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Police are probing the ‘strong possibility’ that the shocking mutilation of a horse over the weekend was a ritual sacrifice to the Devil

Dawn Jewell’s two-year-old Stallion Erik was horrifically butchered by a ‘psychopath’ who cut out the animals genitalia this Sunday night.

The stomach-churning butchery happened at the height of a full moon, and the day after Satanic Holiday ‘St Winebalds Day’, which fell on Saturday 7th.

Today a second horse owner, Rosemary Penn, from Bodmin, told how she lost a gelding in the exact same bizarre and cruel fashion, also on January 7th.

Although apocryphal in origin, Satanists have adopted ‘St Winebalds Day’ as an occasion of ‘blood rituals, dismemberment, animal or human sacrifice’.

It features in a number of ‘Satanic Calendars’, and cops are considering the theory a group of sadists chose the occasion, together with that of the full moon, to strike.

Insp Chris Strickland acknowledged genuine fear amongst animal lovers and the rural community.

The idea that a lone ‘psychopath’, or a group of cultists, are at large is being fuelled by the mysterious way in which the animals were apparently approached.

Both horses were either too large or too nervous for one man to ‘bring down’ alone.

And both owners are mystified as to how anyone managed to get near them, let alone kill them.

If a lunatic is following the so-called ‘Satanic Calendar’ – the next apparent event listed for January is a kidnapping, followed by human sacrifice.

January 20th – 26th is described as: “Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.”

The 26th itself is weirdly entitled: ‘The Da Muer ritual’ and billed as: “Grand climax. Sex rituals and human sacrifice of woman/child.”

Today a senior police officer acknowledged the fear in the local community that the killer or killers may strike again.

Insp Chris Strickland told the BBC : “If they able to do that to a horse, what else are they capable of doing?

“There’s a rural community out there who are going to be very worried and frightened by what’s happened.”

Insp Strickland believes a Satanic sacrifice is a “strong possibility”, although officers are looking into all the possible motives.

The first victim of the chilling killings told the News ‘no-one believed her’ when she pointed out her pony’s genitals had been removed ‘as if by a billet hook’.

Fifty-five year old horse breeder Rosemary told the News this evening: “I always thought it was a kind of ritual killing, and it wouldn’t have been possible for one man to carry it out.

“My pony Douglas had his genitalia completely removed and an eye gauged out: no-one thought it was anything other than wild animals at the time.

“A couple of people did say there were people with cult beliefs who might have sacrficed the animal.

“But who’s going to believe you when you talk about cults?”

Rosemary went on: “The way in which my Shetland gelding was killed was a deliberate killing by humans and it was a sacrifice.

“People swept it under the carpet: locals said you were getting over-excited.

“But I believe a billet-hook was used.

“To this day I don’t know how they got him: there’s no way anyone could have caught my Shetland single-handedly: he was a rescue, and if he panicked, he was like a wild Ram.

“No-one believed me at the time and I didn’t want people to think what they may have done, that I was just a soppy woman.

“But I believe I know what happened now and as an animal lover and a human being I’m very scared whilst whoever is doing this is at large.

“It’s one step away from a human sacrifice.”

Erik, the horse killed over the weekend, was a large and powerful stallion, unlike Douglas, Rosemary’s Shetland pony.

The killer ‘took his time’ to scoop out one of the horse’s eyes, slit his stomach and remove his penis and scrotum completely.

The unfortunate animal was most likely tortured and killed overnight of Sunday January 8th.

Erik’s owner Dawn discovered her ‘favourite’ Stallion dead on Monday 9th: she last saw him alive the previous day.

The 27 year mother of three runs Tretheaghue Stud in Stithians, West Cornwall with her farmer husband Clive.

The couple have three children, two young girls and a baby boy, all of whom knew Erik as a family pet.

A Mare and Foal were in the field in which Erik was killed, and the female foal, named Bella, is thought to be Erik’s offspring.

Dawn’s close friend Bobbie Pointer said: “I think it’s very strange what they’ve done to him.

“He was loose in the field. He was running with a mare and a foal. So it’s difficult to see how they got him down.
“They’ve cut into him to take his reproductive organs. Whoever’s done it, they’ve taken time to do it.

“They’ve knocked his teeth out, and even a very strong man couldn’t knock a horse like that’s teeth out.

“He was dead when Dawn found him: but there are no drag marks in the field.

“So I would say they restrained him, and then set about the business of doing what they did.

“They cut his eye out. They’ve gone to castrate him, they’ve gone to the front of his stomach.

“Then they’ve cut it down and cut it across and they’ve taken the whole of his genitalia out: his penis, scrotum, everything, it’s all gone.

“If it was somebody that was doing this in a hurry – his belly muscles would be cut – but it’s was like he was lain there, and they took their time.

“It doesn’t bear thinking on.”

Bobbie, who’s a close neighbour of the Jewells and a local taxi-cab controller went on: “Dawn rang me in the morning.

“She was beside herself: she said ‘Bobbie – Bobbie: Erik’s dead.”

“I went to check my horses were okay then went out to her.

“Erik was lain down in the field and there was blood frothing from his nose. When the vet was called she realised he had been mutilated.

“The Mare was really distraught: she’s been put in with some other horses and she’s settled down.

“She was sweated up, she’d been racing round, she didn’t know what to do: horses are very funny when they smell blood so she panicked.

“Dawn is angry today – yesterday she was beside herself. Whoever’s done this is a psychopath.

“The police will want to catch this person because they’ll be worried he;’ll do this to a human.

“A squad of men and dogs came down from Plymouth to do a fan search to see is they could find a needle or syringe.

“It’s just so horrific.”

The Jewells young children, thought to be aged eight, six and three, and two elder girls and boy, are being shielded from the horror of what happened.

Bobbie explained: “It was the happiest day of Dawn’s life when she got Erik: Erik was like her favourite child.

“Dawn always wanted a Fresian stallion. When she got him he was only five months old.

“Erik was such a lovely boy – he loved people.

“The children all know Erik because they were brought up around horses.

“He was so good natured, the kids could play around him.”

“The children still don’t fully understand what’s happened.

Sgt Gary Watts of Devon and Cornwall police said: “This was an awful attack.

“Between 1600 hours on Sunday 8th January and midday today, Monday 9th January, a stallion was attacked, mutilated and killed in a field in the Stithians area.

“During the attack the stallion had its genitalia cut off, its eye cut out and teeth removed.

“A mare and foal were left in the field unharmed.”

Sgt Watts explained: “Police and the RSPCA are carrying out enquiries in the area.

The results of a post mortem are not yet known but it’s thought the horse must have been sedated for the killer or killers to mutilate him.

Dozens of police with sniffer dogs were scouring the field in which the animal died as a massive man-hunt got underway.

A Devon horse lover has offered a £2,000 reward to catch the killer.

Graham Rickard told the BBC : “It’s a poor defenceless animal and it’s a sick crime. I hope they get caught.”

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  1. Nigel Wheeler

    January 13, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    CB Breathe again i’m done with this now,i hope some readers have wised up.

  2. cbeaumont

    January 13, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    Oh why did I even bother Nigel. If you read my post I said other belief systems include young people earlier. You want me to name them well Ok Christians,Budhists, Muslims. I shall not even begin to explain your so called sex magic which to Wiccans is the great Rite and celebrates the spark of life as it is sacred to me and I will not belittle it. I should have gone with my first instinct which was not to pander to you, but hey my mistake eh. But as a Wiccan I believe nothing happens without a reason and so perhaps your replies have shown to the readers and JB that I was correct in what I said right at the start. That no amount of explaining will ever be enough for people who have already formed their opinion. These are the people JB who will just shout over with you when you are trying to explain something. They are the intolerant and bigotted and small minded people who are unshakable in the self rightous indignation. JB I wish you well as you walk upon the Wiccan path, but as has been demonstrated here it is not an easy one. To the person whose horse was killed I am truly sorry and sincerely hope those responsible are brought to justice. I do hope we have seen his last post from Mr Wheeler but I very much doubt it as this sort of person do love to have the last word. I wish you Peace and Light Nigel. Oh as we say in Wiccan circles, Merry meet, Merry part and Merry meet again. May the peace of the Goddess be ever in your heart, 🙂

  3. Nigel Wheeler

    January 13, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    CB You are right you’ve not seen the last of me.I think the covens you mention who initiate youngsters at ‘much younger age’ should be investigated for possible child abuse.You know who and which wiccans do this so i’m surprised you have not had your own suspicions or even reported any suspicions to the police.Or is it a case of you all stick together swirling around in your own sick world.I just hope some alert policeman has taken note of your ‘much earlier than18’ initiation comment.Glad to have flushed you out,as for JB i only hope he or she stays with her present day initiation rituals and not the more sick and sordid.Gerald Gardner was into bondage and so was Alex Saunders and as for thier friend the beast Aleister Crowley well best not start on that one.Thankfully all of them are dead but their sick ways live on sadly,i’m sorry but it is the truth your religion is based on the writings of perverts and you are bent out of shape by them and you continue to bend others to your ways.

  4. Nigel Wheeler

    January 13, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    As point of interest for any non pagans try ALEX SANDERS INITIATION INTO THE SACRED MYSTERIES youtube and remember from reading all the above arguments for and against Paganism as Cb says some paths initiate at a ‘much earlier’ age than 18.I hope some astute policeman has been following all this.

  5. Nigel Wheeler

    January 13, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Ah the power of the internet CB old Alex Sanders does not seem to be going ‘lightly’ with his scourge on that womans genitals does he.

  6. JB May

    January 13, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    lol. Nigel you really have a chip on your shoulder concerning these religions, and obviously scanning your comments sexual practices too, although I’m sure that’s another debate entirely. Its all getting rather tiresome, although I’ve never stated that Wiccan is my path just something I have studied in its simplest form, much literature of which has originated from America. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, thankgoodness for free speech! I am not ‘religious’ myself: and my assumptions of you may not have been correct, but that was my point entirely, as you have been assuming throughout your comments about people who are Pagan, which are completely not true. **** Blessed Be. ****

  7. Nigel Wheeler

    January 13, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    But thats my point JB believe me when i say i have no hang ups as you say, but leading youngsters, potentially children into such ways is not only perverse but illegal.

  8. Nigel Wheeler

    January 14, 2012 at 12:05 am

    JB By the way i have a problem with all religion,but as i have said before i think Pagans attract the wrong sort because of its very nature and it is based on the writings of old male perverts lets face it.

  9. cbeaumont

    January 14, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Thankyou for your comments JB. As for Mr Wheeler, all I can say about his posts which are so full of dark venom is ‘Quod erat demonstrandum’

    Nigel,I am sure your Sunday mornings are not quite the same since the demise of the ‘News of the World’, oh how you must miss the sensational titilation of a juicy sex scandal. I can almost see your hands shaking with excitement as you shuffle forward to the page where ALL the details are given.

    Bored with you now so signing off

  10. Nigel wheeler

    January 14, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Have never read the News of the World or any other paper like it sorry to disapoint you.I do not not need titilation i’m a bull remember, nor do i need to create mystery or ceremony for stimulation unlike you Pagans,what would you do without it especially the males? guess the answer to that is you’d have no sex life.Do i detect a little acrimony when it comes to criticism.Oh and your spells are just juvenile nonsense they don’t work your pathetic.

  11. Nigel wheeler

    January 14, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Or, mean well, outside of this debate is another country who are dogmatic in religion,complete with holy books pridictions,brutal,.who may have nuclear weapons i think there will be trouble,war, when politics and religion mix, with weapons, politcal religious zealots can make prediction true, war, religious, both sides,add a little greed these things are the problems on this planet. More harsh religion of course but religion, somewhere else a man in a saffron robe in the name of religion, talks of reincarnation, of karma, i wonder, what the starving millions did in their last life, knowing he’d have an answer,religion,always an afterlife written in,i see deluded people, i see leaders, of religions, who have read all the scriptures,brainwashed themselves, believe their religion, its that or the power,what are they promising me,life everlasting, no it can’t be that, i listen, it is, but i’ve fitted, i’ve peeped, it does not exist, i see a child beaten to death, because of religion the demons were in, say the culprits, what can religion offer other than misery falsehood myth and lies,why do they exist,i wonder, to teach a way of living, a guide maybe for my conscience,no can’t be,not in need,then what else, to be in tune with nature some say but when i look they are not, just like all religions, sacred spirits that don’t exist, more falsehood,more religion,what are they offering,rituals ,just like all the other religions,but with a slant,unnatural not natural,i wonder why this need for fantasy roll play, lust ,magic,sacred they say,i say deceit ,is that what they are offering i wonder,but no, surely not,i can have that and leave out the deceit.Religion the ultimate lie.Pinch.

  12. Nigel wheeler

    January 14, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Just for you CB and you are right i can be venemous to the venomous only more so i think you understand that ethic.Now i’m of to listen to some reggae live each day as your last there’s no time for nonsense and nothing after.

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  14. Open Mind

    July 16, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Of course perish the thought that all these globally occuring animal mutilations have a UFO connection, but then y’all just keep believing what you read in the tabloids, see on tv or hear on the radio because they don’t think you’re ready for the truth. baa-aa-aa-aa

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