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By Brian Gerrish

UK Courts are now empowered to gag the press from reporting ‘family’ court cases.

And they can initiate this action from within a court that is already barred to the public and where press representatives are threatened with court action if they dare publish.

These are the beginnings of a police state.

The greatest lie the public are told about this undemocratic process is that the gagging is to protect the ‘interests of the child’.

In fact the interests of the child comes a very poor second to the need for a cluster of firms and individuals to earn fees from the court case and ‘protection’ of the child.

A typical case will involve a barrister on circa £300 per hour, a solicitor £150 per hour, psychiatric or psychological experts at circa £2,000 per report plus court attendance time, clerks £70 per hour, Social Services staff, say 3 at £50 per hour, plus local Authority legal team £100 per hour, plus travel and accommodation.

A recent case overseas included airfares and weeks of ‘child care’. The Judge is of course an additional cost.

Taxpayer’s money is readily available when the State decides to take our children.

Altogether the Family Court and Child Protection system is a £20 billion industry feeding off vulnerable children and families.

It is not uncommon for parents to bankrupt themselves trying to stop the child-stealing state taking their children. But under the guise that the child cannot be mentioned and the court secret, the parent is victimised from day one. Hearsay evidence is brought into court by the public sector and presented as fact. The character of the mother or father is undermined by psychiatric reports where the ‘expert’ has never met them or the child.

In one recent case a court used a clinical psychologist who was a member of a South American New Age Cult that believed in light people and huge ancient beings.

Now of course, – if those insane beliefs had been held by the parent – well, they would be branded mad, and sectioned.

But it’s one rule for state bureaucrats and another for citizens: and of course none of all this madness can be reported.

Of serious interest to the public, is that cases follow a ‘template’ of actions by Social Services, Police and the Courts, to ensure that parents reporting child abuse are gagged, and / or branded as mentally ill, so allowing the child to be taken into care.

Once taken, the parents are restricted to visits of one hour twice per week – usually under CCTVs and with ‘experts’ watching their every move.

In an obscene travesty of justice in another recent case – surprisingly for a police force that was spectacularly unable to properly investigate the mother’s original and ongoing concerns that her child was being abused – an English constabulary was able to send two plain clothes policemen to arrest a mother as she left court: charged and bailed, she now faces yet more court appearances to defend her action in protecting her child.

Justice appears to be on its head, as the real policy is clearly to victimise the victim. Such law is nothing less than evil. The case is gagged, naturally.

Many people will still not want to believe that Social Services are acting above and outside the law to remove children from perfectly good parents.

But my newspaper the UK Column is receiving ever more information from whistleblowers within Social Services who are very concerned at what is happening.

For those readers thinking … ”this couldn’t happen to us”… the evidence shows it can and does, no matter the social class, colour, wealth or geographic location. All children are vulnerable – and they will increasingly be so, if the government succeeds in creating ‘UN based Rights for the Child’.

This benign sounding piece of legislation will in fact make a child the property of the state. .

It sounds Orwellian – but it’s true: and it’s simply enabled by a bureaucratic ruse by which UN Non Governmental Organisation policy cells feed directly into the Westminster political machine.

The zeitgeist amongst those in authority is for more and more intervention in the lives of citizens and more seizure of children: witness Barnado’s Chief Executive Martin Narey, who recently called for thousands more children to be taken into care at an earlier age.

Yet doesn’t Barnardo’s make money from children and court cases?

Then take this apparently innocuous statement by a leading police officer. Policing on the Isle of Wight is led by Chief Superintendent David Thomas.

He recently announced:

“I will always seek to develop relationships with our partner agencies, including the Isle of Wight Council and the NHS Isle of Wight to work on ways of preventing crime at every opportunity.”

These reassuring words sound good – until we analyse them.

How close a partnership should the police have with the Council and NHS? Is Mr Thomas’s partnership so strong that these two organisations are above police scrutiny? And when did the NHS start to be responsible for preventing crime? We might ask a further question: is the partnership between the Isle of Wight police, the local Council and the NHS so strong that it forms a conspiracy to prevent full and proper investigation into paedophiles?

Social Services – or the ‘SS’, as their tragic victims have in desperation come to dub them – have a system set up by which, acting on behalf of the state, they can abduct children, and potentially abuse them without any fear of recrimination.

It works like this:

Blocking evidence of paedophile abuse brought by adults and children by delays, ‘lost’ documents, obfuscation and stonewalling.
Countering allegations of abuse by the spreading of false rumours about the victim, family and mothers in particular. This may be done verbally, in written documentation and / or by ‘gossip’.
Using the psychiatric profession to undermine those reporting crimes by labelling them with false and inaccurate mental illnesses. Psychiatric reports are often written by psychiatrists who have never met the subject of their report.
Coaching child victims in closed door interviews that their abuse claims are imaginary. A number of psychologists and psychotherapists seem to specialise in providing these ‘services’. Some produce damning expert psychological reports on parents and children they have never met in person.
Psychological harrassment of the victim family by threats of removing the abused child, and or the forcible placement of the child with the person originally identified as an abuser.
Threats to isolate the family – “don’t speak to anyone about the case, don’t speak to the press or media.” Often this threat is reinforced by suggesting that speaking out will automatically ensure the child is taken from their mother or father, or both.
Collusion between the Police, Social Services, NHS and legal teams so that the victim family is held on the outside of a ‘decision making ring’, over which they have no influence or right of appeal.
Deliberate isolation of the child from parents to family break bonds and relationships. The child is told that there is no contact with the parent(s) because they “don’t love you anymore.” In fact the parent is blocked by Social Services from seeing the child.
Repeated Court hearings which drain the family physically, emotionally and financially.
Ultimately, the child victim is removed from the parent(s) via the Family Courts within a secret hearing which shuts out the public and the wider press and media.

In the tragic case of Lianne Smith, the trauma of being hounded out of UK and hunted through Spain by Social Services for her children became too much for her. Rather than lose them, and knowing the inside workings of the SS care system from her own professional experience, she decided to end their lives.

Lianne’s actions are unthinkable, but horrified as we may be, the real question that must be answered is this.

What was really going on around her to cause such an extreme reaction?

It’s this question we should all ask whenever we see news of infanticide or suicide published in the press – rather than taking the easy option, of blaming the victim.

The case of Linda Lewis of South Wales provides just one example of how terrifying, daunting, and potentially lethal the interference of state agencies in a citizens life can be, and how easily an individual can crack under the intolerable strain.

Linda’s daughter Bonnie was taken by Neath Port Talbot Social Services 12 years ago, – whilst the child was in the USA for a vital medical diagnosis.

No single document was ever in place to lawfully support the actions of ‘Social Services’, and this was proven in a court in Cardiff last year.

So – unbelievable as it sounds – the unavoidable fact we all have to face is this:

Bonnie Lewis was kidnapped by the state. .

She has certainly never been reunited with her mother, and although now adult, remains imprisoned behind a wall of SS ‘carers’.

The list goes on.

Maureen Spalek of Liverpool, as recently reported by Christopher Booker in the Telegraph, had her children taken based on false psychiatric reports and false ‘evidence’ against her.
Still fighting for their return and justice, Maureen has been the victim of constant harassment by Merseyside and Cheshire Police.
Their latest tactics included arresting her for sending a birthday card to her son, and arresting her following an alleged complaint for sending a ‘text’.
Held in custody for our hours, she was then released without charge.
Christopher Booker is awake. The wider public needs to be.
Corinne Gouget lost her two girls after seeking to protect them from abuse.
Branded mentally ill, she fought back to win custody of them.
This decision was subsequently overturned to give custody of the girls to the abuser.
Similar to the Gib case, Corinne lost her girls following cross border collaboration by the SS – the French handing the girls over to the English SS.

Since ‘Child-snatching by the State’ finally made mainstream press, the cases pour in.

Too many to help individually, but all showing the same template of cruelty, lies and lawbreaking by cabals inside Social Services, Police and the Courts.

Not true? Then why the need for secret courts, press and media injunctions and threats of imprisonment for reporting?

The big lie the courts would think us stupid enough to believe is that all their censorship is ….”to protect the interests of the child”.

This is palpable, cynical, nonsense.

In reality, wickedness stalks the secret family courts – it is a fascist state system designed to destroy parents, children and family life.

We should remember the words of CS Lewis …

The greatest evil is not done in those sordid dens of evil that Dickens loved to paint … but is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clear, carpeted, warmed, well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices.

So, back to the latest little remarked EU law to come into effect in the UK, the ‘UN based Rights for the Child’

European commentator Roelie Post, author of “Romania – For Export Only”, has been warning for years of plans to allow EU wide trafficking’ of children for adoption.

The State steals your children in Newcastle, and they are adopted by a couple in Sicily or further afield.

And as the ‘UN based Rights for the Child’ charter becomes law, this will happen more and more: the child will be be the property of the supranational state.

When will they take yours?

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  1. Angela Horne

    September 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm

    Here’s the only research written by adoptees themselves, linked below; anything else is a fishmonger discussing cheeses. Most adoptees have chronic trauma, with only the odd one not minding their uprooting. The link below is distributed more in sorrow than in anger, it must be said.

  2. Jean

    September 28, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Well done, Brian. They are doing it in Quebec, Canada, and the USA too. I think there needs to be a demonstration date set whereby everyone with an injunction stands up and publicly breaks it on that day.

    This is a very serious problem in the UK and it is all about greed.

  3. wayne pryor

    October 6, 2011 at 1:18 am

    i have personally been following the work of brian gerrish for some time and i fully belive in him and will continue to support him in the work he does,everyone knows someone affected by this system,but nobody sees or hears the outcomes so therefore goes largley forgotten by most..whilst famillies get smashed,torn apart or worst case scenario children stolen by the state…this is happening and must be stopped,never before have there been so many children in care some simply for being overweight for example.the amounts of money recived by councils to keep children in care is scandalous,councils are now taking children in to care simply to bolster their funds,parents beware next it could be you and belive it or not you will be powerless to stop it,if you havent heard of brian gerrish look him up…hes a local guy looking out for YOUR kids….

  4. Roger Crawford

    February 4, 2013 at 11:47 am

    The ‘Family’ Courts have been secret for a long time. This is not new. In everything else, Brian is right. They, and many who work for and in them, are corrupt, blinkered, incompetent. I know from experience; I have not seen my only child, a daughter, for eighteen years. Yet the Court found nothing wrong with me. I can see anyone else’s child – any child in the world – except my own. And anyone can see my child – except me. Furthermore, the mother’s ‘new man’ was able to simply walk in to the home of our child, no questions asked. No court appearances for him, no police checks. He was presumed fine to be with our child from day one. Yet every report, every survey shows that children are, statistically, more at risk of abuse from live-in lovers, and even step-parents, than they are from their natural parents. The Court trots out the mantra that they always work ‘in a child’s best interests’. This, palpably, is a wicked deceit. They work in their own best interests and those who make a fat living through them. They are a disgrace to the country that permits them to function in the way they do, and often a reflection of the mentality of those who work within them.

  5. sheila oneill

    February 17, 2013 at 5:41 am

    It has been 15 years of pain which almost took my life. During the worst nightmare years I continued to work yet managed to spend 2-8hrs per day on paperwork, courts and being active in family groups. The end result after 8 years was getting my children back from the social services. They are now adults and having amassed proof of huge corruption, negligence and possible conspiracy in removing my children, it is going to court. My case is heavily documented, cross referenced and proven. There is no malice on my part, it is being done with my sons blessing and a desire to see justice for all those suffering now. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to follow my case through the courts.,

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