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pix show Barry Raynes and Janet Bardsley, beneficiaries of the deaths of Simone Grice and Lorna May
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Social workers paid themselves £54,000 in taxpayers cash – to investigate their own dubious role in the deaths of of two Cornish children, CCN can reveal.

Last week we told how local social workers let a Newquay teenager die by ignoring her fathers pleas for her safety.

The tragic case of Roderick May and his daughter Lorna echoed that of child killing single mother Amanda Hutton , who social services and police let kill her infant son.

Now we’ve discovered the council paid a staggering £24,000 to ‘social workers for hire’ to write a ‘Serious Case Review’ into Lorna’s death.

And the authority spent another £30,000 paying more social workers to write an internal report into the death of Cornish youngster Simone Grice.

The teenager committed suicide – and in their report, the SS shockingly blamed her grief-stricken mother.

Your £54k was splashed on people like Barry and Jenny Raynes, a husband/wife team juiced into reviled ‘family law’ who set up a company called Reconstruct .

With consultancies such as this, hated court officials get paid even more for their work in secret assizes sold to the public as ‘family courts’.

They often become millionaires, selling out to equity investment vehicles

The undemocratic legal machinery the officials profit from is blamed by campaigners for multiple child deaths and the suicide epidemic amongst fathers

A Cornwall council spokeswoman told us: “With regard to the case of Lorna May the costs of commissioning the Serious Case Review, including the costs of the independent chair, were £24, 000.

“The costs of the Serious Case Review into the case of Simone Grice were around £30, 000.

“Both these costs were met through the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Safeguarding Children Board budget.”

She went on: “The independent panel members who wrote the overview report into the death of Lorna May are Barry Raines and Sue James.

“Linda Winn chaired the SCR Panel. The SCR into the death of Simone was written by Sue James. Janet Bardsley chaired the SCR Panel.”

Civil rights groups in the UK like Children for Justice , and the Grandparents Action Group have been campaigning for decades for the simple solution to SS tyranny.

They want a paramount legal presumption of 50/50 parenting.

This would lead to the collapse of the CSA – because the overwhelming majority of fathers would opt to see their children as much as possible – so restoring mens inalienable human right to a family life, and ending the male suicide epidemic, which is caused by punitive ‘family’ state operations, of which the CSA is the most violent.

The ‘SS’ would be effectively stripped of their extreme powers, which presently exceed those of the police, reparations sought and prosecutions brought against officials who broke international law.

Thanks to the British state capitalist system – which currently employs a shocking 5 per-cent of the workforce as ‘social workers’ – so one in 20 people with a job – resistance to the simple reform within the establishment is massive and intransigent.

But a grassroots movement which is exercising our civil obligation to disobey bad law is growing up online.

A Fathers for Justice spokeswoman said: “When an alcoholic mother is ill and would barely be able to look after herself let alone her children, she is considered ‘untouchable’ and the child is failed.

“There is ideological prejudice ingrained in child protections services and the police.

“They should be ashamed.”

Do you have a shocking story from inside the council’s unaccountable ‘social services’ department? Do you know of council mis-use of public funds? Or have you got a worthy, sensible project they’ve turned down for funding? Let us know! Just post below!

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