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A political storm is brewing over Prince Charles plans to build a mini Poundury on green fields outside Truro.

CCN broke the news of the Duchy’s scheme last year.

Charles wants to build a housing estate – including a supermarket that will market his ‘Duchy Original’ biscuits – in the Tregurra Valley.

Since then Charles has started laying down his feudal claim to mining rights around St Day.

Nationalist group the Celtic League have instructed a local independent solicitor, to take up the cudgels against the Prince’s ‘bullying’ behaviour.

Now protest is springing up around Charles ‘Truro Poundbury’ plan – with waves of dissent on social media and angry protest signs flagging the marked site.

Charles Green Belt Development

Local comic ‘Kernow King’ Ed Rowe has voiced his dissent on social media, and talk is growing of protest.

Nationalist campaigner Mike Chappell said: “Many are saying it is time we stopped waving the little flags and cheering this man and his second wife on and stood up to him!

“Cornwall is our land, not his!”

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