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Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis, known in English as Juvenal, was a Roman poet active in the late 1st and early 2nd century AD. He more or less invented Satire. We found, dug up and resurrected his corpse. He now lives quietly in St Neot, as a Zombie, and only writes for us

The ridiculous, terrifying, ongoing Jimmy Savile scandal is BS from beginning to end. It’s an attack on men, on women – and on freedom per se.

How did it happen that in the birthplace of democratic law, our police force are not only wasting their time and your money, but trampling on civil rights and wrecking lives, to prosecute people for doing things not in the present, but decades in the past, which not only can never be proven, but in all likelihood never happened?

Why are we letting them get away with it?

Well, it’s part accident, part clumsy conspiracy. The police are to blame, Murdoch is to blame, the BBC are to blame – but most of all – we are to blame.

We are the docile, idiot masses who have swallowed so much toxic nonsense all these years, wasting our lives burying our heads in papers and television until we are blind to the reality we live in.

We see a headline, we hear it repeated, and like sleep-learners, we spout it out ourselves, spreading lies we’ve been fed.

The prevailing media lie is that a growing scandal of appalling child abuse is emerging in the world of naff celebrity.

But this is nonsense. The real scandal is that a cabal of demented policemen is arresting a list of famous men on wild suspicion of committing harmless acts tens of years ago which were not illegal then, in many cases are not illegal now, and in most cases, probably never happened at all.

The only place there is a scandal of child abuse in Britain is in social services and the secret courts system, supported and sponsored by a subservient, increasingly brainwashed police.

So how is that the only topic of conversation in society at large is not the terror the state is wreaking on us, but this nonsense about celebrities with wandering hands?

And how have the police ended up themselves independently engineering this ludicrous social and political witch-hunt, which panders so perfectly to the dodgy political aims of our secular, anti-social, authoritarian establishment?

Well, it certainly wasn’t anyone’s explicit plan, and there is no conspiracy, except at the most amateur, ad-hoc level. Though it’s no less dangerous than a well-planned and executed conspiracy for all that, and deserves no less resistance and general attention.

Let’s start with the hacking scandal. A drunken former tabloid reporter, that cretin Paul McMullan, starts spilling the beans on Fleet Street’s famed ‘black arts’ – the wiles and ruses that rebellious, anti-establishment hacks with no regard for their own reputations or safety use to get the dirt on the great and not so good – as well as, it turns out, information on anyone Rupert Murdoch decides he wants information on. McMullan, like so many drunks, is an over-emotional egotist who simply won’t shut up. Finally, after he’s screamed every secret he knows to the high heavens and disavowed himself of every possible thing he did in his varied career which might have hurt someone, the dim-witted powers that be clock on to him, and, trailing after a bunch of thick, selfish actors who can’t deal with being in the public eye, a bunch of senior, unelected officials, judges, lawyers, and general power-brokers who’ve forsaken the increasingly impotent Masons for a new power structure – the immensely dodgy and fascistic Common Purpose group – start pushing the police and Parliament for action. State broadcaster the BBC – run by idiots – backs them up blindly. Soon enough, we have Leveson – a public show trial of every reporter who ever chased a story. And not much time passes before the establishment have the ammunition they need: in amongst all the rather predictable exposures of devious ruses used to check up on people with whom no-one has much sympathy – oversexed celebs, rich royals – someone somewhere on a Murdoch paper has tapped into Millie Dowlers messages – cue a clusterf@*k. Millie Dowler, tragically, has been murdered, her parents, understandably, make the rather tenuous but emotive statement that, because worried hacks covering their behinds deleted messages they tapped into, they thought their daughter was still alive when she was in fact dead.

This is at best a rather academic point. Seen in the context of the unthinkable overall ordeal of waiting to find out if your daughter is still alive, is it even that relevant? But now of course Murdoch is hoist on his own petard: after years making a living capitalising on just such emotive and illogical angles, he looks like a soap opera villain getting his just deserts – and then surprises one and all by doing what any good reporter facing a crisis does – owning up to it and meeting his accusers face to face. Precious little thanks he gets, and the establishment make short shrift of the fact that the Dowler family, against all BBC expectations, recognise he’s genuinely remorseful.

Time goes on and more and more mud is thrown at the press. This is mainly Murdoch’s fault for being a genius businessman rather than a great journalist like his father. Born into a rich family, Murdoch lacked empathy (to say the least, if you believe Conrad Black), and developed a penchant for picking on ordinarly defenceless people in his tabloid papers, a tendency heightened in the UK by his antipodean dislike of Britain in general, passed down to his staff, and left to run riot in newsrooms full of over-excited reporters suddenly given carte blache to line up and shoot every sacred cow they can lay their hands on, and so what if there’s a few civilians gunned down in the process? Rupert eggs them on as they do what journalists should do – acquire information at all and any costs from the most authoritative possible sources. Naturally they pay anyone they can – with the police no exception. So whose fault is that? The hacks or the cops?

Obviously it’s the cops. So the police are the ones really shaken by the hacking scandal. A scandal in which the police rather than any reporters – are corrupt. So now, in the build up to a big public hacking trial in which as many police as reporters will tell all, they’re desperate to restore their standing with the public- and what better means than the Savile hysteria? With the whole press again right behind them, leading the public on? Who cares about the rights and wrong? For the police force, it’s a question of survival, and here’s how.

Almost all historical abuse enquiries with very very few exceptions are based on completely false allegations, made by disturbed or addicted adults pursuing compensation. And because of the nature of the historical evidence, conviction is all but inevitable. But this is a massive unreported scandal the press and public are incapable of dealing with, (mainly thank to Rebekah Wade at the Sun in the last decade). So with the Savile thing the police are on a roll: they don’t care who’s guilty or who’s not, or if any crimes were really committed by anyone, their superiors are desperate to restore public sympathy and many officers who’ve been given diversity and other training have become fanatical and evangelical about supposed sex crime, while excited by the prospect of high profile celebrity convictions that will send their careers stellar. There’s no precedent for it in the UK; you have to look to the McCarthy hearings in the US and even there’s no direct comparison. Sadly the media are worse than useless in the face of this. Firstly, newspaper management was knocked sideways by Leveson. When Common Purpose organised Leveson, rather than criticise or analyse what was going on, the BBC, who are after all the Government broadcasters, took sides with Leveson, and went for the papers, out of pure stupidity and childish female spite (the BBC today is completely guided by radical feminists). They jumped at the chance to tear a chunk out of the tabloid press they hate so much, at the call of the CP goons involved in Leveson. So later, when Savile happened – the tabloid press hit back at the BBC. So now what have you got? The powers that be have got the media tearing itself to pieces and they can get away with pretty much anything. Which leaves a bunch of ambitious authoritarians with police powers running around arresting pathetic former celebrities in many cases literally for slapping a member of the opposite sex’s rear – at a time when such behaviour was not only turned a blind eye to – you’d have been unpopular if you didn’t do it, it was part of popular culture. How is that a crime?

There is no crime. There is no Savile scandal. The Savile story is two things: firstly, a fluke – who would have thought Jimmy Savile, who did so many purely good things and and was so widely loved, would be not a paedophile, let’s note, but a hebophile, whose pathetic indiscretions with teenage girls wouldn’t lapse when he himself grew up, as is the case with most young people, but carry on driving him into all sorts of absurd and sleazy situations. Secondly, a gift – to a panicking and discredited police force. Now they can arrest a load of well known attention grabbing idiots on the basis of rumour and bullshit and take everyone’s eye off the ball, whilst being all but sure of unjust convictions.

Personally I think they’re out of control – have you noticed how anyone who publicly criticises the Savile investigation is arrested? Max Clifford? Jim Davidson? I suspect the officers are starting to run into problems as they realise they don’t really have a case and are terrified of being exposed and properly shamed themselves. So they’re plunging deeper and deeper into overt witch-hunt tactics. But lastly, and worst for all of us, of course the effect this will all have on society is going to be to breed more distrust, create more delusion and mental illness, and further fragment the general public away from the safe zone of family and friends, making them repressed, and sick, unhappy and unbalanced, and pushing them into a place where officials can get at them.

The BBC is to blame more than anyone in this. Their laughable news division is a disgrace to journalism. You expect profit-driven papers to go blindly for ratings – but what excuse do the BBC have? Liberalism is dead at the BBC. They have virtually no male perspective, and as a result they’re one of the most illiberal institutions on issues of supposed ‘sex crime’ – which is the key tool Governments are using to terrify and control the populace: it’s no coincidence Julian Assange has been falsely accused of rape, and it’s a good job he doesn’t have any real sexual kinks, they’d have done for him years ago. No-one wants to think about it or talk about it because it’s all so unsavoury and we all like to think of ourselves as socially acceptable, particularly sexually. But imagine Government had total access to your conjugal bed – the way the law is, no matter how boring you are between the sheets, they’d probably be able to arrest you at will.

Think about it: this is a country in which young boys of 16 are placed on sex offenders registers simply for trying to get to base two with other young girls of the same age outside nightclubs. In feminist inspired sex crime laws the police and courts have found a universal tool they can apply to anyone who has ever had sex, and with the advent of online sex crime, even those who haven’t. It’s a prison society, and historically feminists will rightly be blamed.

Remember how in 1984 the most passionate advocates of celibacy and gender hatred are the sashed brigades of young women? Well Orwell had it spot on: that’s exactly where we all are with modern sex laws. All that would happen to Winston and Julia now would be that Winston would be arrested for sexual assault and she would testify against him through embarrassment, corralled by evangelical police officers. Then she’d probably sell her story to Bella Magazine to top up her compensation. Unless someone punctures the Savile inquiry soon, it’s going to get worse and worse and worse.

We’re reaching the exact point America reached with McCarthy – and we don’t seem to have an Ed Morrow or a Wall Street Journal to stand up and blow the thing apart.

But if no-one does anything, we really are heading for more and more trouble.

As things stand already, the only difference between todays state and the state of 1984 is that whereas in Orwell’s state terror was employed, in todays state, it’s more like Huxley’s Brave New World.

They’re soft chains that bind us, but still chains for all that. And it’s well past time to break free.

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