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The council has given the green light for a sex shop to stay open in Truro.

‘Mrs Palm’ can now add hard core porn videos to its stock of dildos, sex dolls and lubricating gels.

Christians and local worthies had campaigned to close the business, as had its nextdoor neighbour, Truro school outfitters Trevails.

But after winning a year-long court battle to stay open, defiant sex shop owner Nicky Blewett said this week: “Sex is not a bad thing. And I have a lovely shop.”

She rubbished claims by the Christian Institute that a sex shop should not be allowed next to a childrens school uniform outlet.

The businesswoman, who previously worked at a sex shop in Exeter, said: “Sex toys con’t move through bricks and mortar, and our window display is just of lingerie.

“Lots of outr customers are couples and I have Christian customers who are appalled that the Christian Institute have opposed us.

“Kids have toy shops – and adults have toys shops too – it’s as simple as that.”

A licensing committee gave the shop its suspended license back on Wednesday, and extended it so it could sell ‘R18’ DVDs.

It marks a final defeat for Christians and concerned residents who objected to the enterprise, first at council level, then at Judicial Review in the High Court.

Christian Institute spokesman Mike Judge fumed: “This is a decision that ignores local democracy, and ignores common sense.

“The law gives local authorities the power to refuse sex shop licences for unsuitable locations. If next door to a school uniform store isn’t unsuitable, I don’t know what is.”

Costume shop owner Jackie Hill started a petition against Mrs Palms and the Trevails also complained when the application first went in last July.

Vicky Trevail explained at the time to the BBC: “We don’t want something like that next door.

“We’ve got young children probably from the age of three up to 16 or 17, so no, no, it’s definitely no from the Trevail family and no from me.

As the battle rumbled on, anti and pro Christian keyboard warriors worldwide took up the cudgels on the web.

Miss Blewett said: “A lot of websites like freethinker and melonfarmers backed us and it helped us a lot.

“I’ve been through a hell of a year and I’m actually quite sensitive so that online support helped us a lot.

“I thought I was going to be burned on the cross at one point.

“But people came to our defence – I think out of the negative has come a positive. Most of the traders like us and are for the shop now.”

Truro Cllr Armorel Carlyon, twice town mayor, wife of former Coroner Edward Carlyon and mother to the present Coroner Emma, spearheaded the anti-campaign.

Standing up for pornography against the Cornish worthies was Ms Blewett’s co-owner Braxton Reynolds, an expert chemist based in Exeter who is behind the saucy enterprise.

Mr Reynolds was for many years the public analyst, providing from his Heavitree Road office the nextdoor police station with results on drug tests.

He still runs a private laboratory in Exeter, offering expert witness to legal teams, in areas such as ‘drink drive back-calculations’.

He wasn’t available for comment today (Fri) because he’s gone to the Beauliea Motor Show.

But Mr Reynolds said at the time of the High Court ruling in his favour: “I’m relieved that Mr Justice Hickinbottom found in favour of the decision of the council .

“We should be allowed to trade.”

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  1. Scarlett

    September 9, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    ”Vicky Trevail explained: “We don’t want something like that next door.”

    But fast food outfits,pubs and betting shops are fine ?

    Dear Gods ! get a grip people. It’s hardly ‘in your face’ is it ?

  2. Dave

    December 25, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    There is not really any need for shops anymore due to the amount of products which can be purchased online

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