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These cracking pix come to you courtesy of the Kernow King’s wonderful Facebook page: check it out!

Hundreds of Pasty Protestors braved the pouring rain on Sunday afternoon

From OAPs to toddlers and from Plymouth to Penzance snack-fans furious at toffee-nosed George Osborne’s 20 per-cent pasty tax plans joined the throng.

The swelling crowd massed on Falmouth’s Moor and made their way through town to Events Square for rally speeches and local bands.

Ned Robertson, 27, from Plymouth, Kit Thomas, 32, from Calstock, 29 year old Tricky Matthews from Metherell near Callington and Joe Scarrott, 32, from Golberdon, turned out with colourful banners.

Kit explained: “I’m pissed off George Osborne wants to tax my pasty.”

And Joe added: “We’re all fed up with being taxed for this and then that and everything else – now he wants to get his hands on our pasties – and we’re not having it!”

The Keating family showed up with twin tots Madeleine and Freya proudly displaying their ‘Keep Your Hands off My Pasty’ poster.

Dave Keating explained: “This is Madelaine and Freya’s first protest: we’re raising revolutionaries!”

And the twins mum Estelle added: “I think with the average wage so low in Cornwall a 20 per-cent levy on the Pasty industry is going to make a massive difference.

“The effect on the local economy could be phenonemal and hopefully the march showed how strongly we all feel about it.”

Little Madelaine and Freya backed up Mum and Dad by shouting: “What do want? PASTIES! How do we want them: HOT!”

The event was organised by local comic Ed Rowe; the 33 year old from Falmouth headed the march as his popular character ‘Kernow King’.

Ed told us: “It was minging weather. But there must be been between 500 and a thousand people here; it’s a fantastic turnout.

“Highlight of the afternoon has to be Andrew George speaking to the crowd ahead of Porthleven Dinghy Club.

“But we were all really pleased with the turnout. Everyone made a fantastic effort.”

The Pasty Tax saga kicked off when the coalition decided to slap VAT on pasties and pies as they went cold for this years budget.

Cllr Alex Folkes got the ball rolling on Facebook with his Say No To The Pasty Tax page, currently standing at 6,000 followers plus.

The Pasty protest caught the national mood and before you could say ‘Don’t Tax My Pasty’ the nationals were all over it.

Pretty soon the Prime Minister had made a total arse of himself in Parliament wibbling about a pasty he’d never eaten at a railway station somewhere in the dark recesses of his addled mind.

Then Deputy MP Nick Clegg was forced to apologise on TV after Cornish Lib Dem hopeful Joseph Swain unfairly blamed the Tories for the disastrous VAT-hike.

And finally Lib Dem MP Steve Gilbert stepped in line for general pillory after comparing hot pasties to a hitherto unheard of brand of hot caviar.

A rebel vote against the pasty tax was defeated, but Cornwall’s united MPs are still hoping to lay on the pressure.

Local Cllr and deputy opposition leader Alex Folkes turned up to back the march.

The Launceston Cllr said: “In Parliament, all Cornish MPs backed the campaign to abolish the pasty tax.

“This is a campaign where, regardless of party, Cornwall is united against a proposal which will cost jobs and hurt our economy.

“Local MPs and councillors are working closely with the pasty manufacturers to make our case to ministers.

“We are still hopeful that they will see sense and withdraw this stupid idea.”

“The more people who come along to the march on 29th April, the louder our voice will be heard in Whitehall.”

Meanwhile Penzance teenager Chris McKee celebrated the AntiPasty Rebellion by baking a cracking ONE FOOT LONG traditional snack – pictured above.

The sixteen year old posted: “A Big Foot Long Pasty, that’s what the Cornish want, and without any Pasty Tax attached :P”

Chris went on: “Here’s my giant home made pasty measuring a whopping 1foot 1inch in lenth and 9inch in width.

“Now thats a proper job well done!”

So well done one and all!

Now don’t forget to say Kernow King’s anti-pasty tax prayer before you go to sleep tonight!


Our Cornish Pasty
Some bleddy idiot wants to tax
There will be hell up
If you touch me large steak

Give us this day our daily pasty
And forgive those that use carrots
But not bleddy idiots like Osborne and Cameron

Tastin the bewtie
Of a real Cornish Pasty
For ever and ever

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5 Responses to SOGGY! SOGGY! SOGGY!

  1. Kinger

    April 21, 2012 at 7:42 am

    I wonder why no one has challenged the fact that VAT is already paid on the fuel to cook and keep our pasties hot. Can it be right and ethical to have to pay twice?
    There has to be an argument in there somewhere.

  2. Chris Mckee

    April 29, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    That pasty measuring 1 foot fed 3 of us Cornish pixies 🙂

  3. Anti-Pasty

    April 29, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    why should Pastys be exempt?,,,you pay your tax on all hot snack food,,,
    I would love to hear any good enough reasons why Pastys should be exempt when all hot snack food is taxed (and has been for years) If anything Pastys have been Tax-Dodging FOR YEARS. what next,,,All Cornish products/company’s are exempt from VAT because erm they come from Cornwall??? Do I not have to pay my road tax now because im in Cornwall??? Has Cornwall become a Tax Haven that I dont know about???,,,GET A GRIP AND PAY YOUR TAX, AFTER ALL THOSE WHO BUY PASTYS HAVE BEEN DODGING TAX FOR YEARS ALREADY…

  4. Gregg Ginster

    April 29, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    A protest march about the rising cost of a snack food!
    It’s proof that there is very little to moan about in Cornwall.
    Guns? Crime? Corruption? No, just slightly more expensive pasties.
    I’m seriously glad to live here.

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