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from Alex Folkes informative Lanson Boy blog

The Stadium for Cornwall has got the go ahead from Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee.

But big questions still remain as to whether the £16 million or so needed to take the project forward will ever be found.

In terms of the application being discussed today, it is clear that the proposers had listened to previous concerns and modified their design as a result.

The stands are lower profile and the pitch will now have a 4G surface to enable it to be used more frequently.

I share the worries of my colleague Rob Nolan.

Rob fears the location might be the wrong one – and that it will enable the development of more (unwelcome) houses.

But it is clear that the design itself is good.

Still though, the question will remain as to how the development will ever be paid for.

Cornwall councillors have voted against any idea of giving the scheme any public money.

My personal view is that there needs to be a clear idea of the community benefit before public funding can be considered – and also that it was wrong to rule it out entirely at this time.

But any consideration of public money is particularly difficult at a time when all councils are seeing services cut.

With planning permission now secured, the scheme’s proposers now have a much better chance of attracting grant and private funding for the scheme.

As ever, time will tell.

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  1. Kevin Jackson

    April 7, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Famtastic news for the community. In years to come everyone will know the benefit and be kicking themselves they never built it years ago, Community value? What would Liverpool be without Anfield? Or Cardiff without the millennium. Stadium. Let’s celebrate this for our children and grandchildren as a victory for sports, arts and education in the County. Bout time something was given to young people and to professional sportsmen and women of the county. Time to nurture talent and celebrate legends.

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