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pix show Vicky Pollard from Little Britain, Heather Tabb from ‘Young Mums Will Achieve’, and Revd Mike Firbank of DISC Camborne

The council are trumpeting news of a multi-billion pound handout for teenage single mothers – in the same week a Cornish homeless centre is shutting down for lack of funds.

The authority is splashing out around a quarter of a million pounds of a 70 billion euro grant to promote and celebrate single motherhood – the overtly political ‘Young Mums Will Achieve’ drive.

The heavily subsidised social movement subsidises single motherhood and employs female political apparatchik as ‘advisors’ and ‘co-ordinators’.

But another local charity – Camborne’s ‘DISC’ drop-in, which has run for six years – is closing its doors because, they’ve been told, there is ‘no more funding available’.

DISC caters to the homeless, the drug-addicted, and anyone who can’t find food, shelter, or other kinds of support from the state or from their families.

Its organiser Revd Mike Firbank is an active community leader who took a public stance in 2013’s Make Camborne Safe’ controversy.

DISCs proclaimed mission was to be there for “whom nobody else wants to help”

Mike said in an open letter announcing the closure: “We have seen many people make amazing choices: secure full time employment, raise a family and so on.

“Over six years thousands of people have come to DISC. But it was clear from around Christmas time that there was no more funding available.

We sought many alternatives, but due to extensive funding cuts across the statutory sector (and therefore the charitable sector as well) there were no more avenues available.”

As Revd Firbank announced the closure of DISC, feminist Heather Tabb from Cornwall College St Austell was jetted out to deliver a workshop on ‘Active Inclusion’ in the ‘Young Mums Will Achieve’ event, at a costly conference in Brussels.

A council spokeswoman crowed: “Heather was invited to share information about how the scheme has helped to transform the lives of young women with colleagues from other European countries at the European Social Funding (ESF) conference held in Brussels.

“The conference, organised by the European Commission in conjunction with the Greek Presidency of the European Council, saw European Social Fund stakeholders from countries across Europe come together to discuss how best to use the €70 billion of ESF funding which is available during the period of 2014-2020.

“The conference, titled ‘Strengthening employment and social cohesion’, focused on how the Commission has aimed to simplify the use of the ESF, is committed more to gaining results and helping smaller beneficiaries to gain access to funding.”

She went on: “One of the programmes in Cornwall which has benefited from ESF funding over the last few years is the “Young Mums Will Achieve” project.

“Established by Cornwall Council in partnership with Cornwall College and crèche providers Fit ‘n’ Fun Kids Limited, the highly successful programme offers support to pregnant” and teenage mums aged between 14 and 19 years old all over the county.

“The project offers guidance and help with childcare and transport, in order to boost self-esteem, develop Maths and English skills and ultimately encourage young mums to progress onto further education or employment.

Heather said: “We were invited to take part in the workshop based purely on the accomplishments that we have made since the projects inception and were held up as an example of best practice to others”.

“The conference itself was an amazing experience to take part in and through meeting others involved in similar projects around Europe, you begin to understand the full extent of the benefits a programme like Young Mums Will Achieve can have on local young people”.

Andrew Wallis, the village councillor appointed head of ‘social care’ in the council shake up, and who, in the face of sickening corruption in his department has done nothing except fawn dizzily over the children his department regularly tears from their parents in the ongoing forced adoption scandal, said the Brussels conference was all ‘fantastic news’.

The full open letter from Revd Firbank reads:

It with much sadness that the Trustees of DISC, the Drop In & Share Centre in Camborne, have decided to close the project.

We have served many 1000’s of clients over 6 years – some of whom were the most vulnerable in our society and whom nobody else wanted to help. We have seen many make amazing choices and seen several secure full time employment, raise a family et al.

My personal thanks to so many who have helped us build and maintain DISC, especially the staff and volunteers. We also have many funders, over the last 6 years, to thank.My personal thanks also to Camborne Church and its Church Council for hosting DISC for 6 years amongst thefts, break-ins and an arson attack on the kitchen.

It was clear from around Christmas time that there was no more funding available. We sought many alternatives, but due to extensive funding cuts across the statutory sector (and therefore the charitable sector as well) there were no more avenues available to fund this particular type of community work. We looked at running a volunteer based service but took the decision that this involved too much risk to both the volunteer and the client.

The Trustees, therefore, with much sadness have made a final decision. At the end of March we will be inviting a number of people to a final celebration and then DISC will close.

Please think of and pray for all involved in this.
God bless

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