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A balding Tory-boy who scraped in to represent Camborne and Redruth has issued a drivelling excuse for his partys broken promises on ‘family court’ reform.

George Eustice, the Cameron crony who runs posh Trevaskis Farm near Hayle, wrote back to a campaigning Dad refusing to sign up for kids rights in Parliament.

In a signed letter to Camborne man Wayne Pryor Eustice backs out of taking a stand against Britain’s reviled ‘family courts’, whingeing “Members of the Government do not, by convention, sign any Early Day Motions’.

He then penned four paragraphs of ‘Party Line’, insulting parents, and undermining the principle of respect for family life.

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The shameful missive, on headed House of Commons paper from Eustice’s Westminster office, concludes “(The Government) will not entitle parents to a ‘right’ to contact with a child”.

Eustice, whose ‘mate’ Dave made him Fisheries Minister last year, ‘ whimpered that he couldn’t sign the EDM as it ‘was likely to breach the ministerial codes rules on collective responsibility’

He’s signed four early day motions in his brief parliamentary career

One was about ‘Buzz the Little Honey Bee’.

One was to mark the Tenth anniversary of British Sign Language.

One was Jamie Oliver’s ‘Fish Fight’ Campaign and a fourth was to ‘deplore the shooting of Hares’.

Father of four Wayne, 39, said: “I was shocked by my MPs cowardice.

“His support for closed, undemocratic courts is either moronic or unprincipled.

“Either he doesn’t understand simple facts his electorate do, or he doesn’t care about them or their families.”

It’s actually a lie that a Cabinet Minister can’t sign an EDM.

Parliament has protocols, but is essentially a democratic free-for-all. Signing an EDM isn’t corrupt or wrong, and a Minister can sign one if they like.

They’d just have to show some balls – by risking the reproval of their cabinet colleagues, and the Prime Minister.

To date an impressive 101 other MPs from across the political spectrum have added their names to the long overdue call for reform, put forward by populist independent MP George Galloway

The Indy MP proposed the motion in accord with family campaigners, who have been betrayed by Eustice’s party, which reneged on specific promises of massive reform of the ‘family courts’ to get elected.

Galloway acted after hearing from Devon girl Rosy Stanesby about how corrupt Judge David Tyzack had wrecked her childhood.

Tyzack made countless rulings barring her from seeing her father Jonathan on the basis it was ‘in her best interest’.

Galloway’s EDM doesn’t even change the existing bad law it complains of.

It just puts an MPs support for families on the record, and notes that they agree that non-democratic courts are wrong, harmful to children, and biased against fathers.

For Cornwall, Lib Dems Steve Gilbert and Andrew George have both signed the EDM.

In his one page letter supporting the corrupt court system Tory Eustice makes a series of insulting and demeaning inferences, undermining the parental link with children.

He admits the ConDem Coalition’s new ‘Children and Families Act’ will change nothing – promoting shared parenting only when officials deem it ‘appropriate’

And he whinges that social workers and officers of the secret ‘family’ courts should only let a child see its parents once they’ve decided that’s “safe” and “consistent with the childs welfare”.

In 2013 a court decided it was “safe and consistent with a childs welfare” to drug a pregnant mother, cut her open, and take the child into state care.

This month well-respected Cornish father Christopher Hines-Randle was made homeless and driven to the point of murder because that was ‘consistent with his childs welfare’

Earlier this year another Cornish father was jailed because he tried to avenge himself on a local social worker who took his children.

Eustice’s letter rapidly deteriorates into a paen to the discredited ‘interest of the child’ principle.

The bogus legal caveat is universally acknowedged as a contrived lever by which officials are given the legal right to abuse children and families at will.

Plymouth man Mark Harris was jailed in the ‘interest of his children’ because he waved to them.

His daughters all now live with him, after growing up and effectively turning their backs on the mother who dragged them through the ‘family court’.

And Cornwall’s ever growing family court induced suicide epidemic amongst men stems entirely from court decisions made ‘in the interest of the child’.

Eustice has no children.

The squat, balding Tory began a highly publicised relationship with his secretary in 2008.

The petite MP was then working as David Cameron’s PR – a post he handed over to Andy Coulson, presently on corruption trial.

He and Katy Taylor Richards married last year – not in Cornwall – but at the Houses of Parliament.

The press were bombarded with pictures.


The Tory Party are currently embroiled in an gay sex expenses scandal.

It’s emerged Eustice’s party paid from the public purse for a hotel room in which a senior official had a gay gang-bang with younger men.

The Conservative Solicitor General did nothing when told.

If you want to tell George Eustice what you think about his support for undemocratic justice, you can email him in a second by just clicking HERE . If you can’t open Outlook just paste into your webmail.

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2 Responses to VOTE HIM OUT!

  1. Sevenoakes

    April 19, 2014 at 8:44 am

    “For Cornwall, Lib Dems Steve Gilbert and Andrew George have both signed the EDM.”

    Gilbert and George – I like it!!

    As for EUstice….

  2. Kip Miller

    April 21, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    All, Under the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child to it is stated that children have the ‘right from birth’ to be ‘cared for by his or her parents’. This convention was adopted by the UK Parliament on 15 January 1992. kip

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