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An elderly scouse surfer who sports a St Pirans flag on his board has been caught on You Tube screaming at a longboarder to ‘F**k off back to England’.

The white-haired paddleboarder rams the national flag into his fellow surfer and after a torrent of abuse, then claims to be ‘local’ to the Cornish break he is surfing.

The paunchy Liverpudlian tells his target – who surfs with a web cam: “You drop in on me like that again and you won’t f””king surf here again.”

He then turns his paddle to ram into his fellow surfer, exposing a large St Pirans flag on his own paddleboard.

He raves on: “It was my wave.

“I was on the wave – now don’t do it again. Do it again and I’ll put you in fucking hospital I promise.”

You can watch the whole sorry saga here:

Half-way through the exchange, after berating the other surfer as a ‘tw*t and threatening to hospitalise him, he grunts in his broad scouse accent: ‘F*ck off back to England’

When his surprised victim asks: “Are you local?’, the older surfer snaps back ‘Yes I am’.

The clip’s racking up hundreds of You Tube hits already and looks set to go viral.

You Tuber ‘dramatic moments’ commented: “Basically, the guy who is having a little tizzy, must have been on the wave and then the long boarder also caught the wave.

“But, as “Surf Etiquette” goes, whoever is in the peak position and catches the wave first, has right of wave.

“People get far too wound up about things like this though – acting like this idiot is, is simply out of line.”

The general consensus of the altercation is that of an ‘aquatic douche-off’

But there’s also ongoing dispute over who was in the right and in the wrong.

Here’s some video of the ‘drop-in’ for surfing CCN readers:

Top surf site Magic Seaweed broke the story.

Their caustic narrative reads: “We can only assume that unaware of his exact location the SUP rider had perhaps drifted on a strong current from Wales.

“No doubt after sitting so far out the back he ended up on the wrong coast… ”

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3 Responses to F**K OFF BACK TO ENGLAND!

  1. Dave the Wave

    April 2, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    What a total prat.
    Emmit City

  2. Tam

    April 3, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    So, here we have an Englishman, telling a Cornishman to ‘go back to his own Country’?

    The English can be so nasty and unpleasant, can’t they?

    How ironic that the words come from one such.

    It’s hardly any wonder than Jack Straw MP and William Hague MP both warned of the dangers of the English a few years ago and of their propensity to nastiness and violence.

    I see they were at it in Paris yesterday with their Nazi salutes, EDL chants and awful St George flags.

  3. fizl

    August 3, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    It’s not a national flag, it’s a county flag…Tam, the cornish ARE English lol

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