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Social workers and family lawyers are suspected of killing a South West father because he tried to stop them abducting his children

Gary Jenkins was found hanged in the second week of March.

He left a note saying he was driven to suicide by a secret family tribunal, in which social workers had stolen his children, and blackmailed him for the infants return.

The tribunal banned the supposedly ‘free press’ from reporting his case, their abuse of his children – and even finally their victims death.

But in a final desperate act of defiance the terrorised Dad used Facebook to make sure his friends and family in Devon and Cornwall knew what had happened.

Gary’s final Wall post reads: “Change your system so dads can have their 50/50 rights.”

“Fathers have no chance – I could never put my kid through what I went through.”

Shortly after leaving his explicit and clear political message, the tortured father was found dead by police.

The Conservative Party promised when elected to introduce fair and equal 50/50 parental rights for fathers.

But they lied, and depending on the outcome of an inquest, David Cameron may legally have Gary’s blood on his hands.

Friends of the victim said Mr Cameron was morally responsible to Gary’s children for the loss of their father.

Gary came from nearby Exeter but close friends in East Cornwall devastated by his loss told CCN of the tragedy after local papers lied that they “couldn’t run the story”.

One friend told us: “Gary fought hard to see his children but he kept saying he had “no chance” in the family courts.

“He couldn’t tell anyone what was going on because the proceedings are all censored and he started to feel suicidal.

“Social services set out to kill him in my opinion. He wanted equality for Dads, and they know that will mean an end to all their power.

“Most of all though he just couldn’t deal with the fact that the state had taken his children away and he was powerless.

“It’s a terrible tragedy. He was a good Dad. The family lawyers and the social workers who killed him are the ones that should be on trial.”

There is a tremendous cover up going on of an epidemic of male suicide in Devon, Cornwall and beyond directly caused by our social workers and “family court” staff.

Four thousand men every year suicide in the UK: a 70 per-cent rise in less than a decade.

Cornwall’s feminist Coroner Dr Emma Carlyon is a notorious for recording absurd verdicts to cover up the truth behind male suicide in the Duchy.

Married to a social worker, she once ruled that a man who announced: “I want to see my kid – I’m going to kill myself” – suicided because his father abused him: a claim for which there was no evidence of any kind.

Even sensible establishment figures are too scared to criticise or blame the reviled court system and its tyrannical off-shoots.

Other officials bend over backwards not to blame the hated CSA in cases where suicide is often beyond reasonable doubt.

In Gary’s case – none of the local newspapers reported his death.

There are no reporting restrictions surrounding the reporting of a death, and no rules of sub judice concerning Coroners hearings as there are in suspected crimes.

The only pathetic excuse they could give is that the ‘family court’ Gary blamed for his death has itself gagged them – and they are obeying the gagging order.

But campaigners terrorised by the secret tribunals are increasingly rising up against their tyrannical control of the corporate media, police and courts.

The Civil Rights groups are revealing details of suicides of fathers caused by the law online.

Here in the free press, let there be no doubt among our readers as to the reason Gary Jenkins gave for why he died.

Here is his Facebook post in full:

“Change your system so that Dads can have 50/50 rights.

“Fathers have no chance even if we are the best Dads we ever wanted to be, as I could never put my kid through what I went through.

“I will miss a lot of you, hope you are happy now and may think of all the good times some of us had, but I’m afraid enough is enough… more bullshit here – you have broke me.”

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Do you know who the social workers and “family lawyers” were involved in Gary’s case and whose actions Gary said led to his death? Abducting children is a crime under EU law. The Convention on Human Rights guarantees citizens a right to a family life. Name and shame the culprits in Garys case and help us expose them in the public interest, and bring them to justice. Mail us or just leave a note below

Are you being driven to the edge by child abusers posing as welfare officials, lawyers and police but acting undemocratically and outside of their role in a free and civil society? Don’t despair! ūüėÄ Contact CCN today. We will do everything in our power to expose any injustice that is being done to you. Don’t phone the local paper: they share offices with a firm of family lawyers. Contact us now

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39 Responses to ‘FAMILY COURT KILLED ME’

  1. admin

    April 2, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Louise Cain-Tullett commented on this story: “Very sad :-(‘

  2. Jamie

    April 2, 2012 at 9:15 am

    That is very sad, the poor man.

    These corrupt courts are run by peadophiles.

    They should stop stealing our children so they can make thousands upon thousands of pounds out of each child kidnapping.

    Look up Hollie Greig and Bill Maloney

  3. jem pogue

    April 2, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Thankyou for being the only paper that has the balls to report on the truth as to what our “family law” really means to those who get dragged into there web of lies and deceit !
    R.I.P. Gary sadly you are far from the first nor by any means will you be the last ūüôĀ
    Jem Pogue Real Fathers For Justice

  4. wayne pryor

    April 3, 2012 at 9:37 am

    the family legal system needs serious reform to prevent further deaths,please show your support not only for gary and his family but also for those working hard behind the scenes to expose the crap that goes on behind the doors of the secret family courts…this can simply be done by sharing this story far and wide,simply click on the link to reccomend the story and please feel free to comment direct here on the cornwall community news,lets show we care….hats of to all you guys working hard to expose the truth…

  5. andrew

    April 3, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    google child stealing by the state visit facebook one voice for the kids this happens every day and david cameron will not investigate this scandal he will have the parents of the uk and ireland to answer 2 on july 27th 10am downing street london 2012 olympic day

  6. admin

    April 3, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    An email correspondent named as Ruarri Moriarty posted: “Thank you for your courageous article. I agree with the idea the court
    practioners must now be held accountable for their abuse of society and
    in particular society’s most vulnerable, its children, for their own
    material gain. The system has perfected itself to entice one side in
    family disputes into irredeemable conflict and therefore payment to the
    ‘Family Courts’ professionals.

    The mechanism is simple – they encourage dispute between parents by
    holding the prospect of ‘winning’ total control over children’s time to
    one side alone, employing a disguise that one gender is capable of
    parenthood and the other is not. The fault lies with the corruption of
    the system through the material greed of its practitioners. This must be
    brought to an end through outside action, as the judiciary are incapable
    of internal reform which will so drastically reduce their earnings.

    A total refusal to participate further with the Family Courts imposed
    silence surrounding their systematic abuse of children by middle class
    professionals is needed.

    A British father”

  7. Angry Grandparent

    April 3, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    I do know from my own experience of a social worker named Sue Hogshaw who joined Cornwall from the Midlands leaving a trail of serious complaints behind her, she was moving up the echelon somewhat in the early 2000’s and is a very corrupt social worker.

    Shake the tree, check SW’s maiden names and their registration details, many social workers with complaints reregister under their maiden names and no complaints exist then.

    I am a grandparent every day facing the same despair as this poor man, I too lost my grandchildren, I was shot down by lies and a corrupt expert to stop them living with me.

  8. Geoff Salter

    April 3, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    How very very sad especially for the little one left behind.

    For 3 years I have been challenging Glos county council for their social workers failed to see me as required under the children’s safeguarding policy, ignored my daughters wish to be with me and have continuously lied to try to pervert the course of justice. The chief exec even stopped my Councillors communicating with me as part of their cover up. I am now told that all the lies recorded by council staff will be retained for at least 9 years even though they should not exist!! Where is the justice for the innocent fathers

  9. Bernadette O'Neill

    April 4, 2012 at 12:44 am

    It is sickening how badly Fathers who love their children are treated by the Social Workers and Courts in Devon on Divorce after working for many years to pay for the house ,keeping his family supplied with all they need and more ,on Divorce he loose’s everything including his children and has to go to court to fight for access to see his children after being in the family unit for many years he is also the main breadwiner he is if he is lucky after going in and out of Court which is expensive get a few hours one day a week to his own children for the woman has all the power and stops access , The Social Service workers and the Courts are guilty of child abuse they are denying the childrens right to see their fathers causing damage which effects the children when they become adults ,they become damaged adults . I am a Grandmother who has been denied all contact with my grandchildren by the Mother.I can’t even send them presents or birthday cards, the childrens father is in a terrible state she has got the house ,half his pension, and maintence ,+he pays all the bills ,yet he can’t see his children. SHAME ON SOCIAL WORKERS AND THE DEVON COURTS. > natashia K. <

  10. dad4justice

    April 4, 2012 at 9:35 am

    The family court has killed many good dads in my country in New Zealand. The family court killed my mum! Fact.

  11. admin

    April 4, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Helen Harris posted of this story: “The court system is just not fair,all in favour of the mother ,this needs to be changed.”

  12. james

    April 4, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    i know how hard it is because i am going though the same, if i could just tell someone in a few words then it would be easy but with everything what’s happening i could go on and on and whos got the time to listen, i have tried fathers group and it was run by a women solicitor. my love goes out to garys family and hope the kid/kids always know how much love there daddy had, and think gary would of been a coolest dad in the world REST IN PEACE GARY

  13. Chrissy

    April 4, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    I agree with all the comments and can relate to this. I am a grandmother having to watch my son go through the same. He has his children with him for the present but from day to day he doesn’t know for how much longer. He loves his children so much yet the SS keep knocking him back. He does an amazing job but regardless they are so negative to the point of being petty. Yet, the mothers get 100% support and should not get any, for legal reasons I cannot say why!!!!! All I see is that the children are not a priority, which they should be. I have produced reports and concerns yet they have been ignored. I fear for what may happen tomorrow?

  14. Chrissy

    April 4, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    R.I.P. Gary. So sorry the system let you down

  15. E.L.DAD

    April 5, 2012 at 5:55 am

    The human rights abuses carried against Fathers/Children in this country WILL soon become clear to see to all. Thanks to groups like Real Fathers For Justice(RF4J) and media outlets like Cornwall Community News(CNN) Many thanks to both for their exposure of this most important of societies issues, the routine child abuse industry known as the ‘Family’ court. I am also a estranged Father, for 10 long years I have been battling with the so called ‘family’ courts and still to this day not seen my angel of a daughter for 4 long years. After numerous un founded and un proven, False allegations were made against me by my ex I was ‘given’ ONLY one way indirect letter contact. I would despair if it was not for RF4J. R.I.P Gary

  16. Steve

    April 5, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Steve … Fathers Union of Australia …

    The exact same is happening here too in Australia, up to 3 deaths a day …

  17. james

    April 5, 2012 at 11:25 am

    so many storeys about broken fathers, everyone got a story to tell, but why has there been no change in this law, i am bagging for this government just to show a bit of compassion and understanding for men, please. Open these courts up to more people, let there be a jury, best interest in the child or best interest in making money, we love are children so much and will not give up. Frighting on for gary and are kids. MUCH LOVE

  18. admin

    April 7, 2012 at 11:10 am

    A father who couldn’t provide their name because the “family court” has abducted their son, is blackmailing them at the moment and would stop the two hourly visitations they allow him to his abducted child and jail him for contempt if he revealed the names of those involved posted in response to this article:

    “Hello CNN.

    I would like to say how impressed I am with your newspaper and its willingness to expose the corruption going on in the Family courts of our so called ‘free democracy’ here in the UK.

    I read about the case of the poor father ‘Gary Jenkins’, I felt sorry for what he had been through in being excluded from his children and empathize with why he killed himself, I too have similar feelings often. I too have been excluded from my sons life and for the last 4 years have battled through the secret courts here in Sheffield to see the son I love so dearly, with little success.

    I would like to tell you a little of the details of my case in the following true story. My story here was published by ‘Real father for Justice’, but because of court restrictions of secrecy my name was changed to ‘George’. However, besides that all is totally factual and true. I am feeling desperate that no one is willing to help me, this is a last ditch attempt to get help, here is my story:

    George’s case study.

    The Following is a real case; events are totally factual although names have been changed. Owing to the rules of the secret family courts, concerning disclosure, I am not able to supply the real names of my son or of my ex here. I assure you all that this is real and true and factual.

    George is in his fifties now and lives in the shadows of the Pennine Mountains, the backbone of England. He spends most of his time with his new partner, Christina, who lives some ten miles away. George has been involved in family court proceedings for over 4 years to gain access to his son, Adam, who he loves with all his heart and Adam feels the same way about his dad. For the first 5 years of Adam¬ís life George was his main carer. Mary, his former partner, was and still is a career woman. George willingly shelved his small business so he could care for their son at home, leaving Mary to concentrate on the finances, it seemed sensible at the time. Eventually and sadly George’s relationship with Mary broke down and they separated back to their own respective homes, but still remained amicable to each other. They drew up a plan where they both agreed to share Adam’s care on a 50-50 basis and put this in writing. Although George did not have PR for Adam, owing to the date of Adam’s birth, he believed that his ex would remain honest and truthful to the agreement. Unfortunately this did not quite go the way George believed or planned. Two years after their separation all was going smoothly, George was fully involved with Adam’s education and was collecting him from school regularly, and when it was George¬ís turn to have Adam he would stay at his father¬ís home in his own bedroom. Since George had been the main carer for Adam, since his birth, he had developed all the skills and love needed to give Adam all the security that would help him grow and flourish.

    One day, out of the blue, George was contacted by his ex, Mary, telling him that she had now started a new relationship with someone new and that George was no longer needed to pick Adam up from school anymore and she would make other arrangements for those days. George felt left out and in the dark about this ¬ďorder¬Ē it worried him that it might be the beginnings of losing his son. He emailed Mary to politely inform her that he wasn’t going to obey her just because she knew he didn’t have PR. George contacted a solicitor who told him that his ex had no right to unilaterally change the agreement that had been in force for some years, he was advised to carry on as best he could. George collected his son from school on a day that was normal for him to do so and took him to McDonalds for tea. While there he received a phone call from the police accusing him of abduction and that he was going to harm Adam. George was astonished and deeply perplexed at what Mary had done and told them, he knew it was all lies. The next day George took Adam back to school as was normal and kissed and hugged him goodbye. From there George went directly home he found that his door had been broken down and that the police had rifled through his files and turned everything over leaving an utter mess. He then phoned the police to say he had arrived home and that perhaps they might want to talk to him, expecting to be arrested, but what for he didn’t know? The police came but did not arrest George and didn’t even give him a verbal warning, not after he explained the truth and showed them the agreement drawn up with him and Mary. It seems that the police had spent ¬£20,000 pounds looking for Adam overnight with extra man power brought in and a police helicopter used. One police officer sympathized with George telling him that he himself was involved in the family courts at the moment and was being given few rights to see his child, this unnerved George greatly. Mary managed, without George’s knowledge, to obtain an emergency ex parte injunction prohibiting him from going anywhere near Adam¬ís school or her house, he was amazed at this and the blatant unfairness in that he had no opportunity to speak at the hearing, since he had not been informed of it.

    After a year of hearings at the family courts George was allowed access to Adam who was by now 6 years of age. An interim order was made giving him contact for 6 hours a week, but supervised by friends. Why the supervision? George had no idea, but was forced to accept it as he was told that it was the only way he would get to see the son he loved. After some time and with Cafcass involvement the contact arrangement was halted giving George no access to the son he loves. After a further 6 months battling through the courts eventually George was allowed contact again, but this time at a local private contact centre, having to personally finance the arrangement himself to the tune of some ¬£75 for each visit lasting for just 2 hours a month. If that wasn¬ít enough, Cafcass have now arranged for contact to be supervised by two ¬Ďbouncers¬í from ¬ĎCore children¬ís services¬í, invoicing George over ¬£700 for the service and possibly rising to ¬£800 if contact reports are required.

    And the reason he is so closely supervised? Following advice from his solicitor, yes George had indeed collected Adam from school that day as was the normal with the shared care arrangement. Post separation they had sat down and had both signed up to that written agreement to share parenting of Adam. A contract George thought superseded any individual parent being able to trump the other, he had that in writing and it was signed by both parents of the child. Only the day came when his former partner unilaterally decided to break the agreement and withhold all access forthwith, but certainly this had nothing to do with George being a bad father or that he had ever harmed his son, this attitude of his ex was not to Adam’s welfare at all, as he only wanted to see his father and screamed his point of view many times at the supervisors and to the court welfare officer from Cafcass.

    Greater detail

    George’s solicitor had advised him that his ex had no right to alter the agreement and he should try to carry on as normal within his routine, but of course trying not to antagonize her. George’s routine was to collect Adam from school a thing he’d done since Adam had started his education. So, on that occasion George went 30 minutes early so as to avoid any confrontation at the school gates. The school was only too happy to hand Adam over to his dad, with no fuss or problems, and gave him a child release form signed by the school to take Adam out of school early. To Adam this was just another usual happy day with his father.

    On discovering that George had had the audacity to disobey her and pick up Adam from school the mother phoned the police, She Accused George of abducting their son, making allegations that he would hurt him and was mentally ill. The police rang George on his mobile, he told them not to listen to such nonsense and that Adam would be in school the next day as per usual and as is written in the agreement.

    They stayed with friends that night, aware that Adam’s mother would probably be at his home causing a scene that may have distressed Adam, little did he know that police had battered down his door during the night. At his own home and under close police supervision George spent the next 6 hours under police custody; he was released without charge or even a caution following his interview. The interviewing officer could see he was a reasonable man, not the lunatic his ex had portrayed him to be. The police eventually realized what was going on here and expressed their annoyance at spending thousands of pounds in man hours and searching for George’s car with the police helicopter.

    The next day and unknown to George his ex had been able to secure an ex-parte emergency family court hearing. She was granted an injunction barring George from going anywhere near Adam’s school or her home. George was not even allowed a chance to defend himself to her allegations, all done in secret without notice. Thus began an ongoing nightmare of family court hearings that have wiped out George’s savings and restricted Adam of any contact with his father during these, by now, 4 years of hearings.

    George has 2 hours a month supervised contact with Adam, even prisoners get more visiting time! For some strange reason he is prevented any of Adam’s school reports and ordered not to talk about Adam’s education or about anything remotely connected with his mother. Despite the false surroundings, Adam asks for more time with his father and gets upset when their short time together comes to an end each month.

    The supervisors report well and their feedback has always been positive. They have written many reports for the Cafcass officer on how happy Adam is to see his father and how George is a more than a capable father. However, Cafcass and the courts have not listened and the close supervision has remained in place.

    Recently, due to problems fabricated by his ex, the manager of the contact centre told George they would not be able to continue supplying a facility for contact with his son Adam. It seems that George is not paying enough for them to be bothered with handling extra issues thrown up by his ex. And so the inevitable visit back to court making for more delays and more separation from Adam.

    So Cafcass sent George an agreement for future contact supervision, the cost will now be around £90 per hour, he has an invoice of £726 for 8 hours to cover the next 4 months sessions. Previously the contact centre provision was also charged, but not at this outrageous figure. 4 years ago, when all this first started, George was able to use his friends as supervisors, but they have been ousted by Cafcass as not fit or possibly biased in favour of George. The involvement of Cafcass has not made the process easier for George. In-fact to him it seems that they are determined to arrange things so that he either gives up due to frustration or lack of funds.

    George has finally lost his business due to stress of the last 4 years, and funds are nonexistent. His attending endless court hearings and related appointments has left him feeling hopeless and debased. Now he has to seek medical help to deal with his stress and this in turn has been used against him to suggest that he is ill and not fit to care for his son a thing he was well able to do and happily did before his ex brought these proceedings. George knows that things are stacked purposely against him; it leaves him with a stark choice of going into debt, or giving up what little contact he has.

    George says ¬ďI feel suicidal, without hope, debased and made to feel like I am a terrible father, yet in my heart I know I am a good dad. Someone who has stood by my son since the very day he was born. I was his main carer, I was his play mate, his security and I love him to bits.¬Ē

    ¬ďI have faced many allegations that seem to be regularly plucked out of thin air; the Cafcass officer believes every word my ex says and reports them to the court as facts without any investigation or reference back to me. My ex can say whatever she wants and it is given credence and my side of the story is never sought and my efforts to toe the line in this process go unnoticed and ignored¬Ē

    ¬ďMy life is on hold while this process goes on; I cannot turn my back on my son, yet cannot afford to pay Carcass¬ís huge financial demands to see him each month¬Ē

    ¬ďI am at the end of my tether and have joined RFFJ to raise awareness of cases like mine.¬Ē

    Recently (March 14th2012) George won his appeal at the high court in London, the Judges sympathised at the rough deal he had been offered and said that little attention had been paid to what Adam wanted, and that was more contact and more time with his dad. George is still traumatised by what has happened, and feels deeply apprehensive about further hearings in the biased family courts. He knows that he might possibly have to go through the same hell again to see another psychologist again who will report whatever negatives is pre-loaded into the court bundle that she receives about him. George is presently complaining to the appropriate authorities about this so called expert’s evidence. He finds it distressing and tiresome, but he loves Adam enough to carry on with his fight for justice, not just for himself, but for the son that loves him. George has not seen his son for 14 months now, he is eager to get back to court before his ex alienates him completely, so that contact can be re-established. George does not want to take Adam from his mother, he knows that their son loves her and he would not do anything to change that, in fact he would encourage it. However, he writes often to Adam, but doesn¬ít know if the letters are forwarded to his son. Recently his ex has moved house and George has no idea where to, his ex will not agree to allow him to know of her new residence so he can write to Adam. All contact has now been severed from Adam; his father knows nothing at all about his life, NOTHING! The courts have all the information in this regard, but see fit to allow this situation to continue. And the courts are there for the welfare of our children??? This is a huge joke to George; he believes they do more damage to families than good. He is sure of it. George waits to go back to the hell of the family courts to fight on in the world of total bias in favour of mothers, where fathers have to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they are good fathers fit to see their own flesh and blood. This is not the case for mothers, they are looked upon with sympathy, and surely mothers don¬ít lie do they…. do they??

  19. Ex-Kiwi

    April 11, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Exactly the same happens in New Zealand. We lost our son in a similar fashion to the fate of Gary. State authorities go to extraordinary lengths to break the family. If one files an official complaint, all that happens is the State complaint-handling authority lies, covers-up, and resorts to the most incredible shenanigans. If one tries to speak up about the unlawful activities against one’s familiy, the State gags you to shut you up. The concept of the rule of law is an absolute joke in the Family court. I encourage victims of these atrocities to publish their stories and name the perpetrators. We work every day of our lives ensuring that our atrocious experiences in New Zealand are read by more and more people around the world. It is only by shining a light on these atrocities that matters will improve and the guilty will be held to account.

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  21. Rick

    May 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Exactly the same BS goes on in California. Ex wife is bi polar, paranoid schitzophrenic & sociopathic. Courts gave her full custody my my kid even though one of the social workers said the ex is also a compulsive liar & can’t be believed any time she speaks. The Court declared the ex’s psyche report inadmissable…even though it was the same judge that ordered her to have the psyche report

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  25. Martyn

    May 20, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    Really sad!

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  32. Martin

    January 26, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Very sad indeed!

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