206971_1046106798792_287_nby Kate Hale

We desperately need a good public transport service in Cornwall.

Most of us live nowhere near a railway station and rely on buses.

It’s only those people lucky enough to afford car or use taxis are free to travel around Cornwall.

So it’s an insult to the Cornish that £3million of our money gets spent on Newquay airport, while OAPs are robbed of free bus travel , because of ‘cutbacks’.

I’m supporting a petition that’s underway calling on the authorities to support the vital bus network not the failing airport

So what if Flybe are pulling out of Newquay airport? Tough! Why should we - who don’t use Newquay airport – all foot the bill?

It’s not fair to local people.

I was moved to back this petition by a truly rotten experience last week, when I made a noble effort to be ‘green’ – and use trains and buses instead of the car for work.

Sadly, this journey exposed our public transport system in Cornwall as a bad joke.

All I wanted to do was take the train from St Austell to Redruth – and then wait for the next bus home.

Never again.

Here’s how this simple journey panned out.

First, I waited over half an hour until 17.01 for the 37 bus, the only one that goes to Mullion where I live.

The bus pulled into Mullion at 18.17,on time.

That was 1 hour and 16 mins for what is a half hour car journey.

If I had missed the bus, I would have had to wait 1 hour and a half for the next one which is the last 37 of the day from Redruth.

I would then have got home at 19.47 – which would have been three and a half hours – for just one slip-up.

Luckily I had checked the trains and buses before I left home.

But even that meant I had to leave St Austell earlier than I wanted to make sure I could catch the 17.01 from Redruth.

I only occasionally use the buses: my job means that I have to afford a car for this.

But some people don’t have that choice.

They’re severely limited in where they can go and what they can do – by the lack of a decent bus service.

I would choose to use public transport regularly if the service was good – because it’s better for our environment to share a bus than to be one person in a car.

Sadly I often see nearly empty buses.

And I assume this is because it takes so long, and costs so much to use public transport, that many people find other ways to travel – or don’t go at all.

A better service would have more people using it – and that would be better for us, our environment and our economy.

Cornwall Council need to invest in our public transport as a necessity.

It will have a widespread effect and be more useful by far than wasting more and more money on Newquay airport.

Sign HERE to get the petition to back the buses and dump the costly airport kickstarted. :D

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  1. Cheryl Risden

    December 3, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    I used to use public transport but it was so unreliable and expensive. I can onluyuse a few buses now as im disabled. The buses that are on local routes only take wheelchairs not mobility skooters and I have no one to push a wheelchair. When I had an electric wheelchair I went on the bus from St Austell to Eden project but the bus company couldnt guarentee there would be a disabled friendly bus on the route to take me home. I had to wait an hour for the next bus as there were several pushchairs on the bus where the wheelchair space is. With service like that we have to have a car. Its not a choice. Im sure being able to do your shopping is much more important to majority of us than getting to london on a plane.

  2. Sally Smith

    December 8, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    I have signed the petition and passed it on to as many people as I could think of.

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