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pix show Tim, his kids, court images, the picture Tim defaced, the picture the suffragettes defaced, and lackey Judge Alistair McCreath

A UK civil rights campaigner is on hunger strike in a British prison after a judge jailed him for six months for making a public protest.

Pro-democracy activist Tim Haries turned to direct action after spending seven years battling against the UK’s secret ‘family court’ system.

The reviled assizes are universally acknowledged as endemically corrupt.

MP John Hemming recently told BBC Panorama parents faced with family court actions were best advised to go into exile with their offspring.

For more than a decade the hated courts unelected, unaccountable judges have overturned Parliaments efforts to open them to the press and public.

Our MPs failure to impose constitutional reform means that human rights abuses still go unaddressed, because there are no juries, or public scrutiny.

Increasingly members of the public are turning to direct action, while often the unchecked abuses of so-called ‘family lawyers’ – actually court officials who rubber-stamp decisions – spill over into bloodshed.

Father of two Tim was denied his right to a family life by a series of tinpot judges and bogus lawyers who barred him from seeing his own children.

The 42 year old had no criminal record and had obeyed the law consistently, even when it denied him access to his family, instead seeking legal redress through the so-called ‘family court’.

Finally last year the anguished Dad scrawled the word ‘help’ on a picture of the Queen in Westminster Abbey, in a high profile stunt.

He pleaded not guilty despite admitting his protest when arrested.

Instead he explained how he was a peacable citizen, and that the legal establishment was to blame and he was its victim. He told the court his sole intent was to see his two daughters at any cost.

Two jurors held out until the end of the trial in refusing to convict, after which the judge ordered them to change their minds or he would accept a 10/12 ‘majority’ verdict.

After the narrowly achieved guilty verdict, Tims probation officer recommended that, as he was a political protestor, with no criminal record, community service would be the most appropriate sentence.

Instead, bent Judge Alistair McCreath, a crony of fat Tory hypocrite Kenneth Clarke, sentenced Haries to the maximum possible sentence – six months.

He told the court he thought the ruling would ‘deter others’.

But civil rights campaigners vowed to increase their protests.

As McCreath trotted out the tired line that secret courts serve ‘the interest of the child’, members of the public shouted ‘shame on you’ and ‘disgusting’.

Some went for the officials in the court and guards were called in.

Tim is now in the fourth day of his hunger strike. He’s taking water but refusing all food.

He said: “The Judge’s decision to ignore the Probation Service’s recommendation of a Community Service Order and replace it with a custodial sentence was political.

“I am a political prisoner. My only crime is fight to see my two daughters after being ordered to abandon them by the Family Courts.

“I love my children dearly. Neither they or I have done nothing to warrant such treatment by the courts and our government.”

Tim has made a final application through the closed ‘family courts’ to remove the randomly imposed legal ban on his seeing his two girls.

Campaigners said his hunger strike decision was personal.

F4J Campaign Director Nadine O’Connor said: “Tim thanks everyone for their support.

“We have sent him phone credit and are pressing on with trying to get an appeal lodged asap next week. More news as we receive it.”

Tim is in Wandsworth Prison. You can email him messages of support just by clicking HERE.

Better still write to:

Prisoner Number – A4278DD
Tim Haries
Wandsworth Prison
Heathfield Road
SW18 3HS

McCreath has chambers somewhere – in the meantime you can call the Sentencing Council he sits on on 020 7071 5793, or 020 7071 5792. Make sure you record the call so they can’t claim you abused them.

Better still – show this cretin McCreath how much his nasty little sentence will ‘deter’ the pro-democratic justice movement.

After all, the suffragettes, now lionised, slashed the Rokeby Venus, committed arson and set off bombs.

Not only was this protest group massively unpopular and widely derided at the time, but many of its members were unhinged anti-democrats who turned to swell the ranks of Mosleys’ fascist party.

By contrast, surveys show overwhelming support for the closure of the ‘family division’, a re-instatement of family and parental rights and the prosecution and imprisonment of the tyrannical divisions sadistic officials.

Even its chief is running for cover

CCN suggests that anyone facing the hated ‘family courts’ in their lives immediately contact us and go public, or engage in vigorous and high-profile civil disobedience.

Martin Luther King wrote that man has a “moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”. Secret courts – like the so-called ‘family’ courts – and secret state organisations which police citizens private lives – like ‘Social Services’ – constitute a system of unjust law.

After all, if the state is threatening to take your very children from you – there is nothing more they can do if you protest publicly – whether you deface public ‘art’, disrupt travel systems or more besides – except jail you. Jail is not as horrific as it is made out to be. A lot of what you hear is exaggeration or deterrent propaganda. And political prisoners are generally well treated and respected.

If you don’t take political action, violent or non-violent, you’ll find your justified anger will just come out some other way and destroy you and possibly others. Better to inflict it on those that deserve it.

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