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pix show author Anthony Horowitz encouraging boys to read

Our state education system is disgustingly sexist.

It’s been made that way by stupid, selfish women spitefully picking on boys who dare to be bright.

Psychiatrists, counsellors, and other cretins have for the last thirty years been at the business end of pushing an odious agenda to punish intelligence and promote idiocy in over-funded, sexist schools whose sole social function is as gravy trains for female political apparatchik.

These wretched travesties of public institutions churn out previously wondering and intelligent boys as an unending line of insecure, angry, defensive, ghettoised youths.

By contrast, they promote girls at any cost, no matter how thick they may be. Girls who are bright of course are slip-streamed directly into a female elite. But not so bright boys.

When bright boys are neat they’re told they’re mentally ill; they probably have at least ‘mild OCD’. The girls aren’t. They’re told they’re neat.

When boys get highly interested in anything they’re told they’re mentally ill; they probably have ‘attention deficit disorder’. The girls aren’t. They’re told to concentrate.

And if the bright boys react to any of this persecution adversely – the persecution becomes overt: the female teachers are able to mark down the clever boys who’ve been provoked into being rude – because the teachers personal view of the pupil has been integrated into academic tests, (rendering the tests, of course, academically worthless). By the same token they can mark up nice girls who are thick – and will – because after all thick, passive pupils are less likely to be any trouble. Meanwhile slow boys, rather than being encouraged to speed up and build their minds – are at once tolerated and petted and patronised by these cynical, horrible women. They rather like a simple man in uniform. After all, you need a social class who’ll repair your Aga cooker after a hard days work at College. Just don’t bother them with any interesting ideas: after all they might grow up to build a flying boat – then there’ll be no-one to dig the garden and take the rubbish out.

Throw wild cards and red herrings like ‘dyslexia’ to this obnoxious mix; and the farce is complete. Dyslexia, by modern definitions, is a joke. It’s simply made-up.

Reading is difficult. I still find it difficult. But thank Christ I was taught so well it’s a difficulty that I now overome automatically (unless it’s Cormac blasted McCarthy).

Boys in post Grammar-school education are not so fortunate. In fact intelligent men born into the DSM era stand more chance of being exterminated than encouraged and celebrated

Kids aren’t stupid. They clock on to these things, whether adult society constructs a tabu around stating them or not. They’ll see the wood for the trees no matter what diversions you set up. They’re programmed to survive and succeed.

So God knows how many perfectly capable students today feign illiteracy to get presents. Students forums simply heave with youngsters asking what’s the best laptop they can get if their ‘needs assessment’ qualifies them for ‘DSA’.

But it’s not these ones that are the problem. Tragically, it’s any bright, more sophisticated, morally inclined students, and any slower, genuinely needy ones.

Slow students aren’t helped by the dyslexia scam. Their problem is literacy, and attempting to diagnose dyslexia in an illiterate student profits only the quack teacher spinning out their profitable, pointless sessions outside of class. By contrast it marginalises the slow student, who needs to be taught how to read, so they can put literacy behind them, and catch up, rather than misinformed that they’re dyslexic, and conveniently assured they will always find it difficult to read properly (and need a well-paid dyslexia advocate trailing alongside)

Bright, decent students meanwhile – at least those that are boys – God help them.

I’ve spoken to eight year olds who complain about their lessons. Who’ve read every woeful Jacqueline Wilson book on the shelves with distaste, bombard book-shops with demands for – privately, profitably published – teenage fiction, and regard their teachers as imbeciles.

Pig-eyed, atavistic, dinosaur feminists relish telling each other and anyone else who can bear to listen to their mentalist nonsense how men have trouble ‘adapting to their role in society’ today. That, they smugly lisp, is the real cause of the male suicide epidemic, of such an atrociously high male prison population, of such appalling male poverty.

It’s one of the ugliest, nastiest lies even these loathsome extremists have come up with.

Such boys – those brighter than the dumbed-down state education they’re forced through – grow into these men who we’re told have ‘trouble adapting to their role’ in society

Of course they don’t ‘have trouble adapting to their role’ at all. Because, thanks to institutionalised female sexism against men, there is no role for them.

There is simply nothing on offer for intelligent men because the ‘Nanny state’ – a harmless sounding colloqualism that actually means a matriachal society – does not want them.

In fact it wants rid. And it gets rid – literally – by killing them. They’re a threat. To a reign of injustice and stupidity.

It’s enough to make you angry. Angry enough to no longer care about the predictable, hilariously hypocritical screams of ‘male bigotry’ that publicising facts such as those above – facts we all know to be true – elicit from the establishment.

They’re just intolerant, loathsome little gits. I wouldn’t take any more notice of the ravings of some jack-booted donkey ranting about Jews in the 30s.

Apart from anything else, there’s also just not time to listen to them. I mean, our economy lunges impotently from crisis to disaster, because it’s run by the moronic produce of malfunctioning schools. And you can’t expect these dangerous, sheepish dolts to solve our financial troubles by axeing the one billion pounds a year the Government spends on the fake charities in which they themselves and their equally dense friends are employed can you? Or to upset the side-splittingly stupid equalities industry by axeing foreign aid that would screamingly obviously be better spent back home on Britain’s poor? What interest should they have in the poor anyway? They’ll never be poor, no matter how badly they perform – in fact – the worse the better. So why should they reduce tax, so that those not moulded by our appalling schools to join the blundering ‘third sector’ elite, those who either make real money for the economy, or fall by the wayside on to the minimum wage, don’t pay such crippling penalties to fund that same public sector?

We’ve reached a stage where no-one in public life has either the balls or the brains to stand up to the people who screw over the world – a tiny elite of financial dynasties who stand back laughing their heads off as student-union-socialists screw all classes of society and, each four years, serve up their manipulative masters a sacrificial political class so dense and docile they let disinterested power brokers treat entire societies as if we were compulsive gamblers at their private casino.

And the horrible irony of this is that, like some pregnant chav getting her uneducated boyfriend drunk, then winding him up and squealing at her deliberately uneducated feminazi patsy to hit her so she can blag a new council house, our matriachal society is likely to wind up creating the very monster that in its girlish neurosis it imagines the existence of: the phantom it presents as a cure-all scapegoat to anyone who dare to criticise its hideous behaviour. The extreme ‘right-wing’ (they’re not ‘right-wing’ at all of course – ‘right-wing’ is just the word the establishment use for ‘evil’).

All it needs is for their line at the casino to run out – the end of safety nets, the dawn of economic collapse.

Those young people who’ve cottoned on to the way big organisations like the IMF and the UN not only fail to function but often make the world worse, like to tell themselves that when this inevitable collapse really kicks in, we’ll all rise up banging kitchen utensils around Parliament and bring our antiquated, undemocratic system to an end.

They hold up the Icelandic Revolution as a paragon for those dissatisfied with an unjust status-quo.

But this isn’t Iceland. The ‘Icelandic Revolution’ is comparable in political terms to the election of Peter Davies in Doncaster.

And if no-one with good intentions has the balls to end our Weimar-style rule by incompetents, we’re far more likely to see the sort of desperate and unsavoury chaos brewing in Greece

Which would be the ultimate tragedy. A tragedy in which a generation of spineless, spiteful, nagging, self-pitying, fascist female bureaucrats-from-hell so persecuted and oppressed real liberals that they made their little fairy stories about wild, street-running, violent, male fascist thugs actually spring to life.

But -perhaps it won’t be that big a deal.

Like all real liberals I loathe tin-pot, no.1 haircut, cartoon ‘fascism’ as much as the real monster of bureaucratic fascism we live under. But in historical term – as far as I can see – this lot of callous, wretched clipboard wielding hate-mongers deserve all their outdated dreams of thuggish retribution to come true.

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  1. Rowan

    May 7, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Unfortunately it has to get a lot worse before getting better. And I mean ALOT worse. We may not see an improvement during our lifetimes because most people are still in denial….

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