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Social workers and family lawyers are suspected of killing a South West father because he tried to stop them abducting his children

Gary Jenkins was found hanged in the second week of March.

He left a note saying he was driven to suicide by a secret family tribunal, in which social workers had stolen his children, and blackmailed him for the infants return.

The tribunal banned the supposedly ‘free press’ from reporting his case, their abuse of his children – and even finally their victims death.

But in a final desperate act of defiance the terrorised Dad used Facebook to make sure his friends and family in Devon and Cornwall knew what had happened.

Gary’s final Wall post reads: “Change your system so dads can have their 50/50 rights.”

“Fathers have no chance – I could never put my kid through what I went through.”

Shortly after leaving his explicit and clear political message, the tortured father was found dead by police.

The Conservative Party promised when elected to introduce fair and equal 50/50 parental rights for fathers.

But they lied, and depending on the outcome of an inquest, David Cameron may legally have Gary’s blood on his hands.

Friends of the victim said Mr Cameron was morally responsible to Gary’s children for the loss of their father.

Gary came from nearby Exeter but close friends in East Cornwall devastated by his loss told CCN of the tragedy after local papers lied that they “couldn’t run the story”.

One friend told us: “Gary fought hard to see his children but he kept saying he had “no chance” in the family courts.

“He couldn’t tell anyone what was going on because the proceedings are all censored and he started to feel suicidal.

“Social services set out to kill him in my opinion. He wanted equality for Dads, and they know that will mean an end to all their power.

“Most of all though he just couldn’t deal with the fact that the state had taken his children away and he was powerless.

“It’s a terrible tragedy. He was a good Dad. The family lawyers and the social workers who killed him are the ones that should be on trial.”

There is a tremendous cover up going on of an epidemic of male suicide in Devon, Cornwall and beyond directly caused by our social workers and “family court” staff.

Four thousand men every year suicide in the UK: a 70 per-cent rise in less than a decade.

Cornwall’s feminist Coroner Dr Emma Carlyon is a notorious for recording absurd verdicts to cover up the truth behind male suicide in the Duchy.

Married to a social worker, she once ruled that a man who announced: “I want to see my kid – I’m going to kill myself” – suicided because his father abused him: a claim for which there was no evidence of any kind.

Even sensible establishment figures are too scared to criticise or blame the reviled court system and its tyrannical off-shoots.

Other officials bend over backwards not to blame the hated CSA in cases where suicide is often beyond reasonable doubt.

In Gary’s case – none of the local newspapers reported his death.

There are no reporting restrictions surrounding the reporting of a death, and no rules of sub judice concerning Coroners hearings as there are in suspected crimes.

The only pathetic excuse they could give is that the ‘family court’ Gary blamed for his death has itself gagged them – and they are obeying the gagging order.

But campaigners terrorised by the secret tribunals are increasingly rising up against their tyrannical control of the corporate media, police and courts.

The Civil Rights groups are revealing details of suicides of fathers caused by the law online.

Here in the free press, let there be no doubt among our readers as to the reason Gary Jenkins gave for why he died.

Here is his Facebook post in full:

“Change your system so that Dads can have 50/50 rights.

“Fathers have no chance even if we are the best Dads we ever wanted to be, as I could never put my kid through what I went through.

“I will miss a lot of you, hope you are happy now and may think of all the good times some of us had, but I’m afraid enough is enough… more bullshit here – you have broke me.”

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Do you know who the social workers and “family lawyers” were involved in Gary’s case and whose actions Gary said led to his death? Abducting children is a crime under EU law. The Convention on Human Rights guarantees citizens a right to a family life. Name and shame the culprits in Garys case and help us expose them in the public interest, and bring them to justice. Mail us or just leave a note below

Are you being driven to the edge by child abusers posing as welfare officials, lawyers and police but acting undemocratically and outside of their role in a free and civil society? Don’t despair! 😀 Contact CCN today. We will do everything in our power to expose any injustice that is being done to you. Don’t phone the local paper: they share offices with a firm of family lawyers. Contact us now

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