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rob simmons EXCLUSIVE by Rob Simmons

Tis a bright day in Kernow!

After the saga of Waitrose flying English flags on Cornish sardines the supermarket chain have relented and will fly the correct flag – St Pirans.

This is a real step forward for Cornish identity in general and Cornish food identity in particular.

Hopefully more of Cornwall’s produce will be identified as such from now on.

After I broke the story in my blog and CCN ran with the news, dozens of readers posted to Waitrose’s facebook page and people power eventually won the day.

It’s a far cry from the upmarket grocer’s initial textbook ‘Computer Says No’ reply when I mailed them and got the ball rolling.

Back then ‘Miss D Lamont’ of customer services seemed convinced that “Cornwall is recognised as a county of England within the United Kingdom and therefore the use of the English flag to denote Cornish sourced product is correct”.

Even as the depth of local feeling on such a slur to our Cornish nationhood became clear, a Waitrose flunky posted on the social network: “We decided to use national rather than the regional flags as these are more easily recognised by our Customers.”, before trotting out the old county line.

Cornwall has, as we of course all know, a unique and rich history that clearly differentiates between us and, say, the home counties of England.

We were, and we remain, a a Celtic nation, perhaps technically part of Britain, but only as much as Scotland, Ireland or Wales, and certainly not part of England.

Thank to CCN readers, those who follow my blog and the sterling efforts of the Celtic League , Waitrose now accept this, and have made a landmark decision in our favour.e

The chain issued a formal apology and are removing the offensive English flag from all Cornish products.

The likes of Cllr Lance Dyer are now on at the corporation to ensure they also relabel their Cornish cheese.

If you’ve spotted a Cornish product that’s not been recognised as such by the shop benefitting from its sale, you can email innovative businessman Mark Price, who’s the MD, with your ideas and polite feedback HERE
On Facebook the organisers of Newlyn Fish Festival posted this message of thanks.

“Hi Waitrose many thanks for your understanding of and correction of the Cornish Sardines issue… it really is vital to our Cornish economy that our brand integrity is safeguarded so that our economy can capitalise on it and increasingly supply our awesome produce to consumers who will be fully aware of it’s provenance… sincere thanks…

If you’d like to echo their sentiments, just click HERE

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2 Responses to SAY (CORNISH) CHEESE!

  1. Lance Dyer

    December 30, 2013 at 10:31 am

    I wrote again to Waitrose as we seem to have been told by them both 1) they would remove English flag from Cornish produce + 2) Cornwall is recognised as a county of England so use of English flag is appropriate – I asked for their definitive position as they seem to be ‘confused’!
    My reply dated 24 Dec reiterates 2) – so it appears they have not, after all, taken on board what we have said and what they agreed!
    I will have another go and post on here!!

  2. Kevin Craddock

    December 28, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    Waitrose are still selling Cornish products (namely cheese) in Scotland with the English flag displayed.

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