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Is there no depth to which the Boring Guardian’s feminist Editors will not sink to flog the dead horse of man-hating tabloid journalism?

Today on the ‘This is Awful’ website half the stories look like they’ve been pulled straight out of ‘Take A Break’ Magazine.

It’s a straight choice between ‘Karen urges beaten women to speak out’,’Child sex offenders release shocks mum’ and ‘Con artist victim’s tale of heartbreak’.

Wow. What a devastatingly accurate picture of daily Cornish life. And aren’t there a lot of violent/perverted/dishonest men out there in Cornwall!

Thank God we have the local paper to name them all and bring us news of their innocent, saintly female victims.

Well done girls: your keen grasp of the demand for misandrist crap across the Duchy will ensure the future of your newspaper group.

Buoyed on your stories of wife-beating, child-abusing, savings-stealing men, the populace will shower you with the contents of their purses.

And you’ll all live happily ever after, in a world of brave beaten women, pervy sadistic men, and trebles all round for the muppet PC zealots who peddle their undying myth.

Well – No.

Once again, the unthinking, out-of-touch, white-collar post feminist drones at Northcliffe newspapers don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

If they did – and if they were in touch with any ordinary people who weren’t also boring, bigoted, jaded reporters – they’d know both the following things.

1. These stories about evil men and saintly women are yesterdays sexist news.

2. Local newspaper readers generally know the people featured in the local rag, and if you sell one of them as a saintly victim, but it’s not that simple – you’ll get found out.

Let’s look at point one first, shall we class?

Now – ‘Evil men and saintly women’. This is an old, old prejudice. It was never, ever true. The ‘all men are wife-beaters’ tabloid myth peaked about five years ago, under Murdoch editor Rebekah Wade, who, after convincing monkeys on housing estates in Portsmouth that all men were paedophiles, and getting her sticky hair tousled by the old tycoon as his failing ratings gave a last desperate gasp, decided convincing the Sun’s poor abused readers all men were wife-beaters would be a good idea too, and plastered the mugs of a bunch of arrested wretches who’d attacked their wives over the front page. But this campaign ended – rather abruptly – when Rebekah punched her husband and got arrested herself. And funnily enough, it is now the national papers who consistently told their readers the more complex, and more shocking truth – in defiance of the opressive white heat of the last Labour government’s wildly misinformed, deeply sexist, and thoroughly offensive ‘domestic violence’ drive – that have retained popular support. Their readership – and online readership – just keeps going up and up, while over at Wapping, Murdoch is seriously considering closing not just one but all the papers he’s so horribly spoiled. As we speak, his witchfinder general, despite having changed her name, (presumably so no-one will recognise her), is sweating even more than she did generally in the past, as she faces jail – for bugging a bereaved mums phone while posing as her best mate – while Paul Dacre still happily potters in his garden weekends, with nothing much more to worry him than getting a newspaper out, thanks to having occasionally told Lord Rothermere to F off.

All of which leads on nicely to point two:

No matter which side of this business you’re in: nasty, hysterical, hate-stoking mass-market propaganda, (Boring Guardian) good old fashioned yellow journalism, (Cornwall Community News! Hooray!) or even snotty-nosed broadsheet pontificating (take your pick), the Editor who keeps the faith of their readership is the editor who at least – especially if they’re on a local paper – does a few checks before going to print. After all – you don’t want to publish a story and then have everyone writing in that’s it’s all a load of old crap do you? No.

So: let’s take the case of Karen Bunney, 41, from Bodmin, star of this week’s Boring Guardians’ ‘Karen urges beaten women to speak out’.

In March last year Karen’s ex, Shaun Bunney admitted hitting her. He got a suspended sentence, and probation, for assault, the lowest ranking violent crime save affray.

Ok. So far, so Bad. But – wait – maybe Karen wants to talk – providing a golden opportunity for any nasty feminist who wants to persuade credulous newspaper readers all men are wife-beaters.

Cue chat with Karen, talking of her six years ‘ordeal’ with Shaun, during which she was ‘terrified’. Sugar and Spice vs Puppy Dogs Tails. Fine.

Now let’s just do some quick checks in the Boring Guardian office. Hmmm – let’s think: what’s the easiest? I know – Google. After all, your readers can do that at home.

‘Karen Bunney Bodmin’ – press – search:


‘BODMIN woman Karen Bunney has been issued with an 18-month restraining order by Bodmin magistrates.
Bunney, 40, of Athelstan Road, is prohibited from contacting Sarah and Jonathan Clemes, or Diane Williams, directly or indirectly, for the next 18 months.
Charges of assaulting Sarah and Jonathan Clemes by beating were dismissed by the magistrates on March 24.

Now – it was at this point, surely, that someone with their pampered rear despoiling an editorial chair in Bodmin fell down on the job.

I mean – if a reporter can Google it – so can everyone else? And presumably Sarah and Jonathan Clemes also live in the local community and have feelings to be respected?

Maybe – just maybe – somebody even knows them. And knows what the Boring Guardian three-line short above fails to tell anyone – which is what Karen got up to to convince magistrates to issue a restraining order on her?

Did not alarm bells ring a little louder in the Boring Guardian office than they had when the star of their domestic violence propaganda campaign confessed: ‘I felt lonely and started drinking; I even had my driving licence taken off me.’

What can this mean? Confiscated by a friend? Put to one side by a considerate pub landlady? Pickpocketed by schoolchildren in Castle Street?

Or banned in court for drink driving that have killed one of your neighbour’s children?

We’ll never know. And the Boring Guardian isn’t going to tell us. Ours not to know or reason why. All that matters to you, gullible Boring Guardian reader, is that Karen is a ‘victim of domestic violence’. Domestic Violence stories will never get the Guardian into trouble because they are politically correct, QED: Karen is a saint. And come Wednesday, well, Never Mind the fact that it could all be Bollocks – here’s your local, yocal, church fete loving Cornish Guardian, full of political propaganda again.

Except of course, everybody in Bodmin knows everything that goes on in Bodmin – save apparently the staff of its local, corporate, Daily Mail owned paper.

Now, newspaper readers can take a certain amount of winding up and being told there are big sharks about to eat them when they know there aren’t. But day in day out, local paper readers especially, do generally like to read the truth, not least because they can probably find it out in the local pub anyway. So writing a one-sided story about an apparently notorious local woman and putting only her side of the story can only end in tears. You can write ‘Trusted Source’ above it (What is this ‘Trusted Source’ thing? It sounds like a ketchup. ‘Trusted’ by who – the editor who wrote the words ‘Trusted Source?’ Do me a favour) as much as you like, but people aren’t stupid, and even the most credulous reader, the most willing to believe any orthodox propaganda you have on sale that particular day, is going to add up Karen’s restraining order with her unquestioned confession that she lost her driving license while drinking heavily, and wonder – wonder even if everything she says is completely true, whether her complaint against the generally hard working and put-upon local police – taken as gospel by the Guardian and even put as a challenge to the force – her extraordinary claim that all ‘male’ officers were ‘dismissive’ while all ‘female’ ones were ‘understanding’ might not only be explicitly sexist but possibly a touch unfair, given the background of Karen’s own criminal convictions and the mysterious circumstances in which, whilst a drunk, her driving license was ‘lost’.

No – there’s no two ways about it – if I were local copper Ian-Drummond Smith, I would not have responded to the Boring Guardians’ question (presumably something like ‘Are all your male officers nasty?’) by thanking Karen for her kind offer of giving them training (again, presumably in her authoratitive role as a former drunk still subject to the terms of a restraining order). No. I would have said something else entirely, derived from Anglo Saxon, and fairly unequivocal.

But Ian Drummond-Smith is a police officer, and part of the establishment. And if he wants to survive, he has to go along with the various prejudices of the establishment prevalent in his time, as much as anyone who needs a mortgage. He also may simply have made such a guarded comment because he’s a nice man, and it’s difficult for anyone to be too harsh with anyone who says they’ve been violently bullied in their home for years on end.

The local paper do not have to follow the official line the political establishment of their day sets down.

Their role is to represent the public. Independently. Only this lot don’t. They represent a politically correct – strike that – politically reactionary – establishment. And politically reactionary movements and establishments are not only obnoxious, but dangerous.

Reactionary political movements thrive on the portrayal of themselves as mistreated, abused and violated. Without fail, they will base their poisonous stereotypes on a kernel of fact. Hitler (yes I know, but he does provide rather handy and apposite parallels in his early career and they’re the only ones we all recognise) did it: he said Germany had been ‘stabbed in the back’ over Versailles by the politicians – and they kind of had – except that it wasn’t that simple – it was his beloved army too. He said that Berlin society was depraved and corrupt and that brave soldiers had a raw deal – and it was, as any Otto Dix painting will tell you. Tragically, it wasn’t that simple, and his Nazis were a damn sight more corrupt. Even – even when he berated and vilified Jewish people – there would have been troubled, honest, perhaps not too bright souls in his audience who would have been able to say to themselves: ‘Yes. I am poor. I did borrow off a loan shark. They are Jewish, and it is ruining me’ – who were hungry, and had not the time, or perhaps the inclination, to draw lines in their minds, and who confused the actions of one independent individual, with the character of a race, when it was just not that simple.

It was so, at the clever behest of an evil demagogue, that many ordinarily good German people became murderously racist in the twenty or so years before 1945, and it is in just this way today that many ordinarily fine and good British people have become horribly sexist. Only they’ve not needed a maniac orator to convince them men are all monsters. Because they’ve had idiots like the Boring Guardian doing that job for them instead.

They’ve come to believe all this non-sensical domestic violence propaganda, spewed out at every turn by every media outlet in the country. The lie stoked for years by the BBC that one in four women are victims of violence, a lie cooked up by a discredited academic at Royal Holloway College as a result of a ludicrously skewed consumer style yes or no survey. The constant argument – or at least the inference – that because one man out of sixty million is an insane rapist in some juicy story, that all men of those sixty million should be suspect. And they’ve come to expect that because one man in Bodmin hit his ex (And Shaun Bunney’s conviction for assault on Karen is about as low a rap as you can get on domestic violence these days), that when his ex attacks the integrity of male police officers on account of their gender, this is a serious question to be raised with the local police force by their local newspaper.

The only trouble today for the peddlers of this propoganda is that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, and that time is pretty much nigh.

People have had a belly-full of man-hating. Not only men, but women, who see hatred and discrimination levelled and fired full blast at their sons and brothers every day. Of course the soul-less, bogus female nasties whose sterile ambitions poison the atmosphere of local newspaper offices – they’ll never come round – they’ll have to be sacked or told what to write. And there will always be shrews, just as there will a few unpleasant men.
But most people – normal people – I mean the people that read newspapers, not weirdos like me that write them – have had enough. And pretty soon, even a bastion of misandrist evil like Northcliffe is going to have to change its ways – because, especially now we’re all online and can get at them – people won’t stand for its politics.

How would you feel, if you were a Bodmin police officer, and you saw your boss obliged to thank Karen Bunney, in the print of your local paper, for offering you training? You certainly wouldn’t run out and blow 85 bleeding pence on the paper that week. You might post a comment online on Karen’s previous though (and so someone did).

How would you feel if you were Sarah or Jonathan Clemes, no doubt reaching for their copy of that restraining order against Mrs Bunney at the bottom of the kitchen draws, as you see your tormentor eulogised full page with the full backing of the offices of a group of ‘Independent Domestic Violence Advocates’.

Likely to be tempted by a plastic picture of a smiling blonde model into buying the local paper this week? Didn’t think so.

Of course, papers are free now anyway, and people don’t buy them. But even that wouldn’t explain why the free, local, establishment, feminist-leaning local paper’s website This is Awful is LOSING its free readers.

Website viewing generally just goes up. You could put a picture of potato on the internet and it would probably go viral.

But not in the wonderful white collar world of Northcliffe newspapers.

From an advertising boast of 240,000 uniques last year, This is Awful’s last openly admitted viewing figures were just 207,000.

Now – that’s a story.

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  1. karen bunney

    March 8, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    i might also like to add that the people you are defending are his sister brv in law and mother whos words to me when my front teeth were knocked out of my face shut up and deal with it this is what happens in every household you are why beaten degraded raped watchin their children animals BEATEN DONT COME FORWARD you make me sick CHARGES WERE DISMISSED aggainst me yet a feable attempt at their bulling i think you need to step back and look in mirror and hate yourself as women like me find it hard enough to come forward

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