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So – at last – a politician brave enough to speak the truth when all around him are bleating dangerous prejudiced lies.

Mr Dominic Raab MP has spoken out against the extraordinary oppression of men by state institutions in your modern age, pointing out that single women earn more than men, that men are violently discriminated against by laws that intrude into the home, and that the feminist oligarchy that seeks to cover up its purge of men over the last forty years is peopled by ‘feminists who are now amongst the most obnoxious bigots’


Watching over the extraordinary developments in the society I left behind as I sank beneath the waves of the Arctic Ocean by the Titanic in 1912, I have over the last half century or so, come to first mistrust and then detest British state functionaries of all kinds because of their incredible bigotry against men.

Lawyers, Health officials, Nurses, Civil Servants, and Police Officers all now seem to share a violent misandry that has become common currency amongst those that govern our country.

In the workplace, all good white collar public sector jobs go to women and most private sector jobs, while men are tolerated in a minority. Young men fill junior posts for a short time before leaving because of unpromotion in comparison with their female counterparts, old men are rarely employed anywhere except B and Q, and men in general are given menial blue collar jobs in most organisations; security posts or cleaning. Women are given comfortable jobs and a woman in the workplace expects promotion by dint of the fact that she turns up to work. You’re most likely to find men in the workplace now covering for a woman’s maternity leave before being dropped back into the underclass – as no woman is available to step in at short notice to cover maternity leave because all women who are willing to work are given jobs. This last point touches on the most outrageous discrimination drive the previous Government embarked upon, the creation of completely pointless bureaucratic jobs designed for and tailored to the particular whims of women: Suicide Liason Services (old women) Rape and Advice Centres (mad women) NHS Managers (women who took easy degrees in the humanities), or any number of counselling or advice or support nonsense jobs dreamed up by lunatics in Whitehall.

At home, men have been eradicated. Women divorce without fail because there are so many irresistible incentives to do so. (A house and a family and an income for life with no marital obligations to fulfil – all funded by payments extorted from an absent ex partner with no influence or role in their life at all – very few people can resist an offer like that) So men marry less, because marriage means divorce which means the loss of their house and their family and their income, for life. The Government responded to this marriage migration about seven years ago by extending punitive divorce laws outside of marriage. Men in the know – and many still cling to disbelief that you can lose your house to your girlfriend, but you can – responded by refusing to be drawn into financially mutual or long relationships, to a resulting nagging feminist chorus of cat-calls and insults. Many more young men unaware or unwilling to credit such overt prejudice actually becoming law, still thought just by avoiding marriage they could lead a normal, happy family life, and went ahead to get a house and kids with their girlfriend, to find themselves thrown out of their joint homes like their divorcee Dads and still paying the family mortgage and their bedsit rents.

The end result is a gruesome sight: since they can get jobs for life from the Government or private company jobs wherever they choose thanks to Government legislation making it inadvisable for private companies not to discriminate against men, women, taught by feminist teachers to expect all the best things from society, marry early and divorce early in order to secure mortgage and family and income for life, or if they can’t find a mug to rob, at the very least get themselves pregnant and secure themselves the income part of it. Men meanwhile, get nothing: or rather less than nothing. If they marry, they work for the house they lose. If they’re foolhardy enough to have kids, they work for an income which goes straight to the Government (a form of law Hitler initiated, in respect of the Jews). The resultant society is completely matriachal. The underclass are composed of single men, living in rented accommodation, paying their income directly to women. The uberclass consists of women, living in their own home, enjoying the stipend which impoverishes their old partner, and exercising exclusive legal and social rights over their children, while sharing the marital bed with politically and socially emasculated partners, at first younger men seeking a novelty, then when the youngsters tire or become wary of her, the place is ceded on generally strict terms to an older man ejected from another matriachs home, refugee from the underclass world of bedsits, CSA payments, monitored family visiting hours, poverty, insecurity, hard low paid seasonal work and inevitably, drink and violence.

Overlords of this mess among the masses are, I must confess to my shame, the mass media, bloated bastard children of my noble invention of the bold and fearless tabloid news Gazette: just look at them, spineless toadies to profiteering oligarchs, piping their misandrist fairy tales of paedophiles and wife beaters through television screens and womens magazines and red-topped rags until even many men are actually convinced by them, not a little because the masses this wretched excuse of a press aims to brainwash have been so conditioned by life from cradle to grave in a media soaked world that they perform its poisonous function for it – repeating the propaganda back to themselves like sheep until blatant lies assume consensus gentium and become relative accepted truths.

Except of course none of the feminist, tabloid, smelly little orthodox myths of your wretched society are true, any more than our old fairy tales of white weddings and noble imperialists ever were. I mean, stop reading the press and watching the TV and sit down and ask yourself: how many wife beaters do you actually know? The Government had to change the definition of domestic violence to include refusal to lend money to a woman in order to effect any prosecutions for this mythical crime at all. They say one in four women ‘suffers domestic violence’ – but that statistic is simply not true. From my high purchase in Heaven I can see clearly and instantly that it was dreamed up by a feminist academic at Royal Holloway and Bedford College – a long-time haven for moronic Oxford drop-outs – and has since been completely discredited. How many child molesters do you meet? Again, the Government had to run through hundreds of new laws so that to be a ‘paedophile’, you no longer had to actually interfere with a child – but just looking on a computer screen at sex acts that didn’t involve middle aged women or the positively elderly qualified you for exclusion from society and a general brainless baying for blood. After that, suddenly they started appearing everywhere: because who doesn’t like a bit of porn – really? – male or female – don’t we all like sex? So what’s wrong with pictures of sex? Isn’t porn as old as humanity? What’s the Karma Sutra? Are the cartoons in the Karma Sutra of old people? Knock down ten doors in your street and seize the family PCs and you’ll find porn; porn belonging to nice, worthwhile, upstanding people at whose personal files you have no business looking: knock down a hundred doors and you’ll easily find porn that could be classified as child porn, because porn barons know how to use blind links and few people with healthy sexual instincts are drawn to have sex with old gits. What you WON’T find of course – is actual pictures of vulnerable little children being defiled, because that type of porn – the bogeyman porn of the child porn hysteria – doesn’t exist, any more than did snuff movies, any more than did Satanists on the Isle of Man. The child porn hsyteria was dreamed up by tabloid journalists to increase sales – I know because I was there, pacing the room furiously as an impotent spectre, when they came up with it in Wapping; what an insult to my memory! My completely original, utterly controversial exposure of REAL child prostitution in Victorian London twisted and bent on the rack of ages to be churned out like propaganda sausages for the people by a populist, feminist, fascistic Government in bed with a bunch of pervert press barons so they could all cling on to money and power a little longer: Bah! There are not paedophiles on every corner. There are not wife beaters in every home. These spectres were invented, by nasty. bigoted women, unduly given unchecked power, in Government, precisely because both these spectres are men. And your modern feminists hate men as much as they hate themselves. Because they’re mad, and sad, and dangerous to give power to. And society has come to believe their poisonous tripe because en masse people are without fail stupid. Think of the bigoted chauvinist insults against men that have become common folklore in your matriachal society. Even my only begotten son on Earth Julian Assange – bless him – a single father undoubtedly now the target of a high profile feminist establishment conspiracy to crucify him on a ludicrously unconvincing rape charge – when asked in his youth if he felt he was slightly autistic nervously replied (somewhat to my dismay); ‘Aren’t all men?’ No. The Coroner for Cornwall, one of the most sexist officials it is my displeasure to have to monitor from above, recently actually asked the relatives of a farmer who blew his head off in illness and old age ‘Did he cover up his feelings? Sometimes men have trouble expressing their feelings,’ she explained for the public record. No. They Replied. He didn’t. He always said exactly what he felt. Just as I am when I express my strong feeling that the Coroner for Cornwall is a sexist bigot who perverts the course of justice by trying to cover up the evidence every time there is a suicide of an oppressed man: I know what’s in those suicide notes, Carlyon. But don’t worry – it won’t matter that you don’t read them out – because the suicides themselves belie exactly what the true result of the half a century of extreme political oppression of men in Britain has been and will continue to be until the law is changed.

Think about it. You don’t just go and hang yourself from the rafters because your missus dumped you. I mean, who cares? Very, very. very few teenagers kill themselves after relationships end – and teenagers are much more emotionally vulnerable and volatile than adults, it’s an indisputable chemical fact. So why is it that almost every week in Cornwalls’ Coroners Court there’s a case of a fully grown adult man suiciding after a relationship break up? Well, if you’ve read this far, you know the answer already. Because the ending of a relationship – something that will inevitably happen to almost all of you in life and which, if indeed it need be governed by laws at all – should be governed by laws devised to ease the process rather than escalate it: tragically and quite avoidably this inevitable fact of human life, that people change and start new relationship with other people; is in fact governed by fascistic, intrusive, sickening cod-laws as biased as the edicts of any dictatorship: they mean that when a woman is born into the western world, she can grow up, find a partner, get a house, and have kids. But when the relationship inevitably ends, she keeps the house, keeps the family, and gets a monthly pay cheque from her partner – for nothing, for life! The man, by contrast, loses his home, loses his family, and loses his money – without fail. The tragic evidence stifled daily in the courts by a tyrannical establishment creaking under the pressure of their own censorship clearly shows that such extreme social pressures and injustices are too much for many victims to bear, and that many men commit suicide as a direct result. Feminism has bred successive generations of obnoxious female bigots who have abused the freedom their great-grandparents won, and who now they form the establishment, censor the news like it’s never been censored before . What were once revolutionary ideas in my time have become first recent orthodoxy and now modern oppressions. From having equal rights for women, feminists have lobbied for and engineered a society in which women have all the rights and men have none. If men had equal rights, the suicide rate would halve overnight. It’s as simple as that.

I’m sick of it and I’m sure millions of you down there are too. I’m sick of seeing my inheritors called names and abused and attacked for daring to speak out against it, I’m sick of being right when everyone else is wrong and I’m sick of your politicians being too pathetic and cowardly to speak the truth. So well done to Dominic Raab MP and may David Davis be the next prime minister because frankly, so far, Cuddly Cameron hasn’t impressed much here on Cloudbase Nine.

Lots of Love

WT Stead

Godfather of Tabloid Journalism (deceased).

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  1. wayne pryor

    October 12, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    it is good to see to see the inequalities between gender in the uk,featuring so predominantly in the local press,many men may not understand why we are constantly battling in our rights to equality,this is mainly because it hasnt affected them yet,but it will in the future as they will find out soon enough…im just glad to see both men and women are starting to see the truth of whats truly happening in our country.i couldnt belive my ears when i was told i had no rights this has however turned out as fact.any person who cant see how this will affect them,should talk to someone more brushed up on the subject.more great work from the community news team,keep it up !!

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