A West Country woman lied to the police that a friend raped her - then spread gossip through his small town that left him and his family facing death threats.

Single mother of two Ashleigh Loder, 25, was convicted of perverting the course of justice, a crime which carries a sentence of up to seven years, for falsely accusing Fran Syvret.

But misandrist Judge Phillip Wassall, nicknamed ‘Blubber’ because of his weight, and the fact that he was who was once mocked publicly after crying during a court case in Truro , gave her just six months – of which she is likely to serve half.

Victim Fran found himself facing ruin, and suffered victimisation from gullible locals, when Loder lied he raped her.

He only escaped the hell of a trial, and the prospect of six years or more in jail and life chances wrecked by a wrongful conviction for two reasons:

1. He FILMED the whole alleged ‘rape’ on his mobile (mother of two Loder had in fact invited him round for sex)
2. Loders ‘false rape’ story to police was so wild it changed from being raped in an alley – to be being raped by Syvret at home

Loders crime got national airplay this week on the tabloid TV programme ‘This Morning’.

The pisspoor show has eighty-percent female production staff, and features a ‘family lawyer’ – a class campaigners want prosecuted by tribunal – as one of the shows regular and highly paid ‘guests’.

Producers made sure ‘Criminal psychologist Jane Monckton-Smith’ babysat Syvret to trot out to viewers the official feminist view of false rape claims – one of sympathy for the criminal, and belittling of the victim.

She dismissed Syvret’s ordeal as ‘rare.’

Then she excused women who lie to try and get a man put in prison.

Monckton-Smith said: “‘It’s sometimes done for revenge or to gain sympathy, or it’s mental health-related, or due to stresses in the woman’s life.”

She said false accusation of a sex offence was ‘the worst’ kind of false accusation – not because of the effect on the male victim – because of the effect on all the women who are really raped.

She wibbled: ‘This is absolutely terrible because believeabilty is absolutely key and this kind of case sends a really bad message to those people who have been victimised.”

Syvret spoke more plainly and clearly, explaining in simple language to the TV show hosts what it was like being the victim of a witch hunt.

He said locals in Bideford sent him to Coventry, that he lost two stone through stress and got to the point that he had trouble leaving his house.

And he was adamant that he didn’t accept Loders ‘apology’ – which was delivered through her barrister as he argued for a low sentence for her in court.

As more and more rape claims are being proved false by the fact that almost everyone’s now carrying a video camera, questions are being asked about whether we’re actually in the grip not of an epidemic of sexual assault and rape, but of false accusations of sex crimes.

Activists say the witch-hunt phenonemon centres on sex claims, is a key part of the ideological feminist persecution of men, and enabled by massive flaws in a corrupted judicial system

The technocratic establishment are desperate to keep a lid on the scandal, which benefits a big state bureaucracy, oriented around the judicial system.

Loders case has common themes with many of the false rape claims involved in the 21st Century false allegation epidemic.

The 25 year old mother of two didn’t initially didn’t point the finger at Syvret – but when police took her to task on her fantastical account of a gang-rape – she tried to take him down to save herself.

While some false allegations today come from deranged fantasists and attention seekers, most are manufactured by the reviled ‘family court’ system.

Solicitors encourage mothers to claim domestic violence, or sexual abuse, because it’s both a criteria for legal aid funding, and a surefire way of winning a case.

False allegations of child abuse, which are the biggest of the witch-hunt sex claims, are most popular because they’re so effective: lawyers call a claim of child abuse ‘the silver bullet’.

These are censored in the press – because everything to do with the hated ‘family court’ – long facing calls for abolition, and prosecution of officials – is kept secret.

Only clear-cut, often absurdly transparent cases like Loders – in which the the accusers story is too ludicrous to withstand even childish scrutiny – ever see the light of day.

Campaigners who want the unequal rape laws – in which the accused is named but the accuser protected by anonymity – and the ‘family court’ – in which any accusation no matter how damaging or ridiculous can be treated as evidence without a jury involved or public or press as part of what’s laughingly called ‘judicial law’ – fear more cautious and scheming false accusers go unexposed, and that their victims are routinely wrongfully convicted.

One strong indicator that no matter how much the establishment protest false allegation is ‘very rare’ it is in fact the opposite – is that there is now at least one law firm which specialises and makes a good living for its partners solely from defending victims.

You can read all the details of how Loder flirted with Syvret, texted him, invited him round for sex, lied that she’s been raped in alley, turned to cry on his shoulder, then told the police he was actually the rapist HERE

Posters to the national article were quick to rubbish Monckton-Smith’s claim false allegations of rape were ‘very very rare’.

One said: “This sort of case is NOT very rare. It is not even rare. There are far too many false allegations of rape, and I suspect that there are quite a lot of innocent men, wrongly convicted of rape, in prison today. Yet Harriet Harperson changed the law so it is easier to convict a man of rape. The sentence was much too lenient for this crime.

Another was scathing about the once strong and independent ‘local community’ in Bideford having degenerated into daytime-TV brainwashed gossip-mongers.

They wrote: “Having lived in Bideford I can see why the word spread so rapidly about Mr Syvret being a rapist because the locals have little else to do but watch X Factor and Jeremy Kyle. So this gossip would be food and water to them.”

Do you know any of those involved in this horror story? Do you have a view on false accusations of rape? Or the media portrayal of the false accusation epidemic? Let us know! Just post below! :D

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  1. Political Cynic

    November 30, 2013 at 12:56 am

    Aww…the poor wimmin have stweeses is theiw lives that made them make these false wape allegations…we should feel sowwy for them…

    Personally, I believe the penalty for something like this should be the same as the penalty for the crime itself. And I also believe feminists need to STOP endlessly portraying women as incapable of rational, or even evil, actions and instead need to try things like GROWING UP and accepting responsibility.

    There are a number of valid studies which, at their lowest, peg the rate of false rape allegations (i.e. those that are demonstrably false as opposed to simply unproven) at rates which, at their LOWEST, indicate 7-8 percent of all such allegations are false. That is not “rare”, nor is it justifiable, nor is taking issue with the problem a form of “rape apology”.

    Rape is a heinous crime. So is falsely accusing someone of committing it. And so is stereotyping ALL men everywhere as rapists.

    Feminists are guilty of 2 of those 3 heinous crimes. Sort of makes you wonder who the real oppressors are, doesn’t it?

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