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by Geoffrey Mull

Today the world struggles to answer one question about Adam Lanza’s killing spree: Why?

As with many easy questions deliberately confused by the establishment, the answer could be in simple and in plain view.

‘Radical Feminism’ is the perverse post-feminist, neo-Marxist philosophy that encourages and nurtures selfish, low empathy behaviour in its followers, and has become a key tool in turning nominally democratic, independent Western countries into illiberal, totalitarian enclaves who terrorise anyone who contests their authority by exerting the force of the state into their personal lives. The fallout from this anti-intellectual nonsense, similar to the racist Eugenics theories that came out of California at the turn of the Century – in both its absurdity, its danger, and its cachet and almost universal popularity – must be brought to account for its role in vulnerable Adam Lanza’s home life, and in the subsequent tragedy at Sandy Hook school in which 20 children and 7 adults died – not guns, not lack of ‘support’ or ‘care’, and definitely not ‘evil’ DNA

Adam Lanza, by even official reports, went from being relatively happy, highly intelligent, and a little insular to actively psychopathic after his mother split from his father, an act which, according to the prejudiced precepts of the state-backed radical feminist agenda, resulted not in an equal or fair seperation, but in the father being thrown out of the family home, and out of regular, normal contact with his sensitive child.

The elephant in the room of the Lanza killings is that Adam’s first terrible act was to shoot dead his mother – yet no-one seems to want to ask why.

His clearly painful life and the extremes it drove him to represent the thin edge of a wedge rammed deep into the guts of modern society by self-centred ideological maniacs.

Radical feminism’s greatest end-result has been the explosion of fatherless children in the US and UK. The sole benificiaries have been state-capitalist corporations, who have milked double the number of consumers, and the raw bureaucratic state itself, which, as whistleblowers in the US have been telling anyone who will listen for many years, deliberately robs and increasingly imprisons fathers for its own profit.

There is a an appalling, almost sociopathic, and certainly dysfunctional lack of empathy with these men, who suicide each year within the Anglo-American, radical feminist run jurisdictions, in greater and greater numbers.

But even if our wretchedly malleable society is incapable of mustering any human feeling for men driven to despair and death by the state, then, as yet at least, we’re incapable of simply bypassing or sloughing off any concern for the children affected by this anti-intellectual tyranny of pseudo-feminist dogma.

So it’s worth noting that outside of the extremities of mass killings, children from fatherless homes have been proven:

Five times more likely to commit suicide

15 times more likely to have behavioral disorders

10 times more likely to be convicted of rape

15 times more likely to be jailed

And 11 times more likely to exhibit violent behaviour at school

Little wonder then that men today make up virtually the entire prison population, as well as 90 percent of adolescent repeat arsonists, and 72 percent of adolescent murderers.

Yet our artificial society, sponsored and sustained by a state which rewards women for removing children from their fathers, and ruthlessly persecutes any fathers who resist, stands aloft from any blame for the myriad social ills everyone knows it is breeding.

So we beat our brows over questions to which we all know the answer.

The profiles of most school killers share common traits: depressed, angry young men with horrible self-esteem getting revenge on a world that has hurt them – diabolical, misguided attempts to forge an identity and feel power, be meaningful; an identity that usually forms based largely on one’s father. They lack the feeling of acceptance and “I have value, I’m all right” that comes first and foremost from male role models. The message is clear: healthy societies need fathers.

The lives of the victims’ parents, and everyone in Newtown, Conn., are forever altered. These are wounds that will never heal, and our hearts go out to them. In an attempt to appear proactive, lawmakers will bring forth new gun-control legislation. It is unlikely that there is any law that would have prevented this horrible act. No more so than banning Big Macs would end obesity.

They’re missing the point.

In China last week a man slashed 22 children inside a school with a knife. The same week three 13- and 14-year-olds fatally shot a 22-year-old woman near Pittsburgh because she refused to give them a cigarette. In the first case we have an alternative weapon, and in the second instance we have an illegal gun. If legislation can’t keep guns out of the hands of 13-year-olds, how do we expect it to keep us safe from drug cartels, terrorists and suicidal maniacs?

The real question is not how we keep killers away from guns – we can’t – it is how we have come to a society that can produce such callous, alienated, angry individuals with such regularity?

Guns are an all-too-simple boogeyman.

What we should be questioning is the nature of the family in post-modern America. The way to prevent murders is to stop producing murderers.

And to do that we need to be producing fathers and husbands. The solution is not an ever-growing police state, Orwellian school systems and squads of droning psychologists; it is role models – full-time dads who provide healthy self-confidence, identity and support to young men.

If we doubt the importance of a father in a developing child’s life – especially that of boys – we are not doing youth any favors.

Bo Jackson, US professional football and baseball legend, said this about growing up without a father figure.

“I had a father but I never had a dad.. Up until I was 11 I thought having a dad meant a man who came by every month and left 20 bucks. I missed out. That haunted me all the way up to pro sports. Here was Bo Jackson, all-star baseball player, football player, top of the world in my profession. But I was envious of my teammates, because they’d fly in their dad to have beers in the locker room after games. In all other aspects my teammates envied me for my athletic ability. But for a dad I would have traded all that in. Just like that.”

Mr. Jackson spoke recently about the anger he felt growing up and how it led him to fight with other children. He has dealt with his demons and become a wonderful father in his own right. But mothers deserve equal partners in child-raising, and children deserve fathers.

Let’s keep that in mind as we listen to what Ronald Reagan called the nine most terrifying words in the English language:

“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

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  2. Jivan

    January 8, 2013 at 9:02 am

    There’s a great gap between the wisdom of this article, calling for re-establishment of fatherhood, and the importance of a healthy positive present male model for children (and more generally the need to newly aprreciate a healthy positive masculinity model), and the provocative false title “feminism killed…”.

  3. Tiffany

    January 8, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    I seriously doubt a dissenting comment will be punished, but here goes anyway:

    “In China last week a man slashed 22 children inside a school with a knife.” And all of them lived.

    27 people were murdered with guns in Newtown. Only 1 person was wounded but not killed.

    The “alternative” weapon argument does not work.

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  5. mike

    February 11, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    I agree. In fact I posted similar view on my YouTube channel (BecauseIAmABoy) right after the shooting.

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