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Ian Josephs is a crucial figure in the civil rights movement that rose up in Britain in the second half of the 20th Century and is presently at boiling point.

This week CCN is pleased to air the first in a series of interviews with Ian about his work, and the UK’s faltering democracy.

A Conversation with Ian Josephs from CornwallCommunityNews on Vimeo.

Ian first encountered ‘forced adoption’ – a phrase he coined – in the 1960s, when he served as a councillor in Kent.

From the outset of dealing with his very first case – of a boy stolen from his mother and forced to attend a costly ‘special school’ owned by the leader of the Labour council – he’s been fearless in standing up for the increasing number of families targeted by fanatical ‘social workers’.

CCN travelled to France and recorded the only existing in-depth video interview with Ian, who’s now 84, and who in his lifetime has seen open justice and democratic law in Britain completely eroded by the hated ‘secret state’ – comprising as it does of secret and unaccountable social services departments, operating through secret courts such as the ‘family court’ and the ‘court of protection’.

As the ‘Coalition Government’ this week propose outrageous new laws allowing the jailing of parents under the SS’s nefarious ’emotional harm’ mantra that has facilitated appalling abuses of power, we present an exclusive series of conversations with Ian, in which he discusses openly the full scale of Britain and the US’s civil rights scandal, naming names and lucidly revealing the corrupt motives, and sociopathic mindset, of those responsible.

We hear the inside story of the appalling Alessandra Pacchieri scandal: a sickening tale of how an Italian mother was incarcerated, sedated, and cut apart for her baby by British officials simply because she flew into a rage at a hotel counter.

We hear how as long ago as the early 1960s local council leaders were profiting from locking children up in care homes they themselves owned – and at which allegations of sick abuse by pederast staff abounded.

Finally we compare Britain and the US with the relatively free European continent, and look to the future: whether the guilty will ever be brought to open justice, and how freedom can be restored.

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  1. Sabine McNeill

    April 5, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    WELL DONE! Thank You!

    Have put the link on


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  3. margaret martin

    March 18, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    I am a grandmother of my daughters 2 kids. Long story short. After 10 yrs of looking after the kids I became quite ill and really all I needed was a good rest. I asked for 3 months break and ss kept the kids. I had full access to them even took them on holiday to my brother in America, paid for by him. Meantime kids were complaining about foster carer. I dared to complain about her saying kids were being bullied by her and afraid of her. A day or so later my grandkids were taken into a room with 2 social workers and this foster carer and told to say they were afraid of me. So blatant lie and ss must have been aware kids were too afraid to say anything else. I had a bit of a breakdown which lasted around 4 years. I wasnt hospitalised but I was blue in the face trying to get someone to listed to the fact that these were lies by these workers. I know it was easier for ss to tell me to do one than take kids from this woman and place them elsewhere and then investigate this carer. So they left them with her until my grandson had to make up an excuse to leave her by saying he wanted away from his sister.! The day he left they put his sister out as well. I needed help about the lies and no lawyers wanted to take on ss. Thank you for email is If there is anyone who knows a solicitor or human rights or similar that would take on my case I would be most obliged. The 17 yr old is ready to talk about what happened but the 14 yr old has been kept from her whole family and is afraid to talk to anyone as she knows anything she says will go straight back to them. During my breakdown (which was me sending emails to everyone and anyone I thought would listen but to no avail) brought on by ss I was so sick of this so called senior ss workers lies that I sent him an email telling him if wasnt for him using our family to keep him in a job he would be long term unemployed. THIS is why ive been stopped seeing my grandaughter because I insulted the ss worker because of all the lies he was telling. They can say whaty they like and get away with it but anything we say gets torn apart. They pick on vulnerable families. There are some tyhey are afraid of so they leave them alone. I believe the are narcs and sociopaths.xx

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