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Today, Tim Haries is facing jail for defacing a portrait of the Queen.

The Queen cuts a pathetic figure, given that the courts which bear her stamp were so long ago turned to tinpot tyrannies by the abusive bigots who staff the so-called ‘family division’.

Tim Haries by contrast stands tall today – a hero to the millions who seek an end to social injustice, and of course to his long suffering daughters.

Tim told twelve jurors he wished to address the ‘social justice issue of our time’.

What is the issue? The deliberate creation of a male suicide epidemic. The institutionalised oppression of men and abuse of our children.

An issue everyone’s aware of but which dare not speak its name, for fear of assault by a self-censored press, a propagandising establishment, but most of all, a tyrannical, unchecked, unseen, and systematically abusive system of secret courts that has terrorised families for decades.

A tyranny whose overwhelmingly decent and law-abiding victims have tried to reform and abolish through legal means for almost half a Century.

Nothing. Every day of every year, the sociopathic apparatchik of the so-called ‘family division’ kill more and more and more men – (and those are just the cases which go to inquest, which the Coroner hasn’t buried, or our prejudiced ‘regional press glossed over or ignored), and nothing is done.

Instead every now and then one of the mentally ill animals who profit from this revolting political system reaps what they sow

This is not a way forward. Unless we are to see blood in the streets, what is needed is a bold and fearless campaign of civil disobedience until change comes.

The families of Britain are sick of being persecuted. We will not stand for it any longer.

Tim Haries went into court pleading not guilty – despite having told a policeman at the scene of his act of civil disobedience he was ‘guilty as charged’.

His supporters aren’t surprised it took a judge leaning on a hung jury to bring in a verdict of guilty on him all the same.

The court demanded the jurors view his case as one simply of a man breaking the law to deface a painting of the Queen, acting unreasonably.

Time after time the blinkered judge and counsel pompously blurted that Tim ‘could have used peaceful means’ to make his point.

But clearly the jurors understood that Tim had no choice.

The fact that two held out to the end, refusing to convict him on principle, in outright defiance of the court and the judge, is extraordinary statement.

One the one hand, it shows the public don’t fall for our judiciary’s public face of ‘goodness me – is this really going on?’ – when it comes to the family courts.

Half of them sit as family judges. And all of them know exactly what goes one behind the closed doors of their secet tribunals.

It also speaks volumes for the public distaste for and loathing of a sociopathic, anti-intellectual elite of backward thugs who have hijacked our systems of justice.

Perhaps it’s time for all of us to stand up and decide whether in a society such as ours, the only right course for a community-minded citizen is to break the law and go to jail.

Ask yourself – aren’t you in a jail already?

Men who are imprisoned often remark that the worst aspect of their incarceration is not being able to see their children.

Even if you’re one of the minority group amongst men who have never been forced to deal with the Kafka-esque idiocy of the ludicrously named ‘family division’, you know perfectly well by now you have no family rights.

How does it feel? Are you going to do nothing?

If Tim Haries can face a bit of jail-time to change our society and save our children from the same horrors we’ve been subjected to – why can’t you?

It’s dispiriting to see so many examples of corruption and abuse similar to that in Tim Haries case spewed out on campaign pages by victims, knowing the perpetrators may never be punished.

After Tim broke a simple criminal law – because of the rules of open criminal courts – he was finally able to expose – and prove – the fact that an NHS ‘psychologist’ had abused his position of trust not only to have sex with Tim’s ex wife, but had then threatened Tim that he would ‘never see his children again’, unless – ludicrously – he abandoned them.

And that – along with the usual refusal of a so-called ‘family court judge’ to do anything to re-unite Tims poor kids with their proper father – constituted the ‘justice’ he’d encountered.

Now if you read that kind of claim on a campaigners Facebook wall – you’d probably either not believe it, or imagine some Jeremy-Kyle style mess not worthy of sorting out.

Tim’s court case allowed him to present this apparently embarrassing and hurtful situation as what it was.

A gross and disgusting abuse of power by a sleazy and corrupt state official.

Maybe the dock of a criminal court, sadly, is the only place the truth might out in this massive ongoing scandal that none of the political parties are willing to address.

Any politician who is willing to preside over and sponsor a system of law that holds a citizens family hostage, and then taunts and blackmails him for their return – deserves at the least to lose their office.

But maybe it’s too late for that. Maybe it’s time for real change. By any means necessary.

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