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WHEN I’M ’64

A long lost home movie showing Penzance almost half a Century ago is proving a You Tube smash hit.

The sepia-tinted colour snapshots of the town show horse riders cantering along the main street alongside Hillman cars, and rows of since-forgotten small family-run shops.

A number 14 double-decker bus in attractive green livery is shot repeatedly passing Drews Florists, Tonkins and D.J Andrew and Sons.

The cameraman also takes in long vistas of brightly-coloured Morrab Gardens, kids playing on the promenade and girls bathing at the original Lido.

At one point a black-helmeted local bobby speeds past the camera on a nifty single-speed police-issue bicycle. Later the same lofty officer helps with a broken down car.

There’s even a small group of rockers – waddling their way along along Market Jew Street in tight jeans, winklepickers and leather jackets.

The short video’s clocked up nearly 35,000 hits on You Tube. It features on a channel run by a French amateur and historical film enthusiast posting under the pseudonym ‘TrizOOmic’.

Tourists are enjoying the channel while locals are noting the lack of ‘yellow lines, cops with cars and security cameras’.

One visitor to the town wrote: “Penzance in the 60s was trendy and very sunny (at least in your video), nowadays it is still charming but these days a bit wet.”

While a local noted: “Yes, it would then have been 95% Cornish accents in the streets.

“No yellow lines, security cameras or druggies with dogs. There were good old finger signposts, and even cops without cars, body armour or a sergeant in a clipped-on blue matchbox!

“Now. we’re flooded with in-migrants, some of whom think they own the place, then get onto the councils knowing bugger-all about the place, and´╗┐ don’t care as long as they can be big fish, and the result?

“A one-great town visibly dying on its feet.”

What do you think of the 1964 film? Were things better back then? Let us know! Just post or vote below!

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