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Local cops allegedly threatened a child with prosecution – because she wrote to a judge she says abused her asking him simply – ‘Why?’.

Rosy Stanesby found police officers calling her personal mobile after she wrote a public letter to disgraced West Country Judge David Tyzack.

The teenager has bravely written to the hated senior figure from the tinpot, anti-democratic ‘family’ courts asking why, when she was a defenceless child, he banned her for no reason from seeing her own father.

Brave Rosy emerged from a nine year ordeal at Tyzacks hands determined to join her father Jonathans efforts to end the despotic cruelty of his secret court system.

But when she innocently put pen to paper to call her tormentor to account, she says police officers, instead of defending her right to free speech, or acting on her allegations of abuse against the Judge – threatened to arrest her.

A senior, decorated detective constable reportedly rang Rosy’s mobile phone on Monday March 25th – and during the subsequent exchange threatened to land her with ‘a criminal record’ for daring to write to Tyzack asking him to account for what he did to her.

Rosy’s father, a registered childminder who is also a high profile fathers rights protestor, told CCN: “The police have been persecuting Rosy. At first officers went to her home, claiming they were trying to find me.

“This claim was absurd; it flew in the face of the fact they have my number, and all of my contact details, and of course my home address.

“Then on Monday (March 25th), I was with Rosy when her personal mobile phone rang. We could see it was am official number so I took the phone and answered it. When I told them I was Rosy’s father the officer said ‘Oh – we’ve been looking for you’.

“Of course they hadn’t been looking for me at all. They knew where I was all along – they were just harrassing Rosy.

“Then the officer asked me ‘Can you bring Rosy to the police station?’ I asked why and he said it was because she had written to Judge Tyzack.”

Mr Stanesby explained: “Tyzack is the judge who ruined Rosy’s childhood by banning her from seeing me for no reason, and she has been writing to him, to the Cafcass officers involved, and to all the officials who abused her emotionally when she was a young child.

“They are open letters and this is supposed to be a free country. Tyzack in our view has committed a crime – many crimes. The police should be investigating him, and any other officials accused of breaking the law; instead, they’re defending him, and persecuting us for questioning him.

“The way the local police are behaving toward us is the sort of behaviour you would expect of police in a dictatorship; the local police seem to protect child abusing judges the way a military police might defend some tyrant.

“It’s absolutely shocking that a grown man, in his role as a police officer – and a decorated officer at that – should be calling a 14 year old girl on her mobile phone and intimidating her – all because she exercised her human rights – not to mention tried to redress an injustice. It’s cowardly and revolting.”

The veteran campaigner recalled: ” I tried hard to protect Rosy from the appalling treatment meted out to her by the so-called ‘family justice system’ for nine years and I was damned if I was going to let a police officer get away with ringing her and making threats.

“So I told the police she wasn’t going to get a criminal record because she hadn’t done anything wrong – which she hasn’t. We haven’t gone to any police station, and I’m shocked and worried that a police officer rang her.

“What is wrong with our police force that they behave like this? It’s creepy. Everyone knows Tyzack’s a creep, but I expect more of local police officers, many of whom know full well the grotesque injustices of Tyzack’s courts, and have suffered terribly themselves.”

The scandal has led to outrage online and galvinised public opinion to the stage where a protest rally in support of the youngster is scheduled for this Sunday April 7 in Exeter

It takes place at Farringdon Church. Tyzack uses the otherwise moral and spiritual institution to further hide his filthy abuse of families and children in state-run secret courts, by creating a veneer of outward social respectability for himself and his family.

The demo, which is set to start at 11am, hopes to draw the attention of the public, and Tyzacks fellow parishioners and congregation members, to the wider maltreatment of millions of other children by Britain’s secret courts.

Despite promising to clamp down on ‘family law’ – ‘hitting the ground running’, the increasingly unpopular Coalition Government have reneged on all promises of reform, and even passed laws banning grandparents seeing their grandchildren.

Public opinion is squarely opposed to the secret, scandal-stricken ‘family court’ system with ninety per-cent of Britons in favour of laws forcing 50/50 shared parenting after parental separation and ending the courts secret rule.

There are widespread fears that broken promises of reform will lead to civil unrest.

In the US, whistleblowers like former family court worker Carol Rhodes and family rights activist Marsha Maines openly and confidently state their beliefs that beneath the veil of state propaganda produced by mass media in the Anglo-American countries, men and their children – and particularly working class men and those from ethnic minority groups – are so severely oppressed by discriminatory radical feminist laws that we are actually on the brink of civil war.

Maines gave evidence to Virginia State to that effect, explaining she believes the mass criminalisation of fathers – with 177,000 jailed in that state alone on trumped up, politicised ‘child support’ charges in five years – is so polarising society that a civil conflict is not just possible but inevitable without reform.

Secret court systems in the US and UK have already caused widespread bloodshed amongst victims: In Britain suicide now rates above drugs deaths, car accidents and war casualties combined as the primary killer of British men under 35.

And there are signs some victims are starting to exact equal revenge on those responsible for the mass ‘forced suicide’ epidemic.

Since 2010 four US ‘family lawyers’ have died in politically motivated murders carried out as a direct result of their professions and a fifth so-called ‘family lawyer’ escaped with life-changing injuries after being stabbed in the neck and face by a man she victimised and criminalised.

Last year in the UK for the first time, a senior partner of a particularly repellent legal firm in Wiltshire also died in a shooting.

The mainstream press did not quote any anti family law campaigners in the wake of the killing despite a flurry of remarks from pressure groups on Facebook. Instead they drew attention away from the political context of the incident by going into lurid detail about the arrested man’s personal life.

But speaking to CCN civil rights activists expressed at least a lack of surprise, and at most relief and happiness that a member of what they described as an ‘evil’ profession had finally suffered the same fate as so many ‘family court’ victims.

Many members of the armed forces are openly expressing their support for the civil rights movement, raising the prospect of disenchanted soldiers forcibly bringing secret court staff to open criminal justice – in conflict with any domestic police forces who support the court system.

West Country Squaddies showed their support on the battlefield, while on patrol in Afghanistan, by toting Fathers for Justice signs and logos alongside their carbine rifles.

Meanwhile in Plymouth a civil rights campaign has been kickstarted by the stories of Mick Harby, a Royal Marine with 17 years service jailed for trying to see his child, and OAP John Coles, also a forces veteran, who a secret court banned from seeing his wife in an old folks home – because he dared to complain about the courts official policing body, Britain’s universally loathed social services

In Cornwall the courts have engaged in unchecked persecution of civil rights activists.

Protestor Stuart Chilcott, who scaled Truro Cathedral to display a banner protesting discrimination, was fined almost a thousand pounds by Magistrates in Truro on the evidence of one member of the public, given secretly, and police testimony alone.

Shockingly Cornwall’s corporate run local papers, which long ago lost the confidence of local people , ran hack journalism smearing the protestors and sympathising with the hated courts, in an article which was later ruled unbalanced and misleading by the press complaints commission.

Over in Devon, Mr Stanesby and his daughter say they’ve been persistently pursued by local police officers since they jointly spoke out about family court child abuse.

Despite her relative youth, Rosy has met with bigots at the NSPCC to complain about sexist adverts demonising fathers, and headed a number of ‘Children for Justice’ protests.

The affiliate group has an unparalleled online following, with thousands of adults supporting the youngsters efforts to force open the so-called ‘family courts’ and bring the inadequates and weirdos that work within them to open justice.

Jason Wallace posted on Facebook: ‘What a world we live in when the judiciary are running scared of 14 year old girls!”

Tina Wheatley Baxter added: “Fathers and children should not have to fight to see each other….keep up the good work Rosy!”

And Oriel Bufton remarked; “What a brave young girl – and what a typical response!

“They’re a law unto themselves, arrogant and self centered, no interest in the child’s’ welfare at all. I have absolutely no respect for the judges or the legal system in Britain at all. Scum the lot of them!

“Well done Rosy – don’t let them bully you. Yell at the top of your voice!”

Vicky Gilliam wrote: “She is not the only child or her father the only father stopped from seeing each other by the inept and highly biased ‘family court’ system in this country.”

We’ve asked Devon and Cornwall police for a full comment and also asked about speaking directly to the officer in question for their side of the story, on the record.

Local MP Gary Streeter has received dozens of emails through social media about the police persecution of Rosy and her father but so far has done nothing.

You can contact Gary on 0207 219 5033, email to, or alternatively just click HERE to tell him your view about the case.

Alternatively Devon and Cornwall police now have a commissioner, whose well paid, elected role it is to listen to the public and redress their concerns.

(Luckily, and partly thanks to you wonderful CCN readers, this dismal political failure, who couldn’t even spell his manifesto correctly, lost the police commissioner election spectacularly and now former Culdrose CO Tony Hogg is in the post.)

If enough people register their disgust with Tony, it’s always possible he may act.

Click HERE to complain online direct to the police through a virtual form.

Or to send your own personalised email click HERE. Twitter is HERE.

If you’d like to attend the rally protesting the treatment of Rosy and other children by the state just click HERE for all the details.

Fathers for Justice leader Matt O’Connor said of the event: “I’d like to ask everyone to attend the #Justice4Rosy protest. Everyone who is concerned to protect their civil rights and the civil rights of our children should support this brave and courageous young lady.

“Her valour puts many of us to shame.

“Rosy is determined to hold those responsible for what happened to her and her father to account and is demanding an apology from them.”

He went on: “It speaks volumes that instead of supporting a victim of the family courts, officers have chosen to bully and harass a child in one of the most disgraceful campaigns ever waged by Devon & Cornwall Police.

“In the post Jimmy Savile/Hillsborough age, one would have hoped that children would be treated sympathetically and that the authorities would cease trying to cover up miscarriages of justice.

“We warn them that Fathers4Justice remains as wedded to the concept of justice today as we were when I founded the organisation in 2001. That means there have to be consequences for those who have committed wrongs.”

The protest is at David Tyzack’s church, so if you’d like to attend just show up at

11.00am sharp, Sunday 7th April
Farringdon Church
Upham Lane
Exeter EX5 2HY


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