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By Tadgh Shiels

An enterprising gang of hard-up artists from Cornwall are off on a cross-country sponsored cycle to ratchet up cash for their new show.

Owdyado Theatre Group got sick of sitting around pitching for taxpayer funding and decided to go straight to the arts-loving public for help.

Director Daniel Richards said: “We figured we’re just going to have to rely on the kindness of others, there’s very little funding out there.

“So we’ll be cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End in character dressed in our plays costumes.

“If people who support the arts can chuck us some money for that, it’ll hopefully go to help to fund the new show.

The new Owdyado play is called ‘Wrongdoings and Wake Up Calls at the Stop-Off Motel’.

Daniel explained: “The new production is about two people who wake up in a Las Vegas motel room without any recollection of how they got there or who the other person is.

“Basically they’ve just woken up in this room and around them are slight clues as to what happened.”

The 24 year old artist went on” “The most difficult thing about being a performer is you’ve got to work hard for not a lot of money: that’s the lifestyle.

“It’s sort of the same whether you’re an actor or you’re a musician or you’re an artist.

“You end up doing a lot of your own work and not getting a lot back other than the experience of doing it.

“We just got fed up of sitting around waiting for grants: we’re just going to go straight to the audience.”

If you’d like to sponsor Owdyado’s End to End Adventure hit HERE , and if you want to stay posted on the company’s tours and productions click HERE .

Their last production, About a Bench, showed at Falmouth’s Poly and was well received at Exeter Fringe.

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