronage – for mainstream opinion to turn against Naziism, which was originally incredibly trendy, being a bastardisation of the coolest ideas of the time: Californian eugenics, futurism, high tech and so on). Secondly it’s a reflection of the chilling reality that men, who in previous societies have naturally been seen as so dominant (being physically stronger, and having many now vilified ‘male’ psychological characteristics that equip them to lead effectively, to create inventively, and generally to be at the head of a society) that to claim that as a gender they might be persecuted and oppressed seemed laughable (the very instinctive reaction feminazis stoke now of course), are as we write this, all around us, being subjected to one of the worst pogroms in history. Look at the lucid, admirably unhysterical comments that come in to just this relatively small site saying so. Look at how the advent of online has turned the comments section on an article into the first point of reference – and how such sections repeatedly, laboriously, and to such popular approval, make this same otherwise censored point, often in objection to more transparent misandrist propaganda.

    There is no conflict in attacking a fascist establishment, and celebrating a dissident because – rather than champion the cause of the original target of that establishment – in this case, men – he champions the cause of the women who are also, often horribly, persecuted by the same vicious, often certifiably insane officials.

    The idea that fascism is right wing not just an outdated one, but was from its inception a completely invented myth, propagated by the left as a natural, extreme reaction to the deeply embarrassing fact that Hitler was a socialist, whose chief rivals were Communists, (that’s why he went for them first), and that Naziism was and always remained a socialist movement, whose supporters identified themselves as socialists. The Nazis much-trumpeted collusion with the Catholic Church was no more relevant that Ken Livingstone’s hob-nobbing with the Queen. In fact right-wing Catholics have arguably the finest record of anti-Naziism, often of martyrdom to the Nazis, than anyone else.

    Lastly, you say “inconsistency is a political ill across the spectrum.”

    This just a word salad. Are you saying that all politicians change their spots? That’s some cliche. If you’re accusing the site of pandering to multiple dissident or anti-establishment causes – of course we are, only pandering doesn’t come into it – we’re promoting them. Such causes should find common ground. Have you never heard the phrase ‘divide and rule’? If UKIP gain power, and find that their continued tenure of office starts to depend upon how rapidly they can abolish social services, or dismantle the ‘family courts’, (not that they’ve made any pledges of any kind on either subject), don’t you feel it’s more likely, mixed up as they are with anti-establishment feeling, that they might end up facing advisors who tell them this could be exactly how the Tories lost power to them – by reneging on all their promises of reform? Isn’t it more likely that a teenager – who has grown up under the tyrannical rule of an anti-family establishment – might promote such reform within her party? And even if UKIP are as conformist as the other parties on domestic civil rights (in which case, they will lose office) – wouldn’t you rather deal with someone like Rosie Ward, who is at least thinking independently, than some f**king self-interested automaton? If someone is actively thinking then you can change their mind. A career politician you have to threaten or bribe. And an oppressed social group have no leverage over the latter, making more and more misery and bloodshed inevitable. Anything that contributes to ending that is good.

  4. Simon Smith

    May 3, 2014 at 10:42 am

    I think you’ll find that it isn’t just the fact that this under aged little girl represents a repulsive political party or the fact that she openly admits to being involved in illegal activity. The furore started with her comments about the Cornish being made a national minority, “laughable” “should not be embraced or celebrated” and “undemocratic” are three of her quotes as well as her mocking of a Cornish councillor. The fact that the EU had nothing to do with this announcement shouldn’t be forgotten either.
    To summarise a teenager who can’t vote, indulges in illegal behaviour isn’t Cornish and represents a political party that is just one notch above the BNP should not and I quote ” be embraced or celebrated”!

  5. Craig Weatherhill

    May 3, 2014 at 11:25 am

    As I understand it, the lady is actually from London and only moved to Redruth fairly recently. She also, in her capacity with UKIP, shamefully attacked the long-overdue decision to include the Cornish people in the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities as “undemocratic, laughable and should not be enbraced or celebrated”. It’s interesting that UKIP itself has not seen fit to make any further comment on this. Hardly a good move in view of impending elections.

  6. Andy P

    May 3, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    UKIP are becoming utterly outrageous. For heaven’s sake. Why is a 17 year old child involved with politics at this level? Raging hormones, still at college? Makes you really wonder what the other candidates for the post were like! Give the job of being Branch chairman to an adult! UKIP are an utter disgrace and racists as well.

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  8. Patrick Semmens

    January 10, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Fancy coming from London, living in Redruth and being anti Cornish.
    Poor girl at 17 she has got more to learn than most and seeing a large proportion of our money is ending up in London and Ukip have great belief in the free market a lot more is about to go.
    When the London metal market collapsed and Geevor and South Crofty closed Nigel Farage worked at the Metal Market.
    Having said all that if you are about to take,. it wont be from your best friend so perhaps she hasn’t got much to learn.

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