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It’s likely to flood again tonight (Tues/Weds).

There are Met Office warnings of further heavy rain and strong winds tonight and later this week.

And the council have already put out a warning saying they have ‘no statutory obligation’ to provide anyone with sandbags.

Instead they’re “asking residents to be prepared and take precautions where necessary.”
A spokeswoman said: “Warnings have been given for heavy rain and strong winds affecting parts of Cornwall in the early hours of Wednesday, 19 December. 

“There will then be a period of dry weather for a few hours during the day on Wednesday before more heavy rain comes into Cornwall around 6pm on Wednesday evening and overnight into Thursday.

“The wet weather and strong winds are then expected to continue throughout Thursday, with levels of rainfall between 30 and 40mm and some intense localised downpours of intense rain expected at times.
“As this rain will be falling onto saturated ground, there are concerns that some parts of Cornwall could be affected by surface water and localised flooding.  

“There could also be some disruption to travel.  
“While there is expected to be a brief interlude of dry weather on Friday, there are early indications that more heavy rain and strong winds could affect Cornwall over the weekend, particularly on Saturday, 22 December. 

“Again this could lead to some localised flooding.
“Officers from Cornwall Council’s Highways, Environment, Fire and Rescue and Emergency Management services are monitoring the situation closely and are on standby to deal with any problems.
“Although the tides will not be as high as last weekend, the strong winds could result in large waves which could create problems if people go to view them.   Members of the public are being advised of the potential danger of storm and wave watching in coastal areas.”
She added: “During last month’s flooding a number of householders reported difficulties in obtaining sandbags when the severe weather affected their local area.

“Neither the Council nor the Environment Agency has a statutory duty to provide sandbags.”

Cornwall council spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money every year on political ‘Commissar’ style appointments of radical feminists to highly-paid office jobs that centre on indoctrinating the public into their discredited and bigoted political beliefs.

At a time when the country is up in arms over acivil rights abuse scandal in ‘Childrens Social Services’ of historical proportions, and in the midst of an national austerity drive they just took on three senior childrens social workers.

The full cost of the Social Services departments of council, whose staff are unaccountable to the public, whose actions are cloaked in secrecy and who routinely threaten any press who challenge that secrecy, makes up more than 50 per-cent of the overall budget and runs into millions of pounds.

In the UK and US ‘Social Services’ inspire a mixture of hatred and fear.

The internet has given a loud if disparate voice to a whole series of amateur websites highlighting Social Service and ‘Family’ Court forced suicides in the West.

And a gradual realisation of the extent and nature of their crimes against humanity is leading many to view them in a a damning historical perspective , and demand abolition, and prosecution.

Cornwall Council is still handing them out awards,, and organising expensive hotel conferences for them, which you, the pubic, pay for.

But when it comes to stopping flooding, they want you to sort it out ourselves.

The spokeswoman went on: “During last month’s flooding a number of householders reported difficulties in obtaining sandbags when the severe weather affected their local area.

“As neither the Council nor the Environment Agency has a statutory duty to provide sandbags, anyone whose property is prone to flooding should ensure they have a supply of sandbags ready to protect their home or business should they need to.  

“Local communities are also encouraged to check with vulnerable neighbours in case they need help with obtaining flood protection materials.”
She advised: “Sandbags can be obtained from builders merchants, DIY and hardware stores. Anyone who is unsure if their property is at risk can check on the environment agency website Environment Agency or call the floodline on 0845 988 1188.”
And she added: “Anyone with responsibility for community Christmas lights and decorations should ensure they are properly secured against strong winds and consider turning off Christmas lights if the weather deteriorates.  We would also advise checking for any damp or damage before turning them back on. Any problems should be dealt with by a qualified electrician. ”

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