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by Ed Hunter.

There’s only one one or two things you need to know about the prison-morals/feminist driven bullshit doing the rounds on Charles Saatchi this week.

The first is that the Sunday People is completely out of touch with the public and losing readers at the speed Princess Diana lost weight in hotel toilets.

Any shitrag that could sink so low as to spend Fathers Day further polluting its readers bigoted minds towards men is clutching at straws fast slipping from its grip.

The second is that Charles Saatchi is an outrageously successful man.

The third is that like the Alpha Male he remains – at an age most of us are dead or wetting our pants – he’s taken on the entire idiot world at his door and intellectually beaten them to death (which is ok, by the way, dick-head hate campaigners, especially when you’re one man fighting an entire third estate).

It’s a good job he has – because at least fifty per-cent of those reading his statement will see the opening words ‘About a week ago, we were sitting outside a restaurant having an intense debate about the children’ , nod in recognition, skim the predictable rest of it and close the case asking, quite naturally, what exactly the saintly perfumed ‘victim’ of this family non-event is proposing to do with said kids.

The fourth, and most important is that Womens Aid is a racket staffed by bigots who coach weak nasty women in how to blackmail their partners with innocent children, and are one of the most dangerous and hateful propaganda machines in Britain today.

And that’s pretty much it.

Now just ignore the papers no-one reads any more and get on with doing something your children will thank you for 😀

All the totally unrepresentative front page power-pissing of the silly little Saatchi story shows is that the massive popular drive to rid the world of man-hating propaganda is being fought by the mainstream tooth and nail.

But if we just ignore this nonsense, and keep on and on and on protesting , then not the most limp-dicked, feminist ordered Monday morning backtrack , nor the sickest or most ignorant attack of plain hate can stop the truth prevailing.

Never forget, when you find yourself encircled by regional headlines about pedophiles in chains, when the truth of such stories is that the police are monsterising men in their twenties who have done no more than conduct romances with girls in their teens, or national headlines about old men raping disabled children, when the truth is the old men are dead and the stories are in all likelihood simply made up because the corpse is a celebrity – in just the same way that when instead of celebrities men had Gods, young women claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary – and especially don’t believe shrewish, fishy old gossip that’s made it on to the splash of flailing nasty tabloids about how millionaire art dealers are ‘throttling’ their wives, on the basis of a waitresses tip, an unconvincing close up, and the say so of some Sunday People reporters ‘imaginary friends’.

It’s all bullshit, and the more you swallow it, the more poisoned becomes your mind.

The sad fact today is that very few of the mainstream papers any ever in fact carry real news.

It’s all, in some form, either distracting entertainment, or plain propaganda.

Until that changes, if you want to read what’s really going on in British society, your best bet is to click here and just make your own judgement call if and when they spill into conspiracy.

Because – terrifyingly – most of this increasingly popular site’s apparently crackpot stories and theories are turning out to be much more firmly rooted in reality than the ‘real news’ of the broadsheets.

And no matter how crackers they sound, it all makes for more informed and intelligent reporting than the tripe being peddled by these prehistoric red-top fuckwits

Enjoy the links.


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  1. David Balhatchet

    June 24, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Say it like ya mean it!

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