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British Social Services, with the complicity of a ‘psychotic’ ‘family court’ judge, ordered a pregnant mother cut open so they could take her child

The staggering story, exposed by MP John Hemming, who again defied a secret courts gagging orders by using his Parliamentary privilege, broke in mainstream media this week.

Violated mother Alessandra Pacchieri is Italian, and, as in the case, of Belgium and many Eastern European states her disfigurement and the robbing of her baby by the British SS has caused a diplomatic incident.

International news sources are speaking openly of how ordinary members of the public have ‘swamped’ Miss Pacchieri with offers of support.

Incredibly, Essex social services still have the baby girl they ordered cut out of her mother advertised for ‘adoption’.

Sociopath Nicholas Mostyn is the judge who ordered the child taken.

The Italian Government has sent representatives to fight the case in court and the head of the division, Justice Munby, has been left backtracking.

UK based civil rights campaigners, frustrated for years at being ignored by their domestic media, hope the case may finally spur the public into open revolt.

Supposedly democratic bodies such as Parliament and local councils have failed for decades to reform, yet less abolish, the fascist-styled ‘family court’ system.

The unelected, unchecked, entirely corrupt pseudo-legal assizes, operating through unnaccountable ‘lawyers’ and equally unaccountable ‘social workers’ continue to murder by forced suicide tens of thousands of fathers, and split many more children from their parents.

In recent years the voracious £60billion a year scam has turned on supposedly ‘vulnerable’ two parent families and single mothers in particular to ‘snatch’ children for the fledgling, highly profitable adoption industry.

The SS have developed a dogmatic mantra that allows them to break up ordinary families and take their children away at will.

The chilling ‘principle of future emotional harm’ means social workers can take a healthy child from loving parents based on the principles of a bizarre and horrible 21st Century quackery.

Only one MP – the Liberal Democrat for Birmingham Yardley John Hemming – has attempted to bring the wholesale abuse of families by such officials to an end.

None of your local politicians, neither Sarah Newton, Steven Gilbert, George Eustice, Dan Rogerson nor Sherryl Murray have ever spoken up to condemn the biggest single civil rights abuse in Britain since the War.

The story of the forced caesarian was broken by one of the only journalists in Britain challenging the rule of ‘family law’ in Britain Christopher Booker

There’s been national and international uproar since Hemming broke down the wall of silence around the case.

It’s been well covered by a media that is increasingly finding itself forced to take a stand against the wrecking of families and personal liberty by the state, in the form of the ‘family court’.

Religous opinion has also been incensed

Your so-called ‘local paper’, owned by asset strippers, has been subject to an official ruling by the Press Complaints Commission that it is biased in favour of the ‘family courts’, and has contrivedly misrepresented and slurred civil rights protestors.

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7 Responses to NOW DO YOU BELIEVE US?

  1. Cheryl Risden

    December 17, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    This is barbaric! This is violating the womans body and risking the baby and mothers life. A judge would not be allowed to order a woman to be raped but can order her being cut open and her baby stolen! What is our country coming to?

  2. HenryHall

    December 18, 2013 at 3:31 am

    Whatever the benefits of secret courts are they are outweighed many times over by the opposite. The lesson was learned with the Star Chamber, it needs to be learned again.

    It is outrageous beyond belief that a person accused of being mentally ill is denied the right to see all evidence and confront their accuser in open court in public.

    Wicked wicked people who have done this to a formerly fair and honest country.

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  5. Melanie

    January 12, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    These are Evil People who will do anything to get what they want within these Cases.

    i know just how terrible they are and how Parent’s with Mental Health Problems are tormented, abused and treated worst then animals and it’s just all done in secret within closed courts.

    it has really gone out of control and hard to believe, but i can stand and say it’s all true what goes on within these Cases and nothing now i hear would shock me on knowing just how wicked these Professional act within such Cases.

    Then after such torment and abuse to go on and adopt a Child and expect a Mother to never talk about it all and just put a Gagging Order on her is barbaric!!

    i can’t believe that i live in a country that let’s all this just go on and i’m just so glad we have John hemming and other’s fighting so hard for Justice, as it does’nt bear thinking about on how much more suffering would go on in secret if we did’nt have such brave people fighting for Justice and exposing what goes on.

    i believe, as i have been in a Case Myself and many who get involved in these Cases believe, as such terrible injustice is going on all the time within The Care System. But for thoses not involved it would be hard to believe and that is why these Cases need to come out in the open and then everyone will know what goes on within such Cases and realise changes are so badly needed.

  6. Leonard Lawrence Pilot

    January 13, 2014 at 7:21 pm


    Leonard Lawrence (Former British Aerospace BAe146 and Boeing 757/767 Pilot).

    United Kingdom Professor and Consultant Immunologist. Derriford Hospital
    Clearly Mr Lawrence has been through a great deal because of his organophosphate poisoning and related matters.

    Collegium Basilea (Institute of Advance Study) Basel Switzerland Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry 11 (216-220).

    Len Lawrence. His storey was one of costly legal battles to prove that his brain injury was due to chemical exposure and that he was not mentally unfit. What emerged was a story of incompetence by the medical profession, who lacks knowledge of the symptoms following exposure to neurotoxins and the unfairness of the legal profession in not allowing him to see data concerning his own personal records in their reluctance to take those culpable.

    United Kingdom Hospital Medical Director. Report, Leonard Lawrence.

    Mr Lawrence has been heavily exposed to organophosphates. He was medicated to the extent that he lost mental capacity. During the period the Official Solicitor of the Supreme Court acted as his Guardian ad Litem three Court of Protection medical certificates (CP3’s) had been obtained but not registered with the Court of Protection. He was, therefore, for nearly 18 months regarded as a mentally ill patient without access to the Court of Protection. During this time considerable amounts of his assets went missing.

    Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Malcolm Hooper. Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry 11 (209-215).

    In the Lawrence case there appears to be sound grounds for legal action and significant compensation claims for mistreatment and false diagnoses and an appalling failure of the duty of care.

  7. Leonard Lawrence Pilot

    March 22, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Alastair Pitbaldo Official Solicitor
    May Maughan Deputy Official Solicitor

    Times Article June 2009

    New figures show that hundreds of parents have had the official solicitor, currently Alastair Pitblado, imposed. Since January 2006 his department has been brought in to represent 588 parents deemed to “lack the mental capacity” to instruct lawyers in cases where their children faced the possibility of adoption.

    Question from Leonard Lawrence

    (The Law Society, Solicitors Regulatory Authority, Final Report accuses the Official Solicitor of failing to protect Leonard Lawrence when an extremely vulnerable adult)

    Alastair Pitbaldo Official Solicitor and May Maughan Deputy Official Solicitor,
    since July 2009 how any parents have had the Official Solicitor imposed upon them when the parents were deemed to “lack the mental capacity” to instruct lawyers in cases where their children faced the possibility of adoption?

    Lord Justice Adrian Fulford.
    The court order of Mr Justice Adrian Fulford in March 2013 had prevent me (Leonard Lawrence) from alerting the Court of Protection and the High Court Family Division of the abuse inflicted upon me by the Official Solicitor and Deputy Official Solicitor.

    Senior Master Steven Whitaker also held three Court of Protection Medical Certificates CP3 issued to protect me. The Court of Protection have no record of ever receiving them!

    Senior Master Steven Whitaker has resigned from his post. Whitaker stepped down on Friday (14 March 2014). “A judicial investigation into the conduct of Senior Master Steven Whitaker has found that he made misleading entries in his Outlook diary with the intent to mislead anyone who might scrutinise the record. The Lord Chancellor and the Chancellor of the High Court (on behalf of the Lord Chief Justice) concluded that this behaviour amounted to serious misconduct and would have removed the Senior Master from office had he not voluntarily resigned.”

    Master Basil Yoxall holds five Court of Protection Medical Certificates but refuses to disclose them to Sir James Munby President of the Family Division. The existence of these Court of Protection Medical Certificates had been denied by Alastair Pitbaldo and May Maughan.

    Leonard Lawrence

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