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A European judge has ordered police to force Britain’s rogue ‘family courts’ to hand back a child they kidnapped from her father.

Judges in Belgium made the landmark ruling ordering officials in the UK’s tyrannical secret law courts to give former NATO security contractor Nigel Coopers daughter back to him.

‘Social Services’, the notorious branch of the infamous courts whose staff physically carry out child abductions, have as yet refused.

The scandal cements Britains growing international reputation as a routine violator of Article 8 of the UN Convention on Human Rights, the ‘right to a family life’ and will strengthen calls for the abolition of the hated ‘family division’.

Mr Cooper served in the Royal Navy for 20 years. He lost his child after her drunken and drug-addicted mother took her away to Sunderland.

Feminist zealots in the Social Services department of the local council kidnapped the girl after targeting the vulnerable mother. Just as with the Baby P scandal, they refused to acknowledge the existence of the childs natural father.

42 year old decorated seaman Mr Cooper has been forced to pursue his own case through court in Belgium after a bent British judge banned him from talking about the abduction of his child in the UK.

The father of one says since going public he’s has been contacted by ‘thousands’ of British parents whose children have been taken by the adoption and fostering industries.

The remarkable ruling he’s been awarded by a court in Belgium demands the child return to her father and that the British state effectively pay compensation for the ordeal they have put the young girl through.

This is a common call from civil rights protestors, who seek first abolition of the secret state, then for its worst offenders to be jailed for their crimes, and compensation issued from their ill gotten gains.

In a 32 minute video the father of one has recorded and sent live on the internet he asks other victims of the secretive and unnaccountable Social Services to expose individual social workers, and challenge the authority of Lord Matthew Thorpe, the head of the hated famlily division.

Like most officials of the so-called ‘family division’, Lord Thorpe is a sociopathic bigot, whose day job breaking up families is relieved only by his failure to be a good parent himself .

Here’s Mr Coopers video exposing how the UK abducted his child as part of an ongoing scandal – big news in Europe, but kept from the public by the self censored UK press.

Feel free to share this video as widely as you can.

Do you know of a scandal involving the SS in Cornwall? Have your efforts to publicise your case come to nothing because no-one will listen? Let us know. Just post below.

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