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pix by Mike Chappell show Redruth Pirans

by Tony Leamon

On Saturday 1st March, something remarkable happened across Cornwall and in particular where I celebrated St Pirans Day – in Redruth. .

First hundreds, then thousands turned out to celebrate our national patron saint.

To see so many was astonishing.

People from all ethnic and national backgrounds, people of all colours, people of many differing religious beliefs, young and not so young.

I have never heard so many different languages spoken – Cornish, English, Polish, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish and more.

All these folks gathered in celebration of the great National Saint of Cornwall, an inclusive Saint and unlike some with warlike and aggressive overtones, a man of peace.

After the Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorseth and the Mayor of Redruth had made their short speeches, all these peoples gathered in the singing of ‘Trelawny’.

Some had tears in their eyes with pride.

St Piran brought the people of Redruth together that day.

This inclusive Cornish event was truly a wonder, a sign that Cornish culture is freely available to all, whether they be Cornish or from elsewhere.

Many could learn much from this for once again, the Cornish lead the way in community building and there is much benefit to be had from this.

Many congratulations to Redruth and to its Town Council and organisers of this event.

I feel nothing but a sense of pride having participated in this wonderful day.

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